Build your fitness business without having to live Inside the gym, be tied to your cell phone, or miss out on life

1 on 1 Business Coaching To Become A Successful Fitness Entrepreneur

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Most Fitness Coaches struggle to build a successful business because…

  • They are trading time for money and lack the confidence to charge what they are worth
  • They lack the proven frameworks, systems, and blueprints to follow to grow a successful business
  • They are too busy and overwhelmed putting out fires all day working IN the business and unable to work ON the business
  • They have inconsistent marketing results and lack new incoming leads
  • They are confused at what they should be doing next to grow their business
  • They struggle to stand out in the sea of “fitness influencers”

Don’t become ANOTHER burned-out fitness coach that missed out on their life dealing with the frustrations and confusion of running their fitness business.
We believe your business should serve you and your goals, not be a prison that pays

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Watch the Video

Become A Successful Fitness Entrepreneur

  • Build a business you are proud of
  • Finally earn what you are worth
  • Make money without trading your time
  • Have a business that serves you and your goals
  • Have multiple streams of revenue
  • Become your client’s favorite fitness coach
  • Be an industry leader
  • Get your life back

How to to get started With Our 1 on 1 Coaching Program

  • Step 1Schedule your call
  • Step 2 – Get a custom business, marketing, and brand messaging plan
  • Step 3 – Implement with weekly 1 on 1 coaching calls and become a successful fitness entrepreneur


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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t happy and don’t believe this coaching program will give you what you need to reach your goals, we’ll give you your money back.

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The Strength to Serve Giveback

EntreFit is proudly partnered with Strength To Serve.

With each new Fit Pro that joins our fitness business coaching program, EntreFit makes a donation to this incredible organization. We believe that business and fitness is so much more than making money and set & reps. It’s about the lives you make a positive impact on and forever change.

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Your Time Is Now!

  • Icon Alex“The EntreFit Fitness Business Coaching program gave me the exact plan I needed & saved my gym. Now I have scaled my business, added staff, opened a new location and working less hours.”
    – Alex, Gym Owner
  • Icon Christina“Fitness Business Coach Sean, coached me step by step to scale my fitness business. If you are thinking about working with him, DO IT, because your life will be completely different.”
    – Christina, Personal Trainer
  • Icon Jesse“I went from running all over the city, working for others, to having my own business, making more money, and setting my own schedule! If you want to actually start earning what you are worth you need to work with Fitness Business Coach Sean!”
    – Jesse, Group Fitness Instructor
  • Icon Kristie“We got 60 former members to come back and join a new virtual gym Sean helped us to create!”
    – Kristie, Gym Owner

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I understand how it feels to spend all your time, effort and energy inside the gym giving your all only to come home with little to show in your bank account or have anything left to give to your family.

Like you, I am frustrated with seeing the “fitness influencers” making more money than the real fitness coaches that have dedicated their lives to their craft.

It’s time for the REAL Fitness Coaches to take back the fitness industry!

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Most fitness coaches are overwhelmed and confused with how to market and build systems to scale their business. At EntreFit, our 1 on 1 fitness business coaching program gives you the coaching, accountability and step by step blueprint you need to attract your dream clients, stop trading time for money, and become a successful fitness entrepreneur.

At EntreFit, our 1 on 1 Fitness Business Coaching program is designed to take you from “just another fitness coach” to becoming a successful fitness entrepreneur. You have been working and serving your clients for years, but still seem to struggle with charging what you are worth, having consistent successful marketing to bring your dream clients in, and to create systems to help you truly scale your fitness business.

There is so much noise in the fitness space and it can be a struggle to stand out especially with so many “fitness influencers” trying to sell short cuts, hacks, and the latest detox tea. This leaves so many fitness coaches feeling frustrated and on the verge of fit pro burnout.

I believe that the REAL fitness coaches should be the ones influencing the fitness industry and that you deserve to have a fitness business that serves YOU and YOUR goals, not just be a prison that pays.

I understand what it’s like to spend hours inside the gym, sacrificing time with your loved ones, serving your clients, and ending each day exhausted and frustrated with how much you’re earning for how hard you work and the value you provide.

That’s what led me to start my fitness business coaching company, EntreFit. After years of trial and error as well as tens of thousands of dollars spent and hours worked, I discovered a simple 3 step process to help the REAL Fit Pros WIN with their fitness coaching business.

Here is the framework we use as your fitness business coach to build you a successful fitness business you are proud of that pays you what you are worth.

Step 1, we show you to understand the solid entrepreneurial foundations to build your fitness business upon. We help you own your day with time management, goal setting and how to think like a successful fitness entrepreneur. If you want to be truly successful with your fitness business, you MUST have a solid foundation to build your fitness business on. One big problem I see most fitness coaches struggle with is trying to skip over this step, only to find that their lack of time, and mindset becomes the blocker to growing their business.

Step 2, we help you to build a community of raving superfans that will become brand ambassadors for you. You will know how to discover, find and attract your dream fitness clients. The ones that actually pay you what you are worth and honor the value you provide. We believe that there are some people you are called to serve and others, not so much. By identifying your dream clients you will more effectively stand out online as well as be full of energy only working with the clients that you love to work with.

Step 3, we show you how to construct a no brainer offer and value ladder to help you to generate multiple streams of revenue. You will also learn how to talk about what you do, and the value you provide, without sounding boring or like every other fitness coach. Most fitness coaches struggle with how to properly charge what they are worth. We will help you to develop a pricing strategy that works for your business, as well as scripts you can use to close more clients and grow your fitness business!

Step 4, together we will work to craft the systems you need to automate and scale your business. Time is money and as your fitness business coach, I work with you 1 on 1 to build the systems you personally need to succeed with your fitness business. If you want your business to truly grow and scale you must build systems to support it. You want to be able to build your business in such a way that it can run without you and the only way to do that is building out simple, solid, repeatable systems. This is one of the big missing parts that keeps so many fitness businesses from being able to scale. We break this process down to make it simple for you to grow and scale your business.

So if you are looking for a 1 on 1 fitness business coach to take you from “just another fitness coach” to becoming a successful fitness entrepreneur, click the “schedule your call” button today. On this call you will speak 1 on 1 with Fitness Business Coach Sean Garner. On this call, we will dive deep into your current fitness business. We will hear what you are currently doing, what some of the blockers and obstacles you are dealing with as well as where you are looking to go. You will be walked through the proven fitness business framework we use to build successful fitness businesses online.

If you decide to keep putting this off because “now is just not the right time” and “I am just too busy”, you will continue to be frustrated with running your fitness business, wasting time trying to “figure it out” and on the verge of fit pro burn out.

OR, you can build a business you are proud of, start earning what you are worth, build multiple streams of income, be a leader in the fitness industry, get your life back and become a successful fitness entrepreneur.

Schedule your call today to see how the EntreFit fitness business coaching program will help you WIN with your fitness business and go from “just another fitness coach” to a successful fitness entrepreneur.