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This podcast is all about helping the real fitness professional

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Now, I just kind of want to give you guys some thoughts to

think about today because as I’m scrolling through social

media, checking in on clients and just seeing the news feed

flooded full of fitness stuff, I now can pretty easily I

who’s actually doing well on social media to get clients

and who’s just kind of going through the motions.

And and what I have noticed is the ones that are successful

are able to answer yes to these two questions.

And these are the two questions.

Number one, would you follow you and number two is would

you buy from you?

Too often I see fitness professionals, especially just trying

to go through the motions posting just to post just because

they feel like they always have to be creating content which

you do.

You do have to show up online, but there’s no thought or

intentionality with it, your online content and your content

strategy. We talked about in previous podcast episodes about

the format and kind of how to structure your posts and everything,

how you should be posting and everything, but that’s very

much individualized.

It’s based upon you and more importantly, the community that

you’re trying to build and feel called to serve just because

you see somebody else doing something online and succeeding

or having success.

Or I would say even the appearance of success doesn’t mean

that it’s actually working or that it would work for you

at all because you got to see with social media how you guys

should be thinking about leveraging it is the exact same

way as if you were in your in person facility.

You’re walking the floor at the gym.

You’re teaching a group fitness class.

That is how you show up in this online world is through the

content that you create.

So imagine if you will being a personal trainer, doing a

session or doing a group fitness class and teaching somebody

else’s class or using their programming to work with your

clients. It will kind of work, but it will just feel awkward

and clunky because it’s not you.

It’s not you being fully expressed in what your unique gift,

skills and abilities are.

The exact same thing applies to your content.

I see fitness professionals trying to mimic or copy what

they see other people doing just because it’s trending or

popular. Oh, they got a lot of followers.

So this must be what it takes to get clients.

And that’s not necessarily the case.

There’s a very big difference between getting followers and

getting clients.

And if you are leveraging social media as a business, I always

tell everybody it’s no longer social media.

This is now business media.

This is how you show up online.

Your digital online storefront is now your new brick and

mortar location.

So how you put your signage on the walls, how you greet people

when they first come in?

That happens on social media.

So as you’re creating these things, put your community and

the people that you feel called to serve at the forefront

and think about are you creating the things that would show

your personality, show your unique gifts and abilities and

make people want to follow you?

Because I have often found when I find my clients struggling

to get clients online, and I ask them that question, what

would you follow you?

The answer is almost always will.

Now put some time and effort into the things that you’re

creating. So you become that attractable character, the person

that they’re looking up to, that they want to be like and

they aspired to learn from you because you’ve built that

trust and they’ve got to see your personality.

That’s the what you should be posting.

You should be posting everything.

We talked about that in previous episodes.

As far as the structure on, like, a daily feed post, you

got to be showing up online.

But why?

You should be saying, guys, 100% is individualized towards

you and the people that you feel called to serve.

So that’s the first question you got to be able to answer,

right? Is would you follow you?

And if the answer is no, well, if you wouldn’t even follow

yourself, guess what?

That’s probably why you’re struggling to grow your social

media audience.

Then let’s say you check.

That’s got to be the first one.

If you wouldn’t even follow you, you’re absolutely not going

to buy from you.

But then that’s the second thing.

It’s we check that box like, yes, I really feel like I’m

uniquely expressing myself that it’s extremely clear who

I am and what I’m all about.

I’m able to show my expertise.

I’m building trust and value.

My content is either entertaining, educational or inspirational

to bring these people in.

Well, the next box we got to check is would you buy from

you? Because I’m sure you can think of a lot of people online

that you just casually follow their content online, and they’re

probably in selling something right now, but you’ve never

bought from them.

So there’s a big difference between following somebody and

buying from somebody.

That’s where we take everything we just discussed about and

we take it to another level.

So, yes, we’ve created all of this awesome content that adds

value. It speaks directly to a community.

Then we have to really dive down deep into the niche of that.

And we have to make sure that we’re showing ourselves as

trustworthy that we could actually solve their biggest problem

or pain point.

So the next step within all of that stuff is the customers

have to be able to ask themselves, is this person going to

make my life better?

My problems are they going to solve?

I’ve talked about this before.

Nobody there’s probably somebody out there.

