How do you know if you’re doing the right things each week

to grow your business?

Well guess what.

In this episode I’m gonna give you a weekly checklist for

success. Coming up next do you want to create market or

scale your online fitness business?

My name is Sean Garner.

And here we give Real Fit Pros to tips tools and strategies

they needed to feed online.

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Hopefully these episodes continue to add value.

Whether you’re just joining us you’ve been around for a

while. We actually relaunch this podcast back in May.

This is episode I believe 24.

So make sure you guys go back to the very beginning last

May about 24 episodes back and you start from the beginning

and go all the way through because the way of kind of designed

this and been organizing this is that each episode is an

actionable thing that you can take as a real fitness professional

to create market or scale your online fitness business future.

I know that we’re going to be doing some interviews but

I’ve actually kind of framed out these first 50 or so episodes

to make sure we’re giving you guys actionable things that

you can take and apply to your business that day.

You listen to it.

That’s the big thing I wanted to do is give a ton of value

for you guys.

So it’s not just listening to interviews which are great

and have their purpose in place.

But I am Super passionate about teaching and sharing the

things that I’ve learned and discovered with helping the

Real Fit Pro stand out online.

I think that we’ve got got lots of Instafamous people out

there but my passion and calling is for honestly a version

of myself.

Five years ago I was a struggling personal trainer gym

owner in Owasso Oklahoma.

Then I’m sure you’ve probably never heard of struggling.

I was actually paying myself 3 000 dollars a month to go

to work.

Is having to take out business phones and stuff like that

just to keep the business afloat.

Then had tremendous growth hired a business code.

He kind of showed me the way.

Help me to fix businesses sell them off move to Miami.

I got some really cool experiences there with some amazing

clients discovered this whole online thing and honestly

dramatically changed my life.

So I want to help people like that.

People that have been in the trenches that this is their

calling. They love fitness but man they are just struggling

to connect these dots to really stand out and leverage online

to grow their person whether it be their brick and mortar

facility. And they just want to to maximize and leverage

online to reach more people to fill inside the facility

where they want to set up some type of hybrid offering to

where they got a remote coaching option for their clients.

When they travel when they go away when people visit or

it’s like man I really want some more time freedom and

financial freedom to be able to travel and go wherever I

want. And I want to go all in man with online.

This is definitely the thing to do.

That’s what the purpose of these episodes are saying that

guys I’m going to be honest with you a lot of you are not

going to do these things that I show you in this episode.

Even though if you do these I can almost guarantee your

success. If you do this each and every week and you commit

to doing this to just one year I can promise you you will

be in a dramatically different place professionally and financially

if you stick to this.

But this is one of those things where the process is simple.

The work is not easy.

It’s really really difficult.

And we know this with our clients to just be consistent.

It’s being consistent in the simple boring unsexy UN Instagrammable

things is what’s going to lead you to your success.

It’s fun to post all the flashy things and the kind of the

show off and look at me content on social media.

But it’s these things right here.

I promise you.

I promise you.

I promise you if you stick and are committed to doing this

you will be in a dramatically different place one year from

now. And so what I want to do is this is actually actually

a checklist that we give our Entra fit business coaching

clients. If you guys want more information on that coaching

program go to entrap it coaching com.

Check it out.

Read the success stories.

Check out the reviews.

Check out an overview of our program.

If this episode and what you see on the website something

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We give everybody their first week in our coaching program

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1 dollars.

If you don’t like it no further payments.

We give you access to everything for just one dollars.

Because I’m a big believer in if I don’t add value you shouldn’t

have to pay me money.

So I want to make sure that I give you tons and tons of value.

So you say because I tell my clients all the time okay

Yes I want to help you with this current goal but I more

so want to help expand your mind and show you what’s possible

because I want you to be so successful that you are a client

of mine for life.

That’s my goal.

So just letting you know if you’re ready for a massive value

to be dumped on to you join our coaching program because

that’s our goal is to give you so much value that you never

leave. So imagine that people actually serving.

So Let’s talk about this.

This is something we give our clients and this is something

that I do each and every week and it’s boring but I don’t

care if it’s boring or not.

