If you want to grow a successful online fitness business you must ALWAYS be learning. I have heard it said that “leaders are readers” and “poor people have big TV’s and wealthy people have big libraries.”

I read a lot and wanted to share 5 books that I always recommend for fitness professionals.

These books are in no particular order and are not my TOP 5 books, just 5 books I think you should read.

Also, the links below are not affiliate links but just wanted to share them with you so that hopefully you are inspired to pick one or all of them up and want it to be easy for you.

DISCLAIMER – Knowledge without application is meaningless. Just getting these books will not make you successful. Taking action and applying them however will set you on the right path!

1 – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
This is a classic book that was written over 85 years ago!. And that’s, what’s so incredible about it.
Even though this book is so old,what’s incredible is these strategies that are in this book are still applicable today. This was way before the internet was even thought of as a possible idea. The strategies and things that you cover in this book will still be applicable to this digital age that we’re in. This is honestly just the art of connecting with people. I found so many people, especially online, are just awkward and they’re struggling to make that connection.
If you want to learn what you need to be doing to connect with more people, not just online but all the time, this book is for you.
2 – The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies by Chet Holmes
This book is literally 12 steps that you need to follow to turn your business into, to the ultimate sales machine. This gives you actual practices that you can follow for developing systems to scale and sell.
One of the big takeaways is the Dream 100 list and the power it provides. I can tell you when I started using this process, not only did my business grow, but it was growing by only working with my dream clients!
I think that a lot of times when people are reading books, they’re trying to find the latest hack or tactic, or I think that they should be doing what you need to realize is strategies that are, are pretty timeless. So, the same things that made people successful with selling, you know, 30+ years ago are the same exact things that you need to learn now. That’s the art of communication, it’s connecting with people, it’s showing value. All those still things apply.
3 – The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever by Michael Bungay Stainer
If you lead and manage a team, this is a MUST READ. If you often find yourself getting sucked into those “got a minute” meetings with your fitness business, this book will help to show you how to best lead them and keep them from distracting you.
And then if you’re not leading a team and you’re just coaching people, which every fitness professional is, this is an incredible book. It just helps you to dig in deeper and ask better questions so you can find out how you can really get to the root of your client’s problems.

4 – Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller
This book right here literally gives you the blueprint and framework that you need to clarify your message so that your fitness business can stand out. It will help you to make your potential customers become your customers. It helps to show you exactly how the words that you say paints the story and invites your potential customers into a story.
it positions you as a guide to help your customers solve the problems they are facing in their life. If you are struggling online with how to get your message across clearly and how to make yourself stand out, building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller is an incredible resource.
Also, in this book they actually give you a free framework that you can fill out as you’re going through this book. So you can help to clarify your message. So you can stand out online, especially with fitness professionals. Everybody’s a trainer right now online, right? It seems as if everybody has created a digital product or service and in this book right here, building a StoryBrand will help you to clarify your message so you can find your dream customers and connect with them.
5 – Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss
When somebody asks me what my favorite book is, it’s always this book. I love it. I hope that if nothing else, you guys get this book and read it, cause it’s an incredible book. I’ve worn the cover off my copy as well as listened to it on audible at least 6 times.
Chris Voss the former head of terrorism negotiation for the FBI. Each one of the chapters starts with an incredible compelling story that sucks you in which is one of his real life hostage negotiation scenarios.
Then what he does is he pulls out principles that he used in those hostage negotiation scenarios that you can apply it’s everyday life and into business. You look forward to each chapter, not only just for the great business knowledge and negotiation and communication knowledge that you get out of that, but the stories that are inside of it are awesome. So it makes the whole learning process fun.

All of these books have one thing in common that is a key in being successful.
It’s the art of communication. They are about how to communicate better, how to actively listen and how to get your point across and connect with people. When you are able to do this effectively, you will impact and change more lives and see your fitness business succeed.