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And today I want to talk to you about the secret formula.


See, growing your online fitness business.

Now, this actually comes from one of my mentors.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of learning from Mr.

Russell Brunson.

I’ve talked about this book a lot.

If you guys have never read this book, dot com Secrets, it

is incredible.

I recommend just buying the whole dot com trilogy, tons of

really great information.

And there in those books.

And in the very first part of dot com Secrets, Russell kind

of over frames what he calls the secret formula for growing

your online business.

And in this context, obviously, your online fitness business.

So what I wanted to do is walk you guys through this and

help put this into context for the fitness professional online.

I’ve seen so many people to wear fitness professionals.

I should say where they’re going through something they’ll

read something like, but that doesn’t apply to me that would

never work in fitness.

And I think it’s just because they don’t understand how to

make those things work and apply towards their industry.

So here’s the secret formula.

He has four parts of this secret formula to succeed online.

And number one.

And there are four questions that you have to ask yourself

and you should be able to answer number one, who is your

dream customer?

100% believe this because this is what I teach as one of

the very first steps of my coaching program is you got to

build a community because you cannot try to be all things

to all people online.

You’re not going to stand out.

If you think about the people that you follow and you buy

things from online, they’re probably niche experts within

a target market.

That’s what you have to be if you want to stand online and

so many fitness professional struggle with this because they’re

like, I work with all kinds of clients and I help all these

people. That’s awesome.

And I’m a big believer that you should have those skills,

gifts and abilities to work with all those clients.

But if you really could just work with one person, who would

that be?

That’s what you really have to find out.

If you want to succeed online, you can fight me on this one

all you want.

But I personally and I worked with hundreds personally do

not know of anybody that is truly successful online.

That is all things to all people.

They’re known for something, and that’s what’s made them

successful. And you don’t realize this, or maybe you do.

But this is what happened with your in person business as

well. It was just kind of forced to point you instead of

you being intentional about it.

So you had a dream customer or a target market you were working

with. They were people that live so many miles from the gym

that we’re looking for the type and style of gym that you

guys had.

And we’re interested in either your group fitness style of

glass or a personal trainer.

And then they happen to click with you during your assessment

and they bought a session from you.

You still had a target market because even if you step back

and you really break your clients down, most likely there’s

more similarities to them than what you actually realize.

And with determining your dream client, a quick overview

I always tell people is two questions to ask yourself to

kind of help niche this down for you is number one, who is

the client you love training most, like when you train them

and you energize you’re full of life.

And you could train this person all day, every day.

What about that person?

Do you like and start kind of breaking that down and thinking

about that?

And the second one is what is the result or goal that you

love working with?

Like, you know, when a client comes to you and they say,

oh, man, I want to run my first five K or man, I’ve got £50

I need to lose or I’m really looking to increase my strength.

Or, man, I’ve never done barbell training before.

I love to learn that who’s the person when you’re like, yes,

you get pumped up because you know, that that goal.

You crush it every single time once, you know those two things

that I have found really kind of helps to narrow down, at

least in your mind, the type of character that you want to

work with, and then the goal or the niche that you want to

provide for them.

So that’s number one is you got to know for the secret formula,

who is your dream client?

The second one is, where are they at online and in person.

So once you know who you’re working with, guys, there is

somebody out there you have not discovered some super ultra

secret niche.

Somebody out there has already been gathering together your

dream customers online.

For me, for example, whenever I was going through and doing

Project Dad Bod, the majority of my men that I was working

with followed and liked Men’s Health.

So Men’s Health had already gathered those people together.

They were commenting on their Instagram post.

They were commenting on their Facebook post.

They were reading their emails and stuff.

So once you can know who you’re working with, and it’s really

easy to find them out online.

Because if I told you that, let’s say your dream customer

is stay at home.


Runners, man, I can think of a bunch of places.

I guarantee you there’s Facebook groups and communities,

there’s blogs, there’s newsletters, there’s podcasts that

have already attracted those type of people.

