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So my super dramatic intro there.

I guess I I started the 75 Hard Challenge by Andy For.

So if you guys know what that is, you know what I’ve gotten

into. But if you don’t know, let me give you a quick rundown

of what the 75 Hard Challenge is.

I’ve got my 75 Hard app right here where I’m tracking everything.

I’m when day eight today.

This is what the 75 Hard Challenge is.

I’m going to explain why I’m doing it, and it’s not what

you think it is.

So this is the 75 Hard Challenge.

245 minutes workout each day.

One of the workouts must be outdoors.

You must follow a diet.

There are zero alcohol or cheat meals allowed.

You must drink one gallon of water a day, read ten pages

per day in a non fiction business or personal development

book, and take a daily progress picture.

That is the 75 Hard Challenge.

You do that for 75 days with zero compromise at all.

To give you an example of a compromise, let’s say I’m making

chocolate chip pancakes for the kids.

Chocolate chip falls on the countertop.

I grab that chocolate chip pop into my mouth.

That means starting over at day zero again, because I compromised.

You might think that sounds a little extreme, and maybe it

is, but that’s probably if I’m just being real.

Why most people never find successes because we justify these

compromises to ourselves all the time.

I am doing this.

It sounds like it’s a physical body transformation challenge.

It’s not Andy Forcella even says that.

And that’s not why I’m doing it, even though it sounds like

that’s what it is, because if you just look at it on the

surface, it’s like, oh, yeah, you’re just working out and

eating really strict.

No cheat meals.

Drink a lot of water.

All right, cool.

That’s what it sounds like.

But you don’t understand what’s really actually happening

if you do it right now.

Listen, you could just do this as like a general body transformation.

You’re going to see great results.


That is going to be a byproduct of what happens with this.

But that is not at least for me and for my understanding

several other people that have really gone through and taking

this seriously.

That’s not the end goal for me and for others as well.

The end goal is increased self disciplined.

I believe very much.

We live in a world, society and even industry where people

want to justify failures and they compromise all the time.

They want to make excuses for why things didn’t work out,

how they had an fair advantage against them and live a life

of compromise.

I grew up and I spent the majority of my life.

I’m 35 or 36.

I can’t remember.

I have to ask my wife, I think I’m 35, 35 is right.

I spent the good 1st 32 years of my life making excuses for

myself arguing being lazy, lacking discipline.

And honestly, Sean now can look at Sean even just three to

five years ago.

I’m like, dude, you were an idiot.

I would want to smack my own self.

But once I started to figure out and take ownership of my

own issues and start really trying to put self discipline

as a priority in my life, that’s whenever I can say that

I found, quote, unquote success.

And to me, all success means is my definition of success

is being intentional with your intentions and not living

a life of compromise.

Success to me has nothing to do with how much money you make

or how big or popular you are or you get on social media.

It has nothing to do with the car I drive or the house that

I have or anything like that.

For me, it means 100%.

It owning my day, being a person of discipline.

And yeah, just living a life of intention.

The Sean Garner short definition is living a life of purpose

on purpose.

And so what that means to me is one is having a life of purpose

and doing it on purpose intentionally to me, living a life

of purpose.

Well, if you’re going to live a life of purpose, you got

to know your purpose.

I believe that there’s so many people that are out there

just struggling, trying to find, searching for the meaning

of life, and they don’t actually know why they’re here.

I believe every single one of us has a purpose, a divine

purpose inside of you.

You are called you have unique gift, skills and abilities

that make you different from me from anyone else.

And it’s not discovering that purpose and living that out.

And then the second part of that is living it one purpose.

I see a lot of people that quote unquote look like they have

success, and maybe they’re just kind of going through the

motions. That’s not what it is for me.

For me, it’s about living out your purpose on purpose, being

intentional with everything that you do.

And that’s what really attracted to me to this program, because

if you look at it on the surface, most fit pros.

This is probably what most of their days looks like working

out for an hour and a half.

Yes, it’s 45 minutes.

There’s a lot of fine rules with this, guys you can go to.

I believe it’s.

Andy Prescilla.

Com 75 Hard or you just Google 75 hard.

There’s tons of stuff on this.

It’s a free challenge to do.

There’s no payment with it, but there is a huge reward if

you go through it.

I promise you that because as I go through it, each day sucks.

But at the end of it, I’m like, man, that’s pretty cool that

I did that because why I was saying that I like it is it’s

about being intentional with all this stuff because most

trainers would look at that mic.

Oh, yeah, that’s kind of what I do now on an average day,

but it’s about being intentional and making sure that happens

without compromise.

Zero compromise for 75 days straight.

My biggest worry with this with failing is the scenario that

I described earlier got three kids, my wife and I always

making them snacks and stuff like that.

And my thought is like just being like, often, Lala Land

is I’m out making them snacks and just like, popping a little

Eminem my mouth or something like that, that’s failure.

There might be some people that would say, oh, well, you’re

being too hard, like, no, no, no.

For me, that’s failure because I compromise.

The whole point of this is developing extreme discipline

and a life of no compromise.

So if you compromise on those little things, guys, how you

do one thing is how you do all things.

I have noticed whenever I am super disciplined about one

area of my life, it transfers over to everything.

The same is the inverse.

If I let compromise come into one area of my life, it’s going

to transfer over to every other area of my life.

And I do not want to live a life of compromise.

I want to live a life of purpose on purpose.

So that’s my biggest concern, honestly, that I see with this

is just not being in a strong state of mind, being zoned

out and making this stupid thing where I just forget something.

So that’s what the biggest thing for me that I’m hoping to

get out of.

This is now every single part of my day, I have to be extremely

focused and intentional with everything that I do.

We’re going out to dinner, man, I have to be really intentional.

And before we get to the restaurant, I already have to know

what I’m going to eat to make sure that it stays within the

meal plan that I’m follwing because that’s the thing with

this, there’s no extreme strict diet that you have to follow.

You just have to follow a meal plan for me, following a paleo

style of nutrition program, eating about 2200 calories per

day, which I can already tell based upon the training volume

way undershot my calories.

So we’ll probably have to bump that up a little bit and we’ll

still stay eating on the strict paleo.

But yeah, guys, I would highly encourage you if you are looking

for increased discipline and a way to kind of honestly, probably

more so challenge your discipline.

Look into this.

It is not for everyone.

It’s only for those people that really want to take their

discipline to the next level, because this if I could narrow

any aspect down to somebody success with anything, it’s discipline

if you can consistently do the things that you don’t want

to do.

But now you need to do.

And that’s the secret to success with any of this stuff.

So that’s what we’re in, guys.

So if you follow my journey on Instagram, I’ve been posting

about it.

We’re a day eight as the time of this recording, so it might

be by the time this comes out, probably another week out

of that.

So come follow me.

It’s at Sean Garner, S-E-A-N-G-A-R-N-E-R on Instagram.

You can kind of check out the day by day.

Most of my day, honestly, is extremely strict and rigid because

I’m doing things like podcasts and keep it up with this and

all the other responsibilities that I have.

So it might be just quick like, hey, this one today.

Oh, hey, I work on number two.

Keep up with me on there, guys.

And after I finish this, I don’t feel honored to reach out

to Mr.

Fucella to interviewing him for the podcast here.

But if I finish, I’m not going to say if words or power when

I finish this 75 hard challenge, I’d love the opportunity

to have Mr.

Fucella come on the podcast.

Just ask five quick questions and hopefully add value to

you guys as well with that.

So I hope this episode adds value to you guys.

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