I care if it gets results.

And this does.

So this is a weekly success checklist that I give to my entroit

coaching and consulting clients.

And I tell you what I can tell pretty much instantly who’s

going to be successful in the program or not because it’s

the ones who instantly start into implementing this weekly

checklist. The ones that do.

Hey guess what?

They’re still in the program.

They’re making lots of money.

The ones that don’t they find excuses.

Oh man.

You know I just got so busy or man I was really trying

to take a look longer extended weekend this weekend or I

need time for myself.

And so that’s fine if you want those things but then don’t

complain that your business is not performing.

So that being said here is our weekly success checklist.

I’m going to modify it a little bit for you guys just on

a couple of them because it doesn’t make sense because you’re

not in the program.

But the first thing is attend all coaching calls.

That’s what I tell my clients.

Guys if you’re in this program you should show up to our

calls because that’s where we’re there to remove those blockers

and all your questions.

If you book a one on 1 call with me and don’t show up I

can’t help you and I want to help you.

I’m Super passionate about what I do and I want to help

you but I cannot make you show up.

I cannot be more excited for your business than you.

So for you that aren’t in the program yet what I would say

is each week you need to be working on your business not

in it.

So that should be if you’re not in some type of coaching

program with us or something you need to be doing something

with worse personal development.

Each week you need to be reading a book.

You need to be meeting with your mentor taking some type

of course or something to get better professionally and just

personal development is huge guys.

So that’s step number one our checklist item I should say

number one is attend all coaching calls or reading each day

in your business personal development book or studying each

day in the course that you’re involved in.

That’s that number two on the checklist for your weekly success

check. I hope you guys are writing this stuff down.

Please write it down.

Number two on the checklist for your weekly I’m sorry.

Your weekly success checklist item number two is show up

each day online with your content.

Now this is what I mean by this.

If you guys want to be successful online you have to show

up each day online.

That can be in your stories feed post to more places.

The better because it’s just like you’re in person gym.

Do you expect your in person gym business or client roster

to grow if you only show up to the gym two to 3 days a week?

So what makes you think online is any different?

If all people know they don’t?

Yes you might be Super busy.

You might be grinding.

You might be crushing sessions and stuff in person.

People online don’t know.

They think you’re just inconsistent and not showing up.

So same exact thing with being a personal trainer trying

to grow your business trying to grow your group fitness

class. If you’re not there all the time people are going

to think you’re flaky.

So why would they want to invest in somebody that’s like

show up every day on Instagram stories on your feed post

on Facebook on live videos on your email newsletter on

your text messaging group.

Show up each day so people can start to get to know you.

They can start to build trust in you and you can appear investible

to them because when you’re inconsistent nobody wants to

hire the inconsistent guy.

It doesn’t matter how great you are or what you do.

You must show up each day.

So this is a way to hold yourself accountable and just check.

Yes I did that.

No I didn’t because each one of these items is a Yes or

no. There is not an excuse column in here.

It’s Yes I did this or no I didn’t because then it’s really

really easy to go back.

And when you start seeing those no stack up you have nobody

to blame but yourself for why this is not working.

Step number two Number 3 Did you do one thing this week

to make your product or service better?

And if so what was it?

I’m a huge believer and you don’t need to take massive changes

and always revamping your business.

But you should do one little thing each week to make it better.

It could be an I created a new sleep habit guide for my clients

this week.

Er Man.

I added five new favorite smoothie recipes to a nutrition

guide that I created for him or Man.

I made this mobility recovery book that I gave to my clients

or Man.

I shot a webinar with a hormone therapy specialist and I

added that to my clients.

Do one small thing to make your program or service better

because I see so many fit pros delay starting or launching

their coaching program because it’s not perfect.

Done is better than perfect.


Get it out there launch and then make the commitment to

make it better each and every week that you have this.

So then you look back on your program six months a year from

now. It should easily be 10 to 25 X better because there’s

so much more value that you’ve stacked in.

There so many more resources and guides that you collect

created for these clients.

But you’re not going to just accidentally do that.

You have to make a commitment to holding yourself accountable

to making it and doing one thing better for your business

each week.

