Every business has problems at different levels.

Whether you're trying to create marketers, scale your business,

we're going to show you how to overcome the blockers you're

dealing with.

Coming up next, do you want to create market or scale your

online fitness business?

My name is Sean Garner, and here we give Real Fit Pros to

tips, tools and strategies they need to eat online.

Welcome to the Entra Fit Podcast.

What is up, guys?

And welcome back to the Entra Fit Pod.

As if this is your first time listening.

Hey, thanks so much for hanging out with us.

We are all about helping the real Fit pros to succeed online.

Now, today, what I want to share with you is kind of you

hear that tagline every episode when we open up, create market

or scale your online fitness business.

And I want to talk to you a little bit about what that means,

because for me, that represents different stages of where

you're at in your business.

But more importantly, with those three stages, I see three

common issues and blockers, and I want to give you three

tips to kind of overcome those different blockers.

So if you guys have been listening to me, anything that I

do at all, listen to, watch the YouTube videos.

Listen some of these podcast episodes.

You realize I have a framework for everything that I do.

I'm a big believer on systems and processes.

I don't make decisions based point, emotion or personal preference.

I use data to drive everything that being said.

My framework for a successful fitness business is three steps.

Community offer systems.

You guys have heard me preach this before.

So number one, you have to build a community.

You do that through content with your in person business.

You build your community by showing up.

It's how you create your culture.

It's how you do everything.

You got to have this community.

Once you have that community, when you put an offer in front

of the that's just thing, you sell them, it could be gym

memberships. It could be personal training group, fitness

online, personal training.

It can be ebooks, whatever the thing is that you're selling.

And then the third thing is you get systems to support all

those things.

So you need sales process, you need community outreach, you

need content strategies, you need client fulfillment.

And you've got that three simple framework.

Those three simple steps to build a successful business.

I let you guys know it no.

See, right now it doesn't matter what you sell.

This applies to fitness.

Well, I guess I should say it does.

That framework will work on pretty much any service based

business online and in person.

The framework is a framework as if it's a successful framework.

It doesn't matter what you're trying to do.

It just works.

That being said, with the mission, if you will, of what Entra

Fit does is we say that we help the real fitness professional

to create market and scale their online fitness business.

So breaking all that stuff down to me, the real fitness professional.

I've said this before.

You're not the Instagram want to be person like you're a

true fitness professional.

This is your calling.

Fitness is your passion.

This is what you want to do for a career.

However, like so many people in fitness, you just have struggled

to really find out how to make it extremely successful for

you. Financially, you're spending tons of hours than a gym

or tons of hours, even online with your business and you're

looking for ways of scales, you can finally earn the money

that you're worth.

More importantly, just have your life back and have the time

freedom that you're really looking for.

With that being said, there's three areas of your business.

These areas are also stages of business.

For me.

They create market and scale.

And I look at that as different levels of business.

So let me explain.

So create somebody's looking to create something it means

to make from nothing.

That means we don't have an existing online business.

You've been a trainer for a long time, and you're looking

to add an additional revenue source.

Maybe you're looking to do a hybrid model.

Maybe you're looking to looking to go full in online what

we need to create something.

So we have something that we can market and then scale.

So after you've created it, if you don't have anything where

you start, you need to create something because there's no

point in worrying about doing all the marketing materials

and scaling something if you haven't even at least first

created it.

So if you haven't done that, you got to create the business.

If you've already created your online business, well, the

next problem or blocker or a phase of business, I should

say that I see people go into is, how do you market the thing,

right? I've created this online training thing, man, I'm

an awesome trainer.

I started doing things online.

I got a couple of clients.

But, man, I'm not really getting any more leads anymore.

How do I market this thing?

That's the second phase.

And it's also the second thing that we work with clients.

The second goal that they're trying to achieve.

So they've got something or they need something, we create

it, they've got something we market it.

The third one is I think people rush to this step because

it's like a buzzwordy thing, but they don't actually understand

what it means or what it's going to entail.

And the third one is scale to me, scale does not mean grow

scale to me means grow exponentially.

So you can grow something without scaling it.


