How much should you charge for your online training?

Probably way more than you are now. So we’re talk all about it next,

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This whole podcast revolves around our consulting business called entre fade. It’s entrepreneur And if you are a podcast listener, go to the website, hit click started. It’s not going to be somebody from my team. It’s actually going to be me that reaches out to you for this. Um, just let us know that you heard this on the podcast and you will get your first week of the coaching program for only $1. So $1, come check it out and get access to all the course materials, everything we’re not hiding anything from me, both are our weekly coaching calls you hop on there. Um, just see if it’s right for you, because if you’re a real fit pro, um, and you’re really looking to take your online business serious, and I promise you, it will be for you. So let’s hop into this, uh, episode today, guys, um, what to charge and how to price your offer.

So I will say this, if you didn’t check out the last episode, make sure you check that out. We talked about four common ways or four common different offers and types of online training to sell. I gave some rough kind of guesstimates or guidelines or just prices. I’ve heard these stuff sold that, um, that, that they’ve done very well with this. I don’t want to give you so much of what specifically you should charge. What I want to do is teach you how to price things and hopefully break some broken mindsets, um, that fit pros have when creating their online business. So first of all, uh, the perfect price is all up to you. Um, and what I want to show you is the biggest mistake I see fit pros make in this area when pricing their online training offer is this right here. And tell me if you’re doing this now, slap yourself in bag, whoa, I should change it.

If this is how you’re pricing your product, you need to stop. So let’s say, um, if you listen to the last episode, you’re doing an online personal training program, or honestly you’ve created anything online. And if this was your mindset, it was wrong with pricing, your offer. Okay. So my personal training, great, let’s say is $120. Oh, we’ll make it easy. Math, a hundred dollars a session are okay. So an hour is a hundred dollars. Okay. So I just created this online program. I only took me 30 minutes to write the program. Um, and then they’re going to get, you know, two 15 minute calls a month. So, um, that’s about a hundred dollars. That’s about one hour. So I should charge a hundred dollars for this product. That’s what most fit pros do, guys. And that is a horrible way to price it. Reason why is one?

You are still trading your time for money. Because again, on that analogy, you can only see so many people because each client is going to take up a certain amount of your time. So you’re still going to be kept with how much money you can make. Um, and the second big thing is you’re losing focus on what people buy and what value that you bring. So what you need to realize you have coming from a world, especially if you’ve been in person training for a long time, where people are buying your time. When you shift to go online, people are not buying your time. They are buying a result. And let me give you a really stupid analogy to drive home. The point, if you were training somebody five days a week in your facility using that same price point of a hundred dollars a session that will be $500 a week for five hours of your time.

If you cut the session short, your client is going to feel like they were getting gypped or shorted or something because they bought five hours, but they only got, you know, 50 minutes because maybe the session they, they finished everything and they had to leave out whatever it is. Um, if you go online, tell me what you, so that’s five hours, right? Um, and let’s say the result, the goal that they wanted was to lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks. Get if I could get a client to lose that 10 pounds in 12 weeks, but they only had to work out three days a week. That would only be 300 if it was in person, right versus the 500, the algae analogy on the other one. When you go on line, they’re not buying your time, they’re buying a result for me. It seems a lot more valuable to get that same result, only working three hours a week towards it versus five hours a week.

So that’s how I want you guys to start thinking about this. As you’re, as you’re thinking about the value providing, we’re going to get a lot more detailed into it. It’s not about your time. It is about the result you produce. If you produce an amazing result, you’ve got tons of social proof to back that up. You can set your price at whatever you want. Um, and I will say this most likely, uh, you’ve been pricing yourself too low. I have never found anybody that I thought was too expensive and charging too much with their program. And I, in fact, I even tell my clients that I said, I will never tell you if your price is too high, but I will tell you if your price is too low reason being, if you have the confidence to charge somebody a thousand dollars a month for an online training program, I believe in you enough as a person to deliver on your results, to get them a thousand dollars times, 10 X on their return, a value per month out of your coaching program.

