There’s a battle going on inside of your mind.

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Welcome to the Entra Fit Podcast.

What is up, guys?

And welcome to the Entra Fit Podcast.

This might be the most powerful and impactful episode that

I’ve ever done.

Honestly, it wasn’t even something that I plan on talking

about. But I had I think three people in the past 24 hours

reach out and talk to me, dealing with some mindset blockers

and set backs.

And so I scratched what I planned on doing today.

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The whole purpose of this podcast, guys, is just to help

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Today, I want to talk about the battle that is going on inside

of your mind.

And with that battle, are you winning it or are you losing

it? The global issue and global.

I mean, like a lot of people that I see with when it comes

to mindset stuff is that they often let their circumstances

determine their identity.

And I personally struggled with this for a very, very long

time. They let their job title their occupation, or, like

I said, their current circumstances or situation determine

their self worth, determine their identity.

And when those things don’t go as perfectly planned as they

had inside their head, that causes this big, huge identity

shift within them.

And they don’t know who they are.

And that’s where you start to see things like impassive syndrome,

self doubt, selfworth issues because you don’t know who you

are. So how can you value something if you don’t actually

know what it is?

This is something that we shared with me, how to overcome

this. And so I wanted to share that with you.

So rewind back probably about seven years ago, my wife and

I were owning our third gym that we owned here in Oklahoma,

and it was a sports performance type facility, and we did,

like, an adult functional training.

We did sports performance at the time I was working with

the pro hockey team as a minor League strength conditioning

coach. And so we have this facility.

It seemed as if it was doing well, but it was a miserable

failure. Financially.

It was sucking out so much money.

I made some really poor decisions, as far as signing some

agreements that I shouldn’t have signed, doing some a partnership

agreements that I shouldn’t have done.

And it just ultimately honestly led to a downward spiral

for myself, for our business, for our marriage.

And I let all of that and those failures sum up who I was

as a person.

So I was letting the fact that the business was financially

failing, transition over into Sean is now a failure.

So if Sean feels like a failure in his business and as as

a coach, well, that turns into Sean as a failure as a husband,

Sean as a failure as a father.

And it just led to this downward spiral of me becoming this

horrible, nasty person, doing things I never thought that

I would do.

And honestly, just this self destructive pattern that I started

falling into as I was in honestly, one of the lowest points

of my life.

I was suggested that I hired my first coach and so ended

up finding my very first business coach who my wife actually

still works with to this day as an awesome man.

His name is Clay Stairs, and he taught us this principle

that I want to share with you guys today to help me one identify

the situations that were really going on to, most importantly,

is how to overcome them and how to stop them whenever they

do come up in the past.

And it was a very simple principle that we kind of coin phrase.

The thing is, what’s your T and what that stands for is what’s

your capital T truth.

So what he kind of showed me and broke down for me is that

there’s two levels of truth, right?

There’s a capital T truth that is ultimate truth.

That is, this is 100% absolute.

There is no negotiating that.

And then there’s little T true.

These are typically situations and circumstances that may

be factual, but they don’t determine outcomes and personality.

So me, for example, it was little T true.

My business was failing.

It was a little T true that I was making poor decisions,

but it didn’t mean that capital T truth.

My identity was a failure.

It did not mean capital T true that I was not called to be

doing what I was doing.

And what happened was is he showed me how to identify those

situations and how to replace those thoughts with capital

T truth.

Because we all go through poor situation.

We all go through issues that we go through struggles.

We go through hurts, we go through heartaches, and the issue

becomes is whenever we take those things and we make those

things become our identity and who we are as a person.

So the whole Watts, your T kind of monitoring everything

is that capital T truth is bigger and greater than little

T trues and circumstances that you may be going through and

dealing with in your life.

With that being said, there’s three things that he showed

me in kind of like a three step process that I use to this

day to help me whenever situations come up, that may be little

T true to make sure they don’t become my capital T truth

of my identity.

So the very first thing is whenever you have these kind of

negative thoughts, you have to identify them so that’s the

first thing you have to be able to identify the negative

thought. You cannot ignore it and expect it to get better.

It’s not like whenever these negative thoughts or negative

mindset things come into your head, you just can’t not think

about those things like this might sound really dumb and

oversimplified, but you can’t unthink something once that

thought has already come inside your head, that seed has

been planted.

Most people will sit there and they will choose to water

that and they will focus on it, and they will well on it.

And then so that negative thought gets to grow and expand.

You can’t unthink things, but you have to identify as soon

as that comes in, you have to identify that that thought

is there, because if not what happens, it will actually grow

deeper. I will get into the dark crevices of the mind and

everything, and it will start infiltrating other thoughts

and mindset, things that you have in place.

It will just embed deeper and deeper and deeper into your

mindset. So one thing to understand about thoughts is you

can’t unthink things and you can’t ignore things.

What you have to do, you actually have to replace those negative

thoughts with a positive thought, or, in my case, in my belief,

a source of truth.

So the very first thing that you have to do is you have to

identify this negative thought or mindset whenever it comes

in. The second thing that you have to do, you have to go

into this thing prepared.

What most people do is they start dealing with something

and then they’re like, oh, I got to find the solution.

If you guys are already prepared for it, whenever these negative

thoughts come in, you’re going to be so much more well equipped

to handle it.

So what you have to do is in order to replace that negative

thought with a positive thought, you got to have those positive

thoughts prepared.

You have to have a source of truth that is greater than your

little T true circumstance that you’re dealing with.