Because we all understand this personal training business

with in person sessions.

I can grow my personal training business by just taking on

more clients per hour.

So if I'm doing 40 sessions a week, I can grow my business

by adding another ten sessions.

But that's also another 10 hours of my work.

Yes, my business grew, but it didn't scale because I'm going

to hit a cap to me.

Scale would be getting an exponential return of investment

of time or money.

So, for example, how I would scale a business for personal

training is finding ways to make additional revenue that

don't require me has been more time.

That's what I mean by scale.

So when it comes to online, right.

Let's say you've got a business, you've created it and you

found out a marketing system that works for you.

And so you have a decent business.

Well, the third thing is you have to scale it.

How do you get to where you are not the blocker for your

own business?

To me, this is the fun part because this is where you've

got proof of concept.

You know, people actually know, like and trust you and they

want to buy your product.

But, man, how do we really just like the fire to this thing

and true scale something.

And this is a fun step, honestly, to work from a business

coaches perspective, because we've got things that we know

work, and it's just finding ways to develop processes and

systems around that.

So with each one of those different phases of business and

the things that we help people do, I see issues and blockers

that's holding fit pros back from finding success.

So what I wanted to do is with each one of those I wanted

to share.

You the main blocker, an issue that I see and what you can

do to overcome it, no matter where you're at in your business.

Because I will tell you, this business and entrepreneurship

never gets easy.

This is all a sliding scale.

You're always going to be coming across and coming against

roadblocks. They're just at different levels.

Everybody in from working with brand new startups to multimillion

dollar fitness businesses.

I can tell you this everybody is dealing with the same or

similar problems just scaled up at different levels.


So the brand new creators starting out trying to figure out

how to get their first five clients online is no different,

at least in my mind, from the creator or the online fitness

business that's doing $1 million a year in revenue.

And they're looking at how they can take it to $3 million

and scale that with the resources that they have.

There's still an issue that they have or a block or holding

them back.

So here we go.

So the very first thing that we talked about, so depending

on where you're at with your fitness business, let's say

you're you're just starting number one, creating your online

fitness business.

The biggest issue I see with this is the curse of perfectionism.

It is the people that they're like, oh, well, I've got this

thing I've been working on for a long time.

I've got this website coming out.

I've got this world class training system that I really want

to find a way to launch and put it online.

And it's one of those things that the big issue in blocker.

I see is people not wanting to put anything out until it's

absolutely perfect.

I'm going to speak with some tough love here right now, guys,

but most likely, if you are still considering doing online

training or you've had something you've been working on a

long time and you just haven't done it.

You need to punch fear in the face.

If you will, you need to stop making excuses for yourself.

Done is better than perfect, and you need to take action

and just put it out there, because if you haven't done anything

yet, most likely there's always an exception to the rule,

but that probably means you don't have a very large social

media following your distribution, because if you did, by

this point, you would have already monetized it.

So the fact that you're waiting for it to be done in perfect.

Guess what?

You don't have a big enough distribution where that many

people are going to even see it anyway.

So don't worry about trying to make it perfect because you

learned so much by going through the process of developing

a community, creating an offer and building systems around

it. You learned through that process, you are never going

to get it done.

I believe it was.

One of the original founders of LinkedIn said, if you wait

until you are proud of the final iteration of your product,

you waited way too long to launch and go to market.

You should be kind of experimenting as you go with a lot

of this stuff, because this is what separates for me, online

fitness businesses with all other online businesses that

I've seen a at least for the people I work with.

You guys already know what you're doing.

You have proof of concept.

You've gotten results for people before.

If you're a real fitness professional, you've trained somebody

in person.

You've gotten them results.

They came to you with a goal.

You help them achieve that goal.

Hey, proof of concept.


Got it.

The only thing that you're trying to figure out now how to

do is how to grow that community online and get those same

results to transfer in an online platform.

You're a coach.

You're selling coaching.

You don't have to make it perfect.

You're already getting results for people.

Don't worry about your logo.

Don't worry about the colors of the website and stuff like

that, because it does not matter, especially when you're

starting out.