Once you know who you’re working with, well, then you just

easily and that easily.

You do do some digging sometimes, especially if it’s like,

super nice to stuff.

But you start digging on line.

So you know what you’re looking for.

Think about.

Put yourself in that person’s perspective.

What are they, Googling?

What are they searching?

Where are they searching?

What platforms are they on?

And that’s where you should be investing your time, effort

and resources to go build relationship with those people.

So once you know who you’re working with, number two is where

they at online, you start digging it.

And that applies to in person businesses, too.

Like if you’ve got a facility, all of this stuff still applies.

You got to know who you’re looking for.

And then where are they at?

Are they again working with runners?

Go to a local run store, look at local five K races, different

Triathlon groups that are probably meeting in your area.

There’s probably run communities and stuff like that.

Find those places, go get plugged in, offer free services

to them.

Maybe you go out there and do the warm up before they’re

five tons of stuff you can do.

Whenever you know who you’re working with, then it’s easy

to find out where they’re at.

Then once you know where they’re at number three for this

secret formula is what bait will you use to attract them

to you?

Now, listen, I don’t want that to sound like scammy, like

bait and switch.

That’s not what that means.

It’s using a fishing analogy.

So you know exactly who you’re looking for, right?

You know where they’re at?

Well, what bait are you going to use to bring them in?

So being an Oklahoma comfortable, right.

So you know what kind of fish you want to catch?

You know what pond you need to be fishing in?

What kind of lure or bait do you need to use to real that

type of fish in?

So, again, this is where we think about things like lead

generation on your social media content.

This could be like a free workshop that you do each month.

This could be some type of free guide that you put together

some type of resource that you can use videos and content

that you create that you can put in that pond when you know

where these people are.

That’s a kind of content you should be creating.

Eating, especially.

This is what I tell people with the online stuff.

Like when you know where your people are at, that’s the platform

you should be spending your time on people fit pros are always

asking, like, well, should I be on Instagram Tik Tok YouTube?

But you should be where your people are.

If I was doing Project dad bud, right now, I know that most

likely they’re not spending a ton of time on TikTok right

now. Right?

If they’re 45 year old men, maybe they’re it’s kind of creepy,

but they’re not hitting that much time on TikTok.

So you got to know where your audience is at.

So then you can put that bait out there to bring them into

your world.

And then the very fourth thing, guys, is what’s the unique

result that you can create for them?

So you know who you want to work with, right?

You know, again, going back to the fishing analogy, you know

what kind of fish you want to catch, you know what pond to

go to, you know what lure to use to bring them in?

Well, what’s the unique recipe that you’re going to use once

you get that fish?

So what is the unique result that you can create for them?

So again, talk about this in previous episodes, people are

not looking for fitness and nutrition programs.

They’re looking for the result to a problem that they have.

They’re not buying like, oh, I really want to join Sean’s

fitness program.

No, no, man, I really see that Sean helps Dads get their

confidence back, to have more energy with their kids and

to be intimate again with their wives because they feel comfortable

with their shirt off.

That’s what they’re looking for.

They’re not looking for.

Oh, that Sean teaches a better squat than anyone else.

No, that’s not what it guys, guys, they’re looking for a

result to the problem, a quote that I love again.

I believe this actually comes from muscle Bruns.

And also there is somebody that is crying themselves to sleep

each night dealing with a problem that you have the solution

to. And it is our job as fitness professionals to give those

solutions to the people that we feel called to serve.

So, guys, this is a great overview of just kind of what Russell

talks about in dot com secrets.

Big fan of this book.

Tons of good information in there just to kind of help get

the brainstorm and sessions going, because I definitely believe

that it’s time for the real Fit pros to take back the online

fitness space.

So hopefully this simple framework right here gets the ball

rolling, gets you kind of brainstorm on some ideas of how

you can serve the people online that you feel called to serve.

So, guys, thank you so much.

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