Are you in love and obsessed because you should be.

And that’s probably why you’re having connect difficulties

connecting with your clients online.

We’ll tell you more about it.

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I want to share with you what I believe could be a blocker

for why so many of you Fit pros are having difficulties with

coming up with marketing content, connecting with people

online and struggling to get new clients.

And I believe it is this you’re not in love as cheesy as

that may sound, you’re not in love and you’re not obsessed

with who you are trying to attract online.

We know this and we talk about this all the time, guys.

In previous episodes, in order to stand out online, you have

to be known for something you have to be going after a specific

target market as it we’re so super passionate, which we should

be about helping everybody.

You’ve got the skills, gifts and abilities and the actual

tactical ability as a trainer to serve and work with a wide

variety of clients.

But it doesn’t mean you should market to a wide variety of

clients. So I think that there’s enough people that preach

that and talk that to where it kind of makes sense for most

people. But what I see then happen is Fit Pros don’t actually

dig in and do the work to find out who they should be serving

and who they are called to serve, and instead they just kind

of pick something that they think makes sense or will make

them money.

I very firmly believe there are people out there that you

are called to serve and others not so much and kind of a

big mistake that I’m seeing more and more prevalent because

I’m actually even seeing people advertise how to do this

as far as, like, marketing help and everything is which niches

you should be focusing in for online coaching and stuff like

that. And it’s almost forcing people to pick a niche based

upon what they think is going to make them the most amount

of money quicker than who they actually care about serving.

And I’m going to tell you guys this, I don’t want to see

you and by you, I mean, Fit pros take the problems that you

have with your in person business and just translate them

online. One of the big problems and issues that we see is

burnout. Well, hey, guess what.

If you’re going to work every day online, showing up, working

with people that you’re not super passionate about you’re

still going to get burned out.

Even if you have more time freedom, you’re still going to

hate logging in and checking on clients.

If they’re not people you’re obsessed about should be 100%

in love and obsessed with your dream clients, the people

that you’re called to serve and that you are working to attract

to your online coaching business.

If not, you’re just going to end up getting frustrated.

It’s going to seem like it’s never working out.

There’s always going to be some type of tension and friction

and it’s going to make life really difficult for you.

What I want to do is share with you two things that I always

tell people to start the process of who they should be working

with and then also kind of explain why that’s holding you

back and why you may be having struggles as far as coming

up with content ideas and knowing what types of things you

should post, what should your messaging say?

What should your offer be?

And so the first two things, as far as helping you to kind

of formulate who you should be working with is ask yourself

now, who is your favorite client that you work with currently

or have worked within the past?

What was it about that person that lets you up inspired you?

If you train that person all day, it wouldn’t even feel like

work. And then once you know that about that person, what

made them so special?

Don’t think so much about the demographics about them, like

their age, their sex, what city they were in, how much money?

They don’t think about that quite yet.

Instead, think about their character traits.

What made you so attracted to that person?

Like what made you excited about working with and what are

the things that you would talk about during their sessions?

What was their attitude like coming into the session?

What were results were they seeing as you guys were working

together? Think about those things and that will really help

to start formulating who you should be working with?

The second question is, what problem do you really enjoy

solving for your clients?

So if you have a client that comes to you with X goal, what

goal is it that fires you up because you know, you’re gonna

crush it with them.

You’re like man?


Every time somebody comes to me and they’re trying to lose

their 1st £10 or their last £10 or man, they’re brand new

to working out.

Or maybe they were former athletes.

Like, what type of goal is it that people are looking for?

Then when you hear it just fires you haven’t put up because,

you know, you crush it with those types of clients, because

if you love who you’re working with and then you also really

good at what you do in getting that result.

For people, it’s super easy to keep showing up for work,

and that’s what I use to kind of help the brainstorming session

for people guys, because it’s going to be different for everybody.

So after you’ve gone through that, that will really help

you to kind of identify who you should be working with and

trying to attract online.

Why I am seeing so many fit pro struggle with this aspect

is because they don’t take this part seriously enough, or

they go after one or they kind of force fit things that they

think will just make them a lot of money.

I mean, it just makes sense.

I’ve kind of worked with this type of person before, so I’ll

go work with them.

No, it shouldn’t be like this.

Guys, if you want to have sustainability in this, especially

in the online space, you have to be obsessed and in love

with who you’re called to serve.

So me, for example, whenever I was doing online training,

it was project a vibe.

I knew everything about my target audience and who I was

trying to attract.

I knew what cheesy dad jokes they liked.

