Should you run paid ads for your fitness business?

Is it really the secret sauce people think it is?


No, maybe.


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Do you want to create, market or scale your online fitness

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Hey, welcome to the show.

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This whole purpose and honestly, the whole mission for me

and our company and is to help the real fitness professionals

to create, market and scale their online fitness business.

Or they have a brick and mortar location showing them how

to leverage digital to serve their current clients and to

reach new ones.

And it seems as if I’m asked this question a lot whenever

it comes to online.

Well, that means I’m just gonna do a lot of paid ads.

There’s two schools of thought, like, I don’t want to do

online, because that means I have to do a bunch of paid ads,

or I only want to do online so I can just do paid ads and

not continue to do any organic marketing because I hate doing

organic marketing.

So I’m kind of gonna vomit out all the different things that

I hear and just give you guys some things to consider if

you are thinking about doing paid ads for your business and

kind of my no, no list of what I have my clients have in

place before they even think about considering ads.

So this is how I approach paid ads with my clients and also

some misconceptions with what people think it is.

I think most people fitness professionals, if they’re new

to online or they never actually ran paid as before.

In your mind, you think that it’s like printing money.

Like, okay, this is gonna be easy.

You know, I’m going to pay a couple hundred or a couple of

thousand dollars per week, and I’m gonna do some Facebook

ads, and then I’ll send it just clients are gonna be coming

to me, like, okay, I understand I’m gonna have a little cost,

but, Yeah, I’m not gonna have to worry about creating content

anymore. Like, this is pretty much I’m paying for somebody

to do marketing for me.

Not so much, my friends.

That’s not really how it works.

So think of I always like to relate it with online stuff

with your in person business.

So if you don’t have a really solid, organic structure in

place for your marketing, doing paid ads is just going to

be the biggest money dump that you could do.

This is why imagine you had your brick and mortar location

or in person facility, and you paid to have all of these

billboards up all over the road.

You’re literally any road.

Somebody came boom.

They saw your Billboard, all your information, man, best

Jim, best trainer.

I help people do X, Y and Z.

This was amazing message and everything.

But then they go to the gym or the place that you’re having

them go to.

It nobody’s there.

It doesn’t look like the place has been cleaned, like you’re

wiping off the windows, peeking inside.

Has anybody even in there?

Is anybody else even ever been here before?

And you don’t have your house in order?

Well, the bill bars are gonna work, right?

You’re gonna have be sitting all of these people to this

place. But if your house isn’t in order, you’re just wasting

your money.

The exact same thing applies with your online business.

So this is why I have some foundational rules I kind of set

in place before I let my clients do paid ads or before us

through the agency start doing paid ads for them.

I don’t let people.

I’m not just going to take somebody’s money to start running

ads for them.

That’s not all we do.

We want to make sure that we’re efficient with all of our

resources. So we’re not just wasting money.

Things you should have in place before you start thinking

about doing paid marketing, one, you need to make sure you

have maximized your organic reach.

So what that means is you have a consistent content strategy.

You’ve got a landing page, a sales funnel, or sales process

online that, you know, converts organically with people that

already know, like and trust you.

If you can’t sell to the people you’ve been creating content

for that already know, like and trust you.

What makes you think by starting to give Facebook, Mr.

Zuckerberg some money that all of a sudden it’s going to

trick people into buying your product?

All of a sudden, it doesn’t work that way.

So you want to make sure that you’ve maximized your organic

process, and then on top of that, you’re being consistent

with it, because the worst thing that you could do is the

Billboard example I gave earlier.

You send all these people, but you haven’t shown up to the

facility in several weeks.

And it’s dirty.

And people can tell if you’re not regularly posting content.

Guys, people.

Consumers are getting smarter and smarter because there’s

so many offers position in front of them all the time.

They’re going to see your ad.

They’re going to click.

They might go to a landing page, start a DM conversation,

fill out an option and stuff.

But as soon as they do that, man, they’re cyber talking you.

They’re looking at social profiles.

They’re looking at your YouTube, your Instagram.

If you have a blog podcast, they’re reading your email.

They’re digging into you.

They’re not going to get tricked by thinking, Oh, this is

an ad.

This person most know what they’re talking about.

No, it doesn’t work that way.


They’re going to look into you.

So you want to make sure that your house is in order, and

you’ve got something in place before you start driving traffic

to it.

That’s kind of the number one rule, because I’m so frustrated

and sad story, because I know that there’s people out there

that have the appearance of doing similar things to what

I do with my fitness business coaching and consulting program.

But there’s bad people out there, right?

