If you have ever asked yourself the question I don’t know

who I should be marking to online.

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Saying all of that this is going to be a short one a simple

one but honestly probably one of the more impactful ones

for helping you kind of get that AHA moment.

So with work working with fitness professionals the most

common struggle that I see or thing that I hear is I don’t

know how to market or I don’t know who I should be marketing

to because if you guys have done any due diligence on learning

marketing strategies with online digital marketing or growing

your business you’ve probably heard the term and understand

things like your niche your target market your avatar dream

client. It’s called a lot of different things by a lot of

different people but it pretty much means you should really

only be marketing to one group of people or one target market

with your marketing because we end up trying to talk to everybody.

Nobody ends up listening.

So saying all of that that can get overwhelming for fitness

professionals because I’m sure if you have any experience

in the industry you know I’ve helped so many different

people. This is the biggest thing I see because it’s so sweet.

Fitness professionals are such servants with their skills

and everything.

They’re afraid of excluding somebody and leaving them out.

Well I’ve helped all of these different kinds of people

before so I don’t want to leave anyone else.

I love your heart and I love that you’re thinking that.

But my job as a coach mentor guide for you is to let you

know that is not the best way to approach trying to stand

online. If you even think about the people you follow online

they’re known for something.

They’re known for a specific thing.

They work with a specific demographic.

This is one kind of Disclaimer I say to all of this stuff

too just to kind of maybe give you that sigh of relief.

Just because you’re marketing to a very specific demographic

or target market doesn’t mean you’re not taking business

from other markets.

Think about that.

So with Project Dad bod that was the online program that

I had for years even though my Project Dad bod.

Hey guess what?

You know I’m marketing to dad.

Actually only about 50% of my clients were dads.

I had anything from College students some high school athletes

women wanting to do bikini competitions.

But I wouldn’t feature those people in testimonials or highlight.

They might feature the dad because that’s who I was really

passionate and excited about working with because I wanted

to be known for one thing because when you’re known for

one thing you stand out as an expert.

And so those other people even though they didn’t fall in

that demographic they had similar lifestyle factors whether

it be busy wanting to work out with minimal equipment joint

injuries and stuff like that to where they needed that similar

style of programs.

They knew I was the expert in that.

So they wanted a piece of that but they weren’t necessarily

dad. So do take that side.

I relieve you’re not excluding people from working with them

as clients but you are with your messaging.

The example I give all the time is if I said man my 12

week program is gonna get you jacked.

My 12 week program is gonna get you toned.

My 12 week program is gonna get you shredded.

My 12 week program is gonna get you lean.

Each one of those words is gonna help you connect with a

different audience without me even saying anything.

And so it’s so important to know who you’re going to market

to so you can make sure you’re using the language that best

connects and resonates with them if you want to stand out

online. So saying all of that this can be a big struggle

for fitness professionals especially if you have been in

the industry because you’ve worked with so many people and

you just don’t even know who you should be marketing to

because it’s kind of like paralysis by analysis.

So what I’ve come up with is just two simple questions that

I ask myself on a regular basis just to make sure I’m staying

in line with everything and keeping the ball rolling for

and narrowing down my niche.

But more importantly I ask these to my clients and every

time I do it it tends to give them so much clarity on a

direction they should be going with their target market and

who they should be focusing on for their online training

business. And you hear what what I said earlier?

I say this to myself to help me niche down further and further

because the longer you’re in business and the more clients

you work with online it’ll get more and more specific.

I’m not telling you when you first start out that you should

be working with people that are in a very specific age range

live in a certain mile radius of a certain Zip code make

a certain income status and you’ve got it down to a point.

But you should at least have a general direction that you’re

heading. And these two questions will help you to kind of

get that general direction.

So you know at least a way that you’re heading.

And then at the end of the day you should be tracking measure

and assess.

That’s what they tell my clients all the time.