Guys, whenever you're making several hundred thousand dollars

a year, then we can be fine tuning like font sizes and how

the website flows and stuff like that.

But until then, you're not going to be getting enough traffic

to your website.

Your distribution is not big enough where it doesn't even

matter. The only person that's stopping you and holding you

back from creating this thing is your set.

So just do it.

If you're waiting for somebody like, man, I wonder.

I wonder, Sean, if I should do online training?

I'm just thinking about it.

Yes, you absolutely should.

Guys, the perfect time to do online training was a couple

of years ago.

The next best time is right now.

So get started.

Stop making excuses and just put something out there.

Guys, please.

This is my passion, my call to arms, if you will.

If the real fit pros don't start stepping up and putting

themselves out there and get over their ego and get over

their fear.

You're gonna lose this industry because there's people with

less experience out there that are winning online solely

for the fact that they're willing to put themselves out there

and share their content, share their story, and put an offer

out there and see if somebody buys it.

He's like, oh, well, Sean, what if I put it out there and

nobody buys it?

They might not buy it, but you don't know unless you take

action because you know you're good at what you do if you're

truly called about it and you're passionate about it.

Man, I very much believe that you're going to adapt.

You're gonna pivot.

You're gonna find ways to serve the people that you're called

to serve one life and you're gonna make it happen.

So I got take a drink it.

You guys drink ice tea.

Where you're from in Oklahoma.

I'm not countable if I'm Oklahoma and everything is ice tea.

Sorry for preaching there.

That's just step one.

Okay, so let's say you've already got some set.

Step one, you didn't have anything you need to create it.

The biggest blocker is you're trying to wait till it's perfect

or you've got everything figured out done is better than

perfect. You're a trainer.

You know how to train people.

Put an offer out there online, saying, I'm looking to add

some clients to my online training business.

I'm just now launching it.

Most likely you're going to be starting with people that

already know you or that are current or past clients or friends

or family members.

Start with them.

Guys, get them in, start training them online.

So you at least have some idea of how this whole thing is

going to work.

Number two, let's say you have an existing business and you're

looking for ways to market or region and bringing a better

content strategy to really try to scale the marketing effort

and grow the business that way.

The big issue that I see with it professional stuck in the

marketing hole and needing help with marketing is they have

no data.

What they do is they are in a similar mindset, trapped from

the first stage of people of everything having to be perfect

to where they're making all the decisions for their marketing

based upon personal preference and emotion and just doing

well. This feels right or I really like this.

So I'm going to do this.

I like this platform.

So this is where I'm going to spend my time.

Oh, I like it when my content looks like this.

So that's what I'm going to do.

I like it when the copy says this, and it's all based upon

your personal preference and emotions and your opinion.

What feels right and not off data.

Yes, it's your business.

Yes, you should be proud of it.

But guess what.

If you're not using data to help yourself make decisions,

you're just guessing.

And I'm a big believer on let's use what the market is telling

us at the end of the day, even though it's your business,

this is the service industry, and there's a group of people

that you are called to serve.

So whenever you're doing that with your marketing, you need

to make sure you're on the platform or the places that they

are. You need to be saying the words that attract them and

adding value and solving their biggest problem for them.

So one of the big things that I can see to help fit pros

in this area that are stuck is setting up some type of tracking

metric. Whether that be a simple spreadsheet where you're

tracking performance and everything digging into the analytics

of your social to actually truly link not just what gets

popular on social media, but how that correlates to incoming

leads, which correlates to cells because there's so many

different factors.

It's not just, oh, I need to do this to grow on social media,

and my business will grow because the things that you can

do to grow on social media are not necessarily all the same

things that you do to grow a business.

The perfect world is you find the balance of the two.

You find out what you need to do to grow on social and what

translates to qualified good leads and customers that are

coming into your business.

But I see too many people whenever they go on this.

They do maybe start looking at data and analytics, but they're

just looking at social media performance metrics and not

how that actually carries over into lead generation and dollars

to their business.

As I'll be honest, care less how many followers likes comments

I get on social media post.