Just like there’s bad fitness professionals.

But I was talking to the fitness professional today that

they had been duped by somebody that this trainer had been

saving up their money.

They had 5,000 dollars, and we’re brand new to online minimal

social media following, didn’t even know how to create content,

barely had a website.

And they got, like, of a better word, conned by working with

somebody. And then said, Hey, you give me this 5,000 dollars,

we’re gonna put it all on the Facebook ads.

We’re gonna drive a ton of traffic to your site and man,

your business is gonna blow up and explode.

Well, that fitness professional took all the money they’ve

been saving up to start their online business.

They thought, well, Yeah, this makes sense.

I see all these other big names do ads.

I should be doing that.

Put all their five K in and spend had a five K ad budget

for one month.

And guess what?

Zero clients came from it.

Whenever the fitness professional went to the coach and agency

and said, well, Hey, you said, you’re going to drive all

this traffic.

Like, what happened?

I was like, well, no, we did drive all this traffic.

What do you mean?

They can show the stats of, like, look how many, you know,

hundreds of thousands of views, page views that we got you

our impressions.

And then we got you all these page views and stuff.

We did our job.

It’s your process is broken.

And, like, well, I didn’t know that you didn’t tell me that.

Like, sorry.

So that fitness professional royalty got screwed over because

somebody tried to take advantage of them.

And so I don’t want others to make that mistake.

Guys, you are not going to make money by spending money on

ads if your page isn’t converting organically.

So that’s kind of my rant on that.

Please do not think that throwing money at ads is going to

make you money.

The other thing kind of the same, but a different topic.

A fitness professional.

I really don’t like doing organic marketing, so I’m just

going to pay.

So I don’t have to do posts and stuff like that anymore.

Then if that is your mindset, guys, you should not own a

business. I’m going to say it right now if you do not want

to do organic marketing for your business.

Organic marketing, to me, is another way of saying show up

and talk to my audience.

If you don’t want to show up and talk to your audience, you

should get out of business.

And you should not be doing anything online.

You should be showing up every single day for your people

and serving them, adding value, connecting being a freaking

human to them.

Don’t think that you can pay your way out of relationships,

please. That frustrates me to no end.

Also of thinking that you can buy your way out or buy your

way through this.

It doesn’t work that way.

Guys, you have to.

If you truly want to make it now, you can definitely fake

your way through it.

But if you truly want it to be legit and sustainable because

there’s the Insta success, and then there’s real success

just because someone has the appearance of success.

Guys, please do not think that they actually have made it

online because you see their ads all the time or because

they’ve got a certain sort social status.

Guys, promise.

I promise you.

I work behind the scenes of so many different businesses.

I actually get to see things work from the ground up.

That’s not always the case.

And people are conned by seeing those kinds of things.

So don’t think because you see somebody else never posting

and running ads all the time that their business is growing

does not mean it will work for you.

Please don’t waste time doing it.

So saying all that I can rent, I don’t want it to seem like

ads are a bad thing.

I think ads are incredible, but there’s different levels

of doing it.

And so that’s what I’ll share with you.

Next kind of how I do ads in my approach to ads and what

I think you should do ads.

So first step, before you even think about going into the

paid marketing route, one, make sure you have an organic

strategy that’s working.

Think of paid ads as an accelerate to what is already working.

If your organic stuff is not converting very well, I know

in your mind you might be thinking, well, that’s just because

not enough people are seeing it, which there’s absolutely

absolutely some truth to that.

But there’s also a process thing.

If you don’t have a good not only organic marketing process,

but also a follow up process, it doesn’t matter how many

leads you get, you have to be able to follow up with them

in order to make it successful.

So that’s the first thing you got to have all this organic

stuff in place, business systems, processes and stuff like

that for lead generation, outreach, lead follow up, client

fulfillment, all of that stuff.

Then the next thing that you need to do, you need to be available

to make sure that you’re actually making money.

Doing ads is not something that you just flip a switch.

And also it works.

And now you’re making all this money.

Whenever I talk to a client about doing ads, I mentally and

financially want them to be prepared for not seeing your

return for three months.

I 100% know that most likely it’s going to happen a lot quicker

than that.

However, I don’t want you to be scraping by and you’ve got

only a couple of thousand dollars left in the Bank account.

You’re going to use this last ditch effort, your hell Mary,

to try and make your business work by doing paid ads.

Absolutely not.

You need to be able to commit to doing ads consistently for

at least three months and then expect to see a return.

Obviously, we’re going to have it happen before that, but

financially and just kind of mentally, you need to kind of

prep for that.