And so if you can, if you can boldly charge and get that much money from a client, I am not going to tell you that. I think that it’s too high. So saying all of that whenever you are. Um, I actually learned this from Michael Porter. I love this. Whenever he talked about, uh, how to value the value you bring, he broke it down into four different areas. He called the Phelps benefits that you provide. So it’s the financial, the emotional, the physical, and the spiritual benefits. Um, too often when in fitness is really easy to just focus on the physical side, like, oh, they’re going to lose this much weight. Um, they, they might, uh, uh, have, have a little bit more, uh, improved physicality, uh, and that stuff that’s easy, but we often neglect the other three and people buy typically from those other three areas of their life.

And the result they see on the exterior is just the physical. So let me put this in a way for you guys to think about how to price your offer. And you’re doing this for yourself. What I want you to do is think about some of these questions. Think about these four different areas and just take out a sheet of paper, start brainstorming, open the notes app up on your phone and start thinking about these four areas of your, of your customer’s life and all the different ways your coach program adds value to them. Because as you start doing that, and you start thinking about the, the number, uh, the financial or the financial benefit or return, and that they would get on those things. Remember it’s not what you think they’re worth. It’s about what your client thinks. It’s worth a lot of this stuff.

Why we devalue it so often as fitness professionals is because it comes easy to us. Like the, the thing that I always remind my clients, and even often myself, as I’m thinking about pricing and stuff like that, and the benefits you provide various somebody. So listen to this because this, this speaks to me every time I say it, there is somebody going to bed each night, crying themselves to sleep, dealing with it. The problem that you have the solution to let me say that again, there is somebody dealing with a problem that you have a solution to crying themselves asleep, dealing with a problem that you have the solution to. So we undervalue what we do all of the times, because we have done it for so many people. It comes easy for us. It comes natural for us. So for us, right? Well, yeah, all they need to do is make these few simple tweaks in their diet, you know, do this simple program three times a week and they would hit the results.

They it’s it’s under, we undervaluing undersell ourselves because for us it’s easy. It comes natural. Some of these people, guys, just you giving them those simple, basic changes and being there to coach and hold them accountable accountable to see those results through will literally change and save some lives. So think about that as you’re writing this, it’s not what value you think it is. It’s what value your customers, your dream customers, um, what they see this to be. So here’s a few different areas. We said, we taught the [inaudible] benefits. So number one is the financial. So I’ll give you some examples from me whenever I was training my clients in person. And then also whenever I had my online service project, dad bought. So the guys that I were working with were typically anywhere from like 35 to 45, 50 years old, they were high level entrepreneurs or, um, high level executives, managers, C level type of people at their business or places that they worked.

Um, so financial benefits that they got, I heard this all the time after training with me, man, Sean, I’m so much more mentally sharp after our session. I’m focused. Now I’m ready to go back into work and crush it at the office. Like after our sessions, I feel like, um, I’m less stressed. So I can actually go back to work and focus on the things that matter. So for them, they saw a return financially that way, because they were higher performers at third job. Another thing that I heard, the financial benefits of working with me were improved health markers. So yeah, they’re, they’re investing in their fitness, but they’re seeing returns in other aspects. They’re not on as many medications as they used to be. Um, they’re making better, better health choices. So, so health costs are going down and they’re spending less money on, uh, uh, uh, treatment and more here with the preventative side and actually taking care of things and addressing the issue.

So that was some of the financial benefits. So, so think about that with your clients and start writing down a price associated with that and the value that you bring there. Um, the next one is the emotional. This is where this area, guys, you need to focus and slow down for a little bit, cause this is what will get people to actually buy. Um, we, we think that we’re selling a better fitness program, a better nutrition program. I tell my clients this all the time, you are so much more than sets and reps and how to eat better. This is where you truly connect with people and, um, you make a lasting impact from them. So think about this, how much pain can you relieve people? This is physically and emotionally, um, by joining your coaching program, how much pleasure will you create for them?

