I am obsessed with what it takes to be successful in the online fitness coaching space. It seems as if now, especially due to COVID almost everybody has some type of online training offering. So what makes some people stand out and crush it while others seem to just get crushed?

What I am about to share with you are three common traits that I have found in every fitness business that’s successful. Now, for me in the context of this, “successful” means that they are doing fitness online in a full-time capacity, making at least a hundred thousand dollars a year or more. I have NEVER found a business that is implementing these three things that is NOT successful. And the ones that are earning several million dollars per year have every one of these three things in place and they are solid.

So how would you like to guarantee your success with your online fitness coaching business? You can do it, if you commit to focus on these three things.

1 – Build a large customer list YOU OWN
It’s not a big social media following, like so many people think. They often think that it’s having this large social media following is going to guarantee success, but that’s not the case. It’s actually having a large distribution that they control. So what does that mean? That means something like having an email marketing list that they can send to having a text message list that they can send out messages to their customers, anytime that they want.
There’s a very big difference in having a large list of customers where you can communicate to them anytime that you want, versus having to be at the mercy of an algorithm for a social media platform. Building up an email list, building up a text message list means that you’ve provided value to someone at some point to where they gave you their contact info because they wanted more from you. So now they can communicate to their customers anytime they want. This is a very poor, important, and key. If you do want to be successful in line, because one, it shows some type of proof to yourself, proof of concept that you can actually give something and in value and people trust you with an email address or their phone number.
You need to be able to communicate with your customers and with your potential clients, whenever you want, you don’t have to worry about how the algorithm’s going to respond or what’s trending. You want to be able to control when you communicate with your customers.

2 – Have A Long Form Content Strategy
Going back to the Instagram example, there’s a big difference between somebody that looks fit and can take really good pictures of themselves versus someone who can talk fit, and they can actually talk about their subject.
The successful ones online are an industry expert so they can actually carry on a conversation about what they do. They’re just not a, a, a pretty face if you will, but they actually are able to serve others because they are a professional and they know what they’re talking about.
The ones that are truly successful are good at long form content. What that means is they’ve got a podcast or they’re on multiple podcasts because they’re knowledgeable industry leaders and they can talk about their subject. The second thing could be, that they create a lot of long form content. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve got a big YouTube following to guarantee success, but it does mean that they’re really good at grabbing someone’s attention and talking about their subject for a long period of time.
This could also be doing a lot of live videos. One of the reasons why I love live videos, because it gives me the opportunity to connect with more people and to share what I’m so passionate about with this online fitness, the space.
Check out our long form content HERE on our YouTube channel.

3 – Have Video Testimonials & Reviews
You must be able show proof of concept that you’ve actually done this for somebody else. They expect you to be fit, you’re a fitness professional. You need to have REAL documented proof that it just doesn’t work for you, but it works for other people just like them.
And I can not tell you guys how many people I’ve seen that have the big social media following. They’re really, really fitting in great shape, but they actually have zero testimonials and they can’t even prove that they can do this for someone else.
That’s why we keep a list of all our Fit Pro Success Stories.

So if you want to guarantee your successful with your online fitness business, commit to taking action to making these 3 things happen in your business each and every week!