The second thing is your ad budget.

I don’t think, especially if you’ve never done paid ads.

I don’t think you realize the amount of money people spend

online for paid ads.

I I run a lot of Facebook ads for fitness professionals.

It is not uncommon to spend anywhere from 10 to 30 K a month

on ads, so you have to be able to put up some real money,

especially if you want to be able to compete in big, wide

niches like online fitness, Fitness for Moms, Fitness for

Dads. You’re going to have to be pretty niche down and focused

if you want to run a smaller ad budget and not have a big

cost per lead client acquisition with that, and there’s all

kinds of, like, nerdy stuff that we can get into.

Guys, I would say this one quick sub topic, Do not try and

figure out paid ads by yourself.

You’re going to waste too much money.

Hire professionals or agencies that do.

We do it with our coaching program for our clients.

Find somebody else that does this, especially for your first

go round.

Don’t try to figure it out yourself.

There’s courses and stuff you can.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

Find a good professional, somebody that’s got proven track

record, tons of testimonials proven results, and use them

saying all that.

The very first type of paid ads I would recommend somebody

doing are what’s called retargeting ads.

So what that means is you’re going to have something that’s

called a Facebook Pixel on your website, and you are only

going to be running ads to people that have already come

to your website.

Several reasons for this one, if you are brand new to starting

your online business, you probably don’t have a very large

distribution. You haven’t had a lot of traffic coming to

your website, so you don’t want to just send out this huge

mass ad to everybody.

We want to make sure that we’re efficient.

That’s going to one give us a lower cost per lead acquisition.

Typically by doing retargeting ads, that means showing ads

only to people that have been to your website before.

Because guess what?

There’s a higher likelihood of converting those people then

people that are in cold traffic who don’t even know who you

are, because it takes a long time to get somebody to know

like and trust you in order for them to give you money, especially

online, especially in the fitness industry where there’s

so many different options.

So be efficient with it.

Spend your money retargeting people that have already come

to your website, so that way you’re not having to warm them

up and show them who you are and all this value to them because

they’ve already gotten value from some point because it made

them click on your website.

So that’s the first type of ad I even recommend and will

allow people to do honestly for a while.

Because what I have found just with the clients I’ve worked

with, at least that they end up more than hitting financial

goals just by doing retargeting ads.

I typically won’t let them even start breaking into cold

traffic because each one is a level, right?

Number one, you got to prove yourself with organic traffic.

Number two, you got to prove yourself with retargeting ads,

and then number three, then we can start looking at some

warm traffic, some things called lookalike audiences, which

is technical stuff.

If you’re new to this stuff, if you’ve done this before,

you’re like as an I know that.

But then you can start looking cold traffic and people that

don’t know you because like I said, this is not a magic bullet.

This is an accelerate.

This is a supplement to your clients.

They’re not going to get dramatically amazing results by

taking the supplement, but it could help and add a little

bit of value to what they’re currently doing with their health

and nutrition products or program that they’re following

with you guys.

I hope this helped and added a little bit of value to you

guys and just gave you a little bit of an insight of what

paid ads really is and how you should think about using them.

There’s so much information out there, guys, and there’s

a lot just around paid ads.

And I’ll tell you this, we have a amazing team at our agency

that they just do the paid ad part for our clients, and it’s

changing all the time.

I’m always learning things from them.

Facebook is always changing the terms of conditions, and

we got the new iOS update that just came out with.

I think it was iOS 14 that makes paid ads even more difficult

for people.

It’s always changing.

So my personal recommendation is this is not a low hanging

fruit opportunity.

If you’re looking for, like, the secret to grow in your business,

it’s not that you’re not not getting your goals because of

paid ads right now.

Most likely you’re not doing it because you’re not doing

some of the basic things.

You’re not showing up every day.

And creating content that adds value gets people to know,

like and trust you.

You’re not sharing or collecting testimonial videos and success

stories that show that you know what you’re doing.

You are not creating a niche for yourself.

And actually making yourself stand out as an expert.

You’re probably just trying to copy what other influencers

and stuff are doing online.

You’re probably not tracking any business metrics that you

have. You’re not tracking how many page views you’re getting

right now.

You’re not tracking how many conversions you’re getting right

now. You’re not tracking your turn so you don’t even know

what’s working or what’s not working in business.

I would assume you’re also probably not awesome at time management,

and you’re not Super disciplined with keeping a daily schedule

in a to do list.

I hope you guys are seeing there’s a lot to do before even

thinking about doing paid ads.

Let’s grow business, guys.

If this adds value to you and you guys were like, Hey, I

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