I knew what their goals were.

I knew what they liked, what they didn’t like.

Think about it, just like I relate it to so much to my spouse.

There’s certain things I can say to her, man, that’s just

going to make her super happy.

I know what her love language is, and at the same time, I

know certain things I can say.

I can really piss her off.

I don’t say those things, but I know her because I am in

love with her.

I’m obsessed with my wife.

That’s how you should be with your dream clients.

This target market that you’re going after.

You should know them so well that you know the words that

attract them.

You know the things that they’re searching for online and

why people struggle with this is because they don’t actually

take the time to date and fall in love with and ultimately

become obsessed with your target market.

Because when you’re obsessed with your target market and

your dream clients, you dig in to find other ways to serve

them. When you’re obsessed with them, you know what their

love language is when you’re obsessed with them.

You know where they’re spending their time at online, when

you’re obsessed with them.

All of these struggles that you’re having with with trying

to market what content should I post?

What word should I use?

Where should I be spending my time when you’re truly obsessed

with them and in love with them?

That is when all this stuff gets easy.

So how do you fall in love with your clients?

Well, one is you got to actually be honest and be going after

the right people.

So like I said, those two questions I told you earlier are

really good for helping you to kind of formulate that process.

But the second thing and honestly, the most important thing

is you just got to spend time with them.

The more time that you spend with these dream clients, you’re

really going to start to learn more about them.

And hopefully it ignites that passion.

And you’ll know, inside, if this is really what you want

to be doing, what I always coach clients with is whenever

you’re first starting out, you need to at least be heading

in a direction for the type of person you want to be working

with for your dream client that you’re trying to build.

But the same time, whenever your business is new and young,

you’re not locking into anything.

And even at the end of the day, this is your business.

You can pivot at any time.

But that’s one of the most important things is you got to

be able to realize at any time you can and should pivot if

you’re going through and you are realizing that you are not

in love with your dream clients and that work is feeling

like work.

And you’re not excited to show up for these people every

day that you feel called to serve.

Man, it’s time to pivot because if not, like I said, you’re

just going to end creating those same issues, problems, intentions

that you have with your in person business and just bring

them online.

That’s what I encourage you guys to do is really take some

time to reflect.

If you are struggling with marketing, finding your messaging,

connecting with people online.

It’s probably because you actually haven’t taken the time

to walk through the process of finding out who you should

be marketing to.

Who do you feel called to serve?

This can be overwhelming for so many people, but to me, honestly,

it should be fun and kind of seem natural and easy, because

if you are not excited about what you do guys, you’re not

going to have any type of sustainability in this thing.

So I guess I’ll give you this last quick bonus tip because

this is typically what always ends up happening.

Your dream clients and the people that you get most excited

about working with and serving are typically a variation

of yourself.

So me, for example, with Project Dad Bod, I was working with

dads that had lost their fitness.

They were tired.

They lacked energy and they just wanted to look better naked

for their wife and have energy to spend with their kids.

I was a gym owner, but that was still me.

I was spending so much time growing my business.

I’d let my own personal fitness fell and I was working inside

of a gym that I own.

And then on top of that, I just wanted to look better for

my wife and have more energy for my kids.

I wasn’t interested in doing some fitness competition or

getting on stage or anything like that.

I just wanted to look good for my wife and have more energy

to play with my kids at the end of the day.

And so because of that, that was a variation of me.

So it was super easy to speak to those people whenever I

started trait, here our fitness business coaching company.

It was the exact same thing who I’m attracted to are variations

of myself, real fitness professionals, people that are dedicated

to this industry.

They get incredible results for people in person.

But man, this online marketing online business site, it just

seems so foreign and confusing to them, and they just need

a plan to follow because they got the exes of those and process

of getting results for people, but they just need to learn

how to do it so they can create market and see scale online.

That’s why it’s so easy.

Like all of my clients that work with me once they work with

me, they realized this.

But, man, it just felt like you were speaking directly to

me on that podcast, that YouTube episode or on our sales

clock. I felt like you just knew me and connected with me.

It’s because I do.

All my clients are more similar than not, and it’s because

they’re variations of myself.

That’s why it makes it easy.

And that’s why I love showing up and doing what I do when

you’re obsessed and in love with your clients.

Man, work gets easy.

So hope this episode adds value to you guys.

If so, man, please do me a huge favor.

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Because I believe if you’re listening to this, you are a

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What better way to serve then leveraging online so we can

reach and impact more people.

Love you guys.

Thanks so much.

Now you go be in love with your clients and have an awesome