Speaker 1: Whoa sound what’s even possible with an online fitness business. You might have these big dreams, very willing to put in the work to see him come true. We’ll we’ll talk about it. You want to create Marquis or scale your online fitness business? My name’s Sean Garner, and here we give real thing pros, the tips, tools, and strategies. They need to succeed online. Welcome to the entre fit podcast.

Speaker 2: [00:00:30] Oh boy, guys. That was a little rough. Sorry about that. That’s what happens, uh, from doing these live. Uh, I want to be my authentic self. Guess what? The intros are not always sharp and, and perfect. Cause I just do all of this live. Actually, if you’re in the entrepreneur coaching program, you sign up for that. It’s entrepreneur and book a free blueprint strategy. Call with me. See if this is a good fit for you. If you are a real fitness professional that wants to create market or scale, their online fitness business, come join us. You get your first week for only $1 [00:01:00] in our coaching program. And we actually stream the podcast live as it’s being recorded. And it’s released a couple of days or weeks later in the future, um, for you nice little podcast listeners. So thanks so much for listening.

Speaker 2: Please subscribe shows with a FitPro friend if it adds value, but what I want to share with you guys today, uh, because I had the opportunity. I talked to dozens Fitbit fitness professionals each and every week, and everybody has big dreams and I love it. I personally do not [00:01:30] ever want to shut someone’s dreams down and tell them they can’t do it. Tell them it’s impossible, but I do feel kind of morally obligated to tell people, uh, the work that is required to have the success that they want. We live in a very much Insta famous world where people think that it’s just going to take a few Instagram posts, put a link in my bio, and then, Hey, there you go. I’m a six figure seven figure trainer. [00:02:00] And it’s going to be just sitting on the beach with my laptop. Easy, easy, easy. I will tell you this. I have never found somebody that is successful. And I mean, truly successful, not like Instagram, fake, successful, but truly successful. That told me

Speaker 3: It was easy.

Speaker 2: Now at one, I can’t think of I before I make a statement, like never or always, I try to be very cautious with my words and select them, but I cannot think of [00:02:30] one person that says, oh yeah, honestly, becoming a millionaire for me was pretty easy. All I had to do was 1, 2, 3, and it just hitches work. No, I hear stories of perseverance of drive of never quitting of long days, sleepless nights, multiple failed attempts before finally it popped for them. And so I say that just because I’m afraid that sometimes people [00:03:00] oversell, uh, online training, an underserved, the work that’s required because it’s like, especially people that do what I do with, with online coaching and consulting and stuff. They want to make it sound like it’s easy because everybody can be a six-figure trainer. Um, I believe they can, but this is the problem.

Speaker 2: I also know very few people want to put in the work because I will tell you this, the process and steps [00:03:30] that it takes to have a successful business, especially a successful. And I’m saying, you know, six figure plus seven figure plus online fitness business, the process and steps around that. They are simple, but please, please, please do not confuse simple with easy, right? We can relate that with, with what you guys do with your fitness clients. If you’re really think about what somebody needs to do in order to transform their body, [00:04:00] the process is simple, right? There’s not some secret a supplements you’re going to give them. And all of a sudden the fat’s going to drop off. There’s not some secret core exercise that you’re going to have them do. And instantly they get shredded six pack abs. Right now the process is pretty simple. You’ve got to show up and you’ve got to actually put in effort. You’ve got to follow a structured program and plan. You got to be committed and you got to stick to it. See it through. Even whenever it feels like [00:04:30] you hit those plateaus and you get past the rookie gain stage and you actually have to start training the process around that is pretty simple, but getting somebody to commit to that, to put in the work and to see it through, through the, and

Speaker 3: That is not easy.

Speaker 2: That to me is what I think the entrepreneur journey, especially this one line entrepreneur journey is, um, the process around this stuff, guys, it’s simple. It really is. I, [00:05:00] I even tried to oversimplify it by breaking it down into three steps that I teach client. You need a community that’s just fancy talk for. He needs somebody to sell it to you. You need an offer. You need a thing to sell them. And then you need systems. You need marketing system, cell systems, client fulfillment systems, to make sure that that is a repeatable process. That’s it? The process guys is simple. Now making those things work each and every day, that is not easy. The reason being why I see so many people fail, not just [00:05:30] with online fitness business, but with anything that they put their mind to is they lack discipline. They lack consistency, and they are horrible managers of their time.

Speaker 2: They don’t own their day, their day owns them. And they just spend the entire day putting out fires and being reactive instead of proactive for their business and for their life. Think about that. So just those three things that I said, right? A community offer and insist them. So community in order build a community online, you’ve got to create great content. Well, you got to create [00:06:00] and commit to doing content every single day. And guess what? For the first six months to a year, you might not get anybody that even views it and likes it. And you have to commit to it and see it through. Because if you actually care about changing us, like that’s the thing everybody says, oh, I want to be a trainer because I want to change lives. I love it. But if you’re actually serious about that, you’re going to see it through no matter what a social media algorithm shows you.