It’s just not going to happen.

You got to do it.

The next thing is get one new video review or Google review.

So each week get one new Google review for your business

especially you guys should better be getting Google reviews

from your clients if you have a brick and mortar facility

and getting those video testimonials those are huge.

I know it might feel awkward at first for you to ask them

but if you’re actually getting results for your clients

they are going to be more than happy to do that.

There’s tons of ways to do it.

Do a co Zoom call and record the call.

You could even do like a FaceTime call.

You could screen record that with their permission do whatever

it takes to get the testimonial.

And the more specific that testimonial is the better we’ll

do more in depth one about getting testimonials and what

that should be in a later train training that do you do on

the podcast but you got to make a commitment to getting

at least one each week.

That’s also one of the things that we’ve done a podcast episode

on the three things that it takes to guarantee your success

online. One of those is tons of specific video testimonials

you get your clients on video.

Not saying John is a great trainer but saying Man I hired

John and he helped me lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks.

That’s going to help get you more clients.

The next thing is share one success story or testimonial

each week.

You guys should always be sharing the stories of your clients

or that be on email.

On social media.

We’ve talked about showing up on your content each line

showing up online each day.

This is one of those ways you do this.

So this is how you kill two birds with one stone.

Is you’re showing up online by sharing this content that

you’ve cultivated from your community?

The next thing is communicate at least one time to the list

that you own.

Here’s the caveat with no direct call to action.

So what I mean by a list you own?

This is not social media.

This is not a Facebook group.

This is something like a text messaging group or an email

list. You want to communicate to them and give them something

of value at least one time a week without asking for a sell.

Most people build up an email list just they can sell sell

sell sell sell.

But what we want to do is we want to use that as a way to

connect. You don’t have to worry about algorithms hiding

post shadow banning people.

All these other things people complain about when you own

your audience’s information.

You can communicate to them anytime you want.

And it should be sharing valuable information.

Sharing your latest YouTube video where you show five tips

sharing a new smoothie recipe that you just tried out this

week showing this new mobility exercise they could add each

day into their morning routine sharing something of value

and communicating to them at least once per week.

Next thing is create one long form piece of content each

week. This is again one of those key indicators of success

where I tell people there’s three things that guarantee your

success online.

These are three of them one.

They’ve got lots of specific video testimonials too.

They’ve got a big customer list that they own and they’re

communicating with it.

And number three is a really good at long form content.

So that’s doing live videos YouTube videos podcasts blogs

long form content.

It’s not a really quick Instagram 60 second clip and some

copy or something.

This is actually you showing that you’re an expert in your

area and if you’re able to communicate and hold somebody’s

attention for long periods of time guess what that means.

You’re an actally an expert in what you do and you’re not

just really good at taking Instagram pics and stuff like

that which has its purpose.

I’m not saying don’t do those things but at least one time

per week you should be committed to creating one long form

piece of content.

Guess what?

It’s probably going to suck at the beginning whenever you

first start out.

But the way you get better is by consistently doing these

things each and every week.

Remember I said commit to this stuff for one year.

Imagine having 52 long form videos.

I guarantee you the 50 second one is going to look a lot

better than the first one but it’s not going to get better

unless you start doing it and hold yourself accountable with

a weekly success checklist.

Just like this the next thing is is promote your free thing

at least three times per week.

Your free thing is something that I encourage all my clients

to create.

That could be like a lead generator PDF type of a thing

some type of free product that you’re giving out.

It could be a free live event that you’re doing that’d be

online or in person but at least promote your free thing

three times per week.

That’s a great way to build a lead list add value and connect

with more of your Dream clients.

Next thing is network with five people from your Dream 100

list. This is again something I work with all of my clients

with building up a Dream 100 list.

This could be somebody that’s a colleague other people that

just would be Dream clients.

You would love to train or work with somebody you could collaborate

with. Network with at least five people from that.

First you got to have the list and we help you create that

in the program.

Or there’s tons of stuff like chat homes.