So give me a break.

But nobody’s out there looking for a fitness and nutrition

program. They’re looking for the results that come with those

things. They’re looking for increased energy, increase self

confidence. They’re looking to have improved health markers.

That’s something that they’re wanting and how they get that

the result comes from a good health fitness and coaching

program. So whenever you’re talking about your program, you’ve

done a great job.

You check the box.

Would you follow you?

Yes, because you’re adding content that adds value to those

type of people.

But now are you solving their biggest pain point or biggest

problem? Their biggest pain point and problem is not that

they want to join your coaching program.

The biggest pain point or problem is those different markers,

and it’s going to be different again, based upon the community

that you feel called to serve and that you’re attracted to

and that you’re passionate about working with because there’s

a big difference between helping somebody get tone, between

helping them get shredded jacked fit, increased longevity,

improved health markers.

Each one of those things are going to attract a different

person and looking for people that are looking for a different

problem to be solved.

So as you’re going through your content, guys, I would encourage

you to take a step back and just kind of pause and reflect

and look at yourself.

I personally, it’s easy to get lost in the scroll.

Sometimes whenever I’m doing this for myself and then even

for my clients, I look at it on the desktop because for some

reason, it just takes away the distraction from the phone,

and you can actually just see what it really is.

And look at your feed.

Look at your profile, picture your bio.

It highlights.

If you have those set up, look at your feet and look at your

last night post.


And then click through each one of them and just kind of

look. You can kind of scan over and see on desktop.

I like it, too, so you can just Hover over with your mouse

and you kind of see the engagement that they’re getting.

Look at what’s working.

What are the things that you’re saying in that post?

How’s the post structured and everything?

Because that will kind of give you a good overview as to

what the audience that you’re speaking to is looking for,

what they’re engaging with.

Then after that cross reference that I’m a big numbers guy

you should be also looking at your numbers each and every

week for your business.

Well, okay, I did this post this week, and then I got this

result. As far as people DMing reach out website traffic

and all that stuff, because I will say sometimes those two

numbers don’t correlate the posts that perform the best in

an algorithm and get lots of likes and comments and stuff

like that are not always the ones that drive the most amount

of business.

So it’s kind of a ratio because at the end of the day, I

don’t care if something blows up and goes viral.

If it gets me zero leads and clients, I don’t care about

it. What I want is I want something that is the greatest

return of adding value and engagement coupled with new leads,

new traffic to the website and ultimately more clients.

So I like to do this at least in a month.

I review my numbers each week, but at least once a month

when I’m just kind of brainstorming content and the strategy

throughout that next month, I think is kind of step back

and ask myself those two questions.

Would I be if I was a fitness professional looking for a

fitness business coach?

Would I follow me?

The next thing I would say is okay, if I was looking to join

a coaching program, would I buy from this guy?

And for me, I make it to where I can check yes to each one

of those boxes.

And if I can’t, especially when I was first starting out,

I would look at my stuff like I’m just doing that because

I saw some other coach or consultant or online marketing

expert do that.

That’s not me.

But as I’ve become fully me in expressing myself with who

I am, as you can go to my social media, you can see what

I’m all about.

The F six life.

I’m all about my faith, my family, my fitness, my fun, my

financial goals, and then my friends.

That’s what you see.

If you’re looking for somebody that has those characteristic

traits as a business coach, it’s probably why you’re following

me while you’re listening to the podcast.

And then after that, did you take the next level and join

our coaching program?

Well, for me, I try to make it a no brainer offer to where

you can join our coaching program for just $1, because I

do want to limit all those barriers to entries.

There’s a lot of peop that are out there that are saying

they do this kind of thing.

So I want to make it very, very easy, low barrier entry for

those real fitness professionals that are looking to join,

they can get started for just $1.

So guys, take a step back from your content, see what’s actually

working. Don’t just post a post.

Ask yourself those two questions.

Would you follow you?

And more importantly, would you buy from you once you can

answer yes to both of those questions.

Is is good guys.

Thank you so much for listening.

If this adds value, so you do me a huge favor.

Share this with a fellow fit pro friends so we can help the

real fit pros take back the online fitness space.

Love, you guys have an awesome day and we’ll talk soon.