That’s where things like positive affirmations and stuff

are so huge.

Guys, for me, my ultimate source of truth is the Bible.

I use Scripture as the capital T truth to truth to define

who I am to define my circumstances to have life over things.

And so you need to have those things where they are.

So I’ve got a bunch of little, a bunch of little index cards

that sit right here on my desk.

I used to have my wife and I used to make some.

What’s your tea bracelets where you could write little things

on them, like those little live strong type bracelets that

were plastic and you could write things on them.

You have to have those things prepared and equipped because

you don’t want to go into battle and not have your rifle,

right? You’re going to get shot, you’re going to die.

You’re not going to be successful.

So you need to have those things already prepared.

You guys know what you struggle with and what little things

can come up.

And honestly, it’s just like, as you deal with negative thoughts,

man, you got to be able to have a book of positive thoughts

to be able to replace those.

So for me, man, I know things that are kind of my shadow

side that sneak up on me.

And I’ve got my list of quotes and scriptures and stuff like

that that I speak over myself whenever I feel those little

thoughts come into my mind.

But you have to have those things done and prepared.

So what I would encourage you to do is find yourself some

of those I use scripture, Proverbs you can use quotes, anything

that’s inspirational and motivational to you.

But it has to be a divine source of truth.

Honestly, if it’s going to work, it’s got to be something

that you know is true, absolute truth.

To be able to work against these negative thoughts and start

writing those down.

Guys have little index cards.

You can write them on, like, bathroom mirrors and stuff something.

So you’re always seeing these things so that way they’re

inside of you because you want to have these weapons ready

and you want to know these weapons just using the soldier

analogy. A soldier doesn’t learn how to use the rifle the

very first time he walks out on the battlefield, right?

Like, he knows that thing.

You can strip it down, put it back together and knows how

the thing operates.

That’s why it’s so powerful and destructive.

So you have to have those things already prepared in advanced

if you want them to work and be successful, that’s the second

thing is you have to have those sources of truth prepared

for yourself.

So the third thing is once you have those, you have to speak

them. It’s one thing, guys to hear something and like, oh,

that sounds really good.

That makes me feel good about myself.

It’s one thing to read it and like, oh, yeah, that’s good.

Like, I can relate with it.

It’s a whole another level to verbally speak something I’ve

done podcasts before where I talk about my morning routine.

And I’m big on having your daily affirmations daily declarations

and stuff.

Words are powerful, and they exponentially increase in power

when you actually speak them.

When you speak things.

I very much believe that your words can build up or tear

down. They’re that powerful.

So if you’re dealing with these negative mindsets, yes, somebody

may say something to you.

The worst thing you can do is repeat that back to yourself,

because that just really can tear you down even more.

The best thing that you can do is when those negative thoughts

come into your mind, you have your sources of truth already

done and prepared that you speak them to.

That negative thought.

Words are even more powerful when you do speak them and you

give them life.

And if you have those prepared words that you can speak over

that negative situation, when it does come into your mind,

you’re able to replace it with something even more powerful.

I try to be very intentional with the words that I choose,

and I catch myself all the time, like, stop and things like,

don’t say that.

Say it this way instead, like little stupid things I say.

I try not to say I don’t have time for that.

I’ll say something like I’m choosing not to make time for

that. Or instead of saying, that’s a dumb idea.

I’ll let me think of a better way to do this because your

words are powerful and the more you speak those things, the

more that can build you up or tear you down.

We live in a world, guys, where we are embedded with negative

thoughts, turn on the news, scroll through social media.

There’s a lot of negativity out there, and we need to make

sure that we’re making the world a better place and protecting

ourselves and building ourselves by the words that we speak

and that we allow into our lives.

Like I said, this wasn’t prepared at all today.

Guys, if this is something that adds value to you, share

this with other people online.

Share the YouTube video Share the audio link on whatever

podcast to you listen to.

And if this is something you guys want to go deeper into,

this is very surface level.

We can dive deep on this stuff.

But if you guys are really struggling with this stuff, this

would be fitness business coaching aside, like helping you

grow your fitness business.

That’s awesome.

But bigger mission for me would be helping people to overcome

this stuff because I very much believe that we were all designed

to live a purpose.

And so helping you discover that purpose is great.

Typically working with fitness professionals, it’s with the

business side of things.

But ultimately, if you guys unlock this secret here, this

will help you with whatever you want to do.

Whenever those thoughts of self doubt come in.

Whenever the negative mindset creeps in the Impostor syndrome,

all the trash of this world comes at you.

Number one, identify it.

Don’t speak.

That it’s.

There but know that it’s there because remember, your words

are powerful.

So identify that it’s there.

Second thing, you got to have your weapon ready, so make

sure that you have those sources of truth prepared in advance

for when those thoughts come.

You guys know personally what you deal with.

I would have some stuff ready to go have the weapon locked

and loaded.

So when those things do come out, you can do the third thing,

which is speak the truth.

Speak that truth over your life.

Guys, I would do this for me, just like with the soldier,

right? He goes to the range and prepares, but then also,

he’s ready for battle.

Going to the range is your daily affirmation speaking these

things over yourself and over your life.

So that way, whenever the battle does come, man, you know

what to do.

You know how to fire weapon.

You know how to make it work.

So hopefully this adds value to you guys.

And if you guys are struggling with this stuff, man, love

the diving deeper with you.

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So I love you guys.

Have an awesome day and we’ll talk soon.