He’s actually kind of got started this with the ultimate

sales machine Russell Brunson talks about in Traffic Secrets

Have a Dream 100 list guys and at least five people per

week. You should pick from that list and connect with them

and try and network with them somehow getting conversations

going setting up calls just quick little five minute chat

things like that.

But you should do that.

The next thing on your list we just got three more things.

Stick with me but I promise you these are all worth it

guys. The next thing is weekly numbers and tracking sheet.

I’m a big believer in tracking and knowing the numbers of

your business.

Too many fitness professionals can shout out their weight

lifting and running PRS way quicker than they can actually

do their business metrics.

So we have a whole spreadsheet that we give to our clients

and we show them what numbers they should be tracking each

and every week.

The big ones guys how much money did you make?

How much did you spend?

How many people came in or leads came in how many did you

convert and how many of them stayed?

If you track at least those five numbers starting out and

it’s going to give you so much data on actually what’s working

on your business?

Can they tell my clients all the time we make decisions based

off of data not personal preference or emotion?

Not like Oh I think this is a good idea.

I really like doing this.

No we use data to drive our business.

And so that’s how we know what’s working is because we’re

always comparing it against the previous week based upon

the same consistent metrics.

That being said last two things that we do each and every

week. And this is honestly dumb that I have to put this on

this list.

People just forget they get the client signed up and then

sometimes they just get so excited they got to sell.

They forget about the client each and every week.

You should check in with each and every one of your clients

even if you have some big huge group scalable program membership

site where you’ve got hundreds of thousands of people in

it. Man you should be sending out a message to at least

the people that are subscribed to that.

If they’re one on 1 clients or more that mid ticket thing

you should be sending them DMs guys just checking on them

communicating through your app service whatever you use

for client fulfillment and workout delivery.

Talk to your clients.

Check in.

The biggest reason why most most clients end up leaving or

turning off of a program is because they felt unheard or

they didn’t know who or how they should communicate to.

If they had an issue or question on the program.

So by consistently reaching out checking your clients each

week you’re instantly going to squash that one to stay connected

with them.

And then the last thing is guys is you must follow up with

all of your leads.

If you stick and commit to doing all of this stuff you’re

going to be getting tons of leads coming into your business.

Guess what?

Fitness is not a priority for most people.


So you have to make a commitment to following up with every

one of those leads each and every day.

I’m sorry.

Each and every week for me Monday is always lead follow

up date.

So I’ve got this whole Trello system that I use for lead

tracking and follow up that we show everybody.

It doesn’t matter what you use guys.

If it’s a dryer race board where you’re writing down your

client’s name a scratch sheet of paper notes app on your

phone have some place where you’re keeping track of all

inbound leads.

People that have reached out for information requested.

Information for your opt in people that you know former

clients current clients.

Maybe they want to transition online and you follow up with

them each and every week.

Put our ego aside.

I tell my clients follow up until they buy cry or die.

Like if you’re that sure about the value that you have and

you can actually get these people results you should not

feel guilty following up with them.

So quick recap all this stuff guys is every week.

This is again the minimum standards.

Commit to doing this for the next 52 weeks for one year

and I promise you you have yeses on all of these.

Your life your business and your finances will be in a

completely different place.

Number one Show up to all of your coaching calls courses

for personal and business development reading your book

every day something like that to get better of yourself

or as a business owner.

Second one is show up each and every day with your online

content. Three.

Do 1 thing that makes your product or service better.

Get one video Success story or Google Review.

Share one Success story.

Number six is communicate to the list you own with no call

to action.

Seven is create one long form piece of content each week.

Eight is promote your free thing each week nine is network

with five people from your Dream 100 list.

10 is a weekly tracking sheet 11 is check in with your clients

and 12 is followed with all your leads.

Do those things if you want success or you can make excuses

about why you’re too busy why that won’t work.

Or I’ve tried something like that before and you can continue

living the life that you have right now probably in a year

from now.

That’s my tough love conversation guys.

I promise you I have never seen anybody stick to a list

like this and not be successful.

So it’s your choice.

I hope this add lots of value to you guys.

Take this list.

Take it into action.

Man thanks so much for listening.

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Thanks so much for listening guys.

Love you and have an awesome date.