I 100% care how many leads came in, how many clients is that

turn into me?

So that is more people that I know who I'm called to serve

and the more of those people that I get to help, the better

I am.

And I feel about what I'm doing.

I'm not doing this for likes and followers.

Guys, I'm doing this to help somebody, a group of people

that I feel called to serve the real fit pros, not for the

likes of the followers.

When we're doing that, that's what we need to do.

The second thing with this, as far as data that we need to

look at is we need to be split testing things.

So a split test is simply running a campaign or a marketing

piece of content and then changing one thing about it and

then seeing how the performance differs.

So that could be taking the same post or style of post and

doing it on a different day of the week, changing the font

on it, putting the call to action at the top of the copy

versus the bottom of the copy.

And whenever you're split testing.

Guys, you don't want to make a bunch of changes because you're

not testing the same thing against the same thing.

You want to just split test one thing at a time.

This is really, really easy to do in, like, email marketing,

headlines, headlines for websites, text messages and stuff

like that.

It's a little bit more nuanced on social media post.

But the point is, guys, whenever you're struggling with marketing,

most likely it's because whenever I ask people what they

do for a content strategy is, well, whatever I feel is on

brand or just kind of whatever mood I'm in, that's kind of

what I'm posting.

Whenever this is your business.

Guys, it's no longer social media.

It's business media.

So you need to treat it as a business platform, your social

media platforms, your website that becomes part of your digital

storefront. That is the equivalent to your brick and mortar

location. You just don't put your brick and mortar facility

or your brick and mortar training studio or gym and a place

that just kind of feels good to you.

Right now, you look at traffic patterns, you just don't paint

a color that just feels right.

No, guys, you do research, you look at comps, you'll get

other successful facilities, things that they have done,

and you do that.

So that's the big thing that I've seen.

Guys with fitness professionals with the marketing issue

is not tracking anything, making it make decisions based

upon data.

Guys, that's the big thing.

So number three.

So number one, creating if you're stuck there, boom, punch.

Fear in the face, done is better than perfect.

Stop thinking.

Just get started, too.

If you're struggling with the marketing, most likely it's

because it is a motion based and it's not data driven decisions

that you're making.

You want to do that for your marketing.

The third thing is scaling.

Guys, the the big issue that is here and is the blocker is

again, that thing between your ears, that head, you're just

overwhelmed and you struggle.

I wouldn't say control freak, but maybe I would.

You're afraid of letting go.

This thing is your baby.

You spent all this time and effort and everything you grinded,

possibly for years to finally get this thing because you've

been creating this thing for a long time, figured out what

marketing works for your business.

But, man, it still feels like it's the same struggles that

you had with your in person business, maybe of just trading

time for dollars.

Like, man, I'm putting so much time into this thing, and

I mean, yeah, it's making money.

But just like, I just feel so overwhelmed.

Well, the big issue with that is what I found with scaling

is there's not any set processes or systems in place.

So the very easiest way to get started with this is just

start documenting and refining everything that you do.

You need to learn how to actually lead and delegate things

and start to build a team and systems around your business.

Because by this point in your business, most people have

been doing everything by themselves.

Maybe they had a spouse or a teammate helping them.

But this is where when you get to this point, we need to

really start looking at how to truly scale a business.

So it's not you only get money for how many hours you put

in, but you're able to exponentially get a return on your

time. The very simple thing, guys, building out processing

systems. I'm not going to lie.

It's not sexy.

I get it.

It's not Instagrammable.

I get it.

And it can be very overwhelming because you don't even know

how to start.

We've done podcast episodes before on how to start building

out systems and processes.

Guys, the very basic thing to start doing is open up a Google

Doc or Word Doc or whatever.

You use notes, app on your phone and start documenting step

by step any common repeatable practice that you do on a regular

basis. So, for example, let's start with something every

trainer does.

Writing a program, you should have a system for writing a

program so other trainers could come in behind you.

And they know exactly how trainer Sean writes a program,

right. For me.

For example, when I write a program, I have certain steps

that I need to do.

So one I need to get health Q amp A from the client.