So if you’re doing something for 12 weeks to six months and

you’re not seeing any track it well maybe it’s time to

pivot that market and try something else there but at least

be heading in a consistent direction.

And this will help you to do that.

So number one question to ask yourself is who is your favorite

client currently that you have or that you worked with in

the past?

So whenever you’re thinking about this client these are

some different things that I want you to think about.

What made them your favorite client?

What were their goals when they came to you?

What was their personality like?

What was their energy like?

What were the factors that led them to being like your favorite

client? Now this is a client where when they showed up it

was like energy filled the room for you.

You got Super pumped up.

You look forward to that session you look forward to when

they showed up to your class.

And if they were if you worked with that person 12 15 hours

a day it wouldn’t even feel like work.

I want you to imagine and think of that client and you probably

are right now.

You probably got a couple of those in your mind right now

like Oh man I really loved working with Casey or Daniel

or Jen.

You’ve got those names and those people in your head.

Now what I want you to do is write down the things that

you loved about working with them.

What did they do for career?

What was their personality like?

Were they really type A driven or were they more laid back

chill made them what made you like them?

And also what was their style of programming?

What kind of workouts did they like?

Why were they coming to you?

What were the things they were struggling with?

What were their goals?

What kind of results did you get for them?

And think about all of those things that kind of make up

the essence of that person that you like to work with that’s

number one.

The second thing is what is the type of client where I should

say goal clients would come to you with.

And whenever they told you that you’re you’re like Yes

I am going to crush it for this person because every time

I get a client that wants to improve their running time

or anytime I get a client that’s coming back from a post

op ACL they’ve been cleared to work out and they’re trying

to get that sports performance agility and stuff back.

Or anytime I get somebody that wants to lose like 50 or

100 pounds like massive weight loss transformation I crush

it every time.

Like what is the goal that when a client came to you with

it fired you up and you could could not wait to work with

them because as they’re telling you what they’re wanting

to do you’re getting excited.

You’re like I quest it for this type of person every time.

What is that goal and what is the thing they are coming to

you with?

Because I will tell you this kind of big picture.

Look at this.

When you are working with and for the type of person you

love to work with getting them the goal or result that you’re

awesome with.

When you love who you work with and you’re awesome at what

you do showing up to work every day is easy.

And when you’re first starting out with your online business

guys there’s going to be a lot of challenges.

The process is simple but the work is not always easy.

So we want to make anything that we can stack into our favor.

We want to help ourselves out with that.

So if you’re marketing to people that you love working with

you’re just going to naturally be able to speak through or

language and connect with them you’re just naturally gonna

build that rapport with them.

You’re gonna much more easily know where those people hang

out online what things they find value in.

And then on top of that when you’re really good at what

you do and passionate about getting certain results man

it’s so easy to stand out online and become an expert in

getting this specific result for this certain group of people.

So you guys ask yourself those two questions take some time

write down the answers and reflect on that.

And I promise if you actually do this and spend time reflecting

on this man you’re going to start to get so much clarity

on which direction you should be heading down with who you

should be marketing to online.

Or maybe you have an existing business and you’re thinking

about those questions down.

You’re lie.

God you know actually I kind of hate the people I’m working

with now and I’m doing this in fitness or nutrition online

now. But man I’m actually so much better at this thing

over here.

Might give you some clarity on where or how you should and

could pivot how you’re marketing yourself online with your

online fitness coaching business.

And like I said I ask myself these questions all the time.

I do it on a quarterly basis.

I have quarterly business review meetings with the CEO COO

chief marketing officer and the whole board is just me.

So we sit down here at the desk and we talk these things

out and make sure that we’re heading in the right direction

that everything that we say reflects the people that we’re

called to serve and we’re still getting them the goal and

in result that we’re Super passionate about.

And we are experts at.

So man take some time guys dive into that stuff start

getting clarity on your business.

And if this just added so much value to man I would love

it if you could share this episode with some fellow Fit pro

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