Um, how are you making your clients feel about themselves and the world around them? So think about that at the end of the day, like even selling a cheesy transformation program, you know, I always joke with people looking better naked. Like that’s not what we’re really selling. Um, we’re selling confidence. We’re, we’re, we’re selling loving the way that you look. Um, that’s what people are really selling, what we’re selling, making dads better, better husbands. We’re we’re talking about making men better fathers with product dad bought that’s what we’re really selling. Uh, and when you drill down and focus on that stuff, one not only does marketing and sales messaging get better, but that’s where you truly start connecting with those people that you’re called to serve. Um, and there is a tremendous return on the investment that they see and that you’ll see as their coach as well.

So that’s the emotional benefits to start listing all those out guys that they have, the emotional benefits of training with you. Um, the third one, this is the physical, this is the kind of the easy one for us being in fitness, like think about all the improved health markers, uh, that they’re going to receive the obviously looking better naked. And nobody’s going to complain about that. Um, having more energy. So when they came home to play with their kids, they weren’t crashing after a long day at the office had energy. Um, uh, because they’ve had an improved physical performance, is that, um, so list that out, all the physical benefits that your clients will get from training with you and start listing all those things out. Then the last thing is spiritual. Um, I very much believe that we are spiritual beings. We are created and called for a purpose.

Think about how your coaching program helps people connect with the deeper purpose and their deeper why and their deeper reason for being here and what that mean. My guy, I guess, how valuable that would be a notch where you truly can change people’s lives as well as is helping them to connect that so many people, um, are just struggling through life, just going through the motions, but how can your program, your coaching program help people to connect to those deeper level things? So after you have kind of taken the, um, the steps of writing all of these things down and all the different areas, guys start assigning a value to those things. Cause as you’re creating a program for me, um, I always want to make sure people get a huge, you know, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 X return on their investment that they’re getting with me, that the dollar amount that they’re investing, it almost becomes a no brainer because if they’re going to get all of those things from the results that I, that I promised and that I can deliver on and it no longer becomes a money issue.

Um, what I see so many fitness professionals do is they degrade themselves to just people that give good workouts and how to eat better. And they forget those other areas of how they can truly serve and add value to your, to their clients. Because at the end of the day, remember this is the service industry. You’re there to serve your clients, you’re there to change their lives. And what better way to do that, um, by even you knowing and listing out and just having that self, that belief in yourself of all the different ways, um, that you add value to them. So I will say this, don’t try to be all things to all people with this. Um, rarely do people buy services based on price. Uh, people express their value in how they spend their money. So they want to make sure that they’re getting a return investment by you knowing these things, you showing these things, your clients are going to have more of a belief in you.

Um, you ultimately want to work with people that value you, your dream clients will value you and the value you bring. So knowing all this stuff and charging the price that delivers and kind of demands, this higher level of service from yourself will help your business. So guys, last kind of action. Step, I would tell you to take with this is, think about a class that loves you and gives you incredible reviews. If you’re still struggling with this, then what I want you to do is list out the financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits that they have, or have told you that they receive from working with you. Um, you know, some clients aren’t gonna tell you to raise your prices. I will say some people have said, yeah, whenever they’re reaching out and asking some questions about our coaching program. But yeah, I was thinking about raising my prices.

I said, okay, that’s interesting question. If you don’t mind me asking why I said, oh, my clients have been telling me for years, I’m too cheap guys. If your clients are telling you that you are too cheap, you are really too cheap. Um, and so that definitely means you should be raising your prices. But anyway, ask that, talk to that client, think about that client list, those Phipps benefits that they say, or that, you know, they have received from you and kind of start putting a dollar value on them and think big, because I will tell you, uh, I told you earlier, most likely you’ve been undervaluing and underselling yourself. So if you want to be treated like a professional, you’ve got to charge professional prices guys and deliver professional results. Love you guys. Thank you so much for listening, checking out this episode, guys, hopefully it adds value to you. If so, share with your fellow fit pro Fran. And if you are a real fitness professional, looking to create market or scale, your online fitness business, check us out. It’s entre fit, joined the coaching program. Get your first week for just $1. Let us know that you heard us here, the podcast, and we’ll make sure that we honor that offer for you. So thank you so much. Love you have an awesome date.