Are you making this common mistake so many Fit pros make

with starting your online fitness business?

Hope not.

Let’s find out.

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My name is Sean garner.

And here we give real Fit Pros to tips, tools and strategies

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What is up, guys?

Welcome back to the It podcast.

I see so many Fit Pros make this mistake with starting creating

their online fitness business with relaunching or launching

something new.

And I see it so often, I get frustrated for you because you’re

wasting time and you’re wasting money.

And this is what it is.

You’re spending all of your time creating this perfect program,

this mythical thing that you think is this world renown programming.

This is gonna be the one thing that finally helps you to

break out and make your millions of dollars and be on the

cover of magazines and speaking at a large events.

And you spend all this time effort and energy and money creating,

and you launch it, and it won’t flops.

So what I want to do is show you a better way to do it.

And honestly, what I recommend anybody doing with anything,

even if you have an in person facility.

And whenever I explain this, it doesn’t make sense until

I go into further detail.

So this is what I want you to do.

Instead instead of spending your time, Let’s say right now,

you decided you want to launch your online training business,

and you’re going to come up with this program.

You sit down, you write this awesome program.

You spend all this time trying to craft the world’s best

program, coming up with regressions progression, all this

stuff, it’s something that you really like doing when you’re

going to shoot all these high quality videos, because you

feel for some reason in your mind, that the production quality

of the video is what’s going to get them better results,

which we know it’s not.

And you do all of that.

Then you find some app or delivery thing to release these

workouts on.

Then you start trying to market your business and your ingress

growing your client base.

That is what most people do.

And if you’re listening, it now you’re like, yeah, that kind

of makes sense.

That’s how you do it.

Well, that’s how you can do it, but that’s not how I would

recommend doing it.

The very