Speaker 2: Um, you’re going to sit there and see it through no matter how many likes or followers you get, because if you’re actually committed to the process, [00:06:30] you’re going to stick through and see it through no matter how difficult it’s going to be. But the problem is, is it’s difficult to have that energy and to have that fire, to show up, to create content. When you know your mom’s probably in her friends are the only ones that are viewing that. That’s how I spent the majority of starting off with my online stuff is I was creating this stuff. Wondering if anybody’s even listening to one, or if anybody’s even paying attention, has anybody even reading these emails that I’m creating well, that you can actually tell the stats on, but [00:07:00] that being said, you do that stuff and you show up every single day that is tough to do, especially when you don’t get that instant gratification of, oh, you got a new, like a new followup or that doesn’t matter.

Speaker 2: Guys. What matters is actually who becomes a customer because that’s another separate topic between customers and followers, but showing up every day and creating that content to build a community, to take something, start from scratch and to build it up. The process is simple, but the work is not easy. Second thing that create your offer [00:07:30] process of creating an offer is, um, it’s simple. Okay? But together, all the things that you want to sell, did these people that you created and built a community around and then put a price point around it? That process is pretty simple, was difficult though, is overthinking analyzing, doing the dealing with imposter syndrome. This trainer’s charging this much. I’m not as good of a trainer. I’m a better trainer than them. And they’re charging this much, dealing with all the mindset stuff, dealing with being told. No. Um, whenever you have poured [00:08:00] your heart and soul into your career, uh, to get all of these skills and, and tools that you have in your toolbox as a trainer, and then to push that offer in front of somebody that you know, you can help. And then being told no over and over and over again. How do you deal with overcoming objections with yourselves process and your whole offer that you’ve created

Speaker 3: That is not easy friends.

Speaker 2: And then the third thing building out systems is easy. I’m going to give you a quick hack right now, start a Google doc and write down every single thing that you do and then find [00:08:30] and look for ways and tools to automate those things. There’s tools like Zapier, there’s different email marketing campaigns. There’s a simple website, builders like click funnels, like Squarespace. That stuff really, really easy, but that’s not the fun Instagramable stuff. That’s not easy. You don’t want to sit up late at night, typing in spreadsheets, building out automation flows to automate your systems. So it can scale to type out, sells scripts, to test and split test headlines on websites that is not [00:09:00] easy to want to show up and do that stuff every day.

Speaker 3: But I tell you what,

Speaker 2: The people that you actually see make it and break through. They didn’t just do it in 90 days. It didn’t just work. The first thing that they did, didn’t just all of a sudden magically happen for them and make them successful. It took showing up every single day, they committed to the process of what they wanted to see through. They knew that when they [00:09:30] don’t quit, they win and they saw everything through to completion. They were committed and they were disciplined.

Speaker 3: They showed up no matter what, every single day. So

Speaker 2: Sorry. I feel like I was preaching there. I wanted to share that with you guys. Cause that’s on my heart because I see so many fitness professionals, especially that are amazing at their craft of fitness, but [00:10:00] they are failing miserably when it comes to actually creating and running a business in this online world, things are moving online a hundred percent. You guys have to realize that this is not just a COVID thing, where people were just going online for a little bit. You have to have an online presence. You need to have an online offer. Even if you have a brick and mortar facility, you need to have a way to reach people and serve clients. When they travel, you need to have a way to reach clients that maybe just come in for a drop-in. And, uh, they, uh, [00:10:30] they still, they connected with you and they want to train with, you need to be able to maximize your online presence.

Speaker 2: So you’re ranking on the first page of Google. So you’re standing out online. So you build this online tribe and community. So people are actually driving traffic to your website and to your facility for you. Even if you don’t want to go full time online, you have to maximize this guys. And so if you are a real fitness professional, that’s what we do with entrepreneurs. We only help the real ones, not the Insta famous booty model, uh, you know, hold your protein jug, take your, your, [00:11:00] uh, your brand deal selfies. That’s now. Well we do, we help the real ones, the ones that have committed to their craft of fitness, they are super passionate about transforming and changing the lives that they are called to serve the man, this business stuff. It’s either difficult for them, or they’re looking to optimize it and streamline it and truly scale a business with all things leveraging digital.

Speaker 2: So if that’s, you guys love the opportunity to work with you, if any of this stuff that I said today resonates, and you’re like, yes, yes. [00:11:30] I want that love to have you join our coaching program. You guys, you get check out more information at that’s honorific, Again, it’s entre fit, Or if you want to, you can send me a text. This is not a mass texting list you’re sending. This is my phone number. It’s +1 833-445-1348. Again, it’s 1 8 3 3 4 4 5 1 3 4 8. And all that information’s down the description below. Just text me FitPro [00:12:00] to that number. So I know you’re actually a legit trainer and not just somebody randomly a telemarketing messaging me. I would love to connect with you here. Hear more about what you are doing with your current fitness business, what your blockers are, where you’re looking to take it. And then let’s set up and maybe a time to talk and connect. See if this coaching program would be a good fit guys. So guys show up every day when you don’t quit, you win and we can ultimately go and change more lives. Guys love you so much. Thank you for listening. Have an awesome [00:12:30] day.