I need to know their goals, have some type of movement, assess

them, because if I know medical history, I know what we're

trying to do, and I know how they move.

Well, then I have a pretty good idea of what program I can

start working with.

Remember, just like with starting the business done is better

than perfect.

We need to get the client moving and training, and then we

modify and refine regress progress the program over time.

So then after that, I'm going to write them a zero week or

probably the first two weeks are going to be kind of like

a zero week or foundation type of a program just so I can

see how they move, how they respond to the training stimulus

that I put on them.

Then after that, we're going to have some type of coaching

call check in evaluation.

I'm going to see are they able to keep up with the workout

so they'll keep up with the stress.

Are they able to keep up with the time domains, whatever

the program is, then I'm going to write them another two

week program.

Then after that, we'll probably do some type of monthly check

in process via whatever tool or medium I'm using for my workout

delivery software.

That is my framework very quickly of how I would possibly

have a system set up for program development.

Same thing.

You have something very similar to lead management.

So what happens?

First of all, what are all your lead sources?

Well, then, once those lead sources come to you, how do you

qualify them after you qualify them?

What's the first step that you give to them?

As far as getting them on a call, getting them to do a trial

week with you, come in, see the gym, whatever it is.

Then after that, what's that follow up process like to remind

them, possibly the day before the day of the event?

What's the follow up process?

After they come in and experience the class, try to online

work out with you or done a free trial or done your sales

call. All of this stuff needs to be documented and you just

start typing out how you currently do it again.

Done is better than perfect.

And you're not going to write the world's best lead management

sales system, client fulfillment onboarding, all that stuff.

You're not going to do it right the first time.

But what's important is you start documenting how you do

it now and then the next one that you do, you follow that

same checklist you're like, oh, I forgot to add in this step

or who I did it this time.

That didn't work.

Let's make a little note there.

And then that way, if you're doing that several times, maybe

it worked on one client.

But man, the last five I did this one, man, they're not able

to understand how to sign into their app or something like

that. Man, that's a step.

I need to adjust and refine all these processes eventually,

guys, after you get several clients going through, whether

it be content creation, you find out what type of content

you need to create to get clients, you find out what system

works really well so you can turn out programs really quick.

What system works out really well for client fulfillment

for lead followup, you start building these systems, then

that becomes a solidified system in your business and you

stick to it every single time.

Reason being guys, is the more systems you have in place,

then that's where you can truly start to scale, because you

can start to delegate processes because you've proven this

process works.

Now you just have to teach somebody how to do that process

in order for them to carry the tool for you so they can take

some of these tasks for you.

In essence, guys, here's another not so big secret.

That's exactly what I do.

I have done all of those three things.

I've created this system in this process that I found it

works for real fitness professionals, so they you can create,

market and scale your online fitness business.

When we do that, by helping you to create an awesome community

where you cultivate this community, you create an irresistible

awesome offer, and then we build all the systems around this

thing to help you scale and win online.

So my guys hope this episode helps and ads value to you.

Just please get started.

Stop thinking about it and start taking action.

If this is something you've been thinking about doing for

a long time online training, you've been thinking too long.

It's time to start doing it.

I would love to talk to all the real fit pros out there.

My number for Entra Fit is 833-445-1348.

It's down in the description below.

Guys shoot a text text Fit pro to that number, so I know

who you are and just don't say, hey, I'm not going know who

it is.

Say 833-445-1348 text Fit pro to that number.

That's not like a chat bot number or anything like that.

That's the legit number.

It's going to come right here to my phone call or text that

number. I would love the opportunity to work with you.

If you are a real fit pro that's looking to do this.

Do you guys have any questions on this stuff?

I mean, honestly, you're just trying to navigate this world

of online fitness.

I know it can be crazy out there, so we're trying to help

the real fit pros win online.

So if you are a real fit pro, I love the opportunity to talk

with you guys in this episode.

Value as always, man, do me a huge favor.

Share this with the real fit pros.

We can help more people win, succeed online and take back

the online fitness space.

Man, I love you guys.

Hope you have an awesome date and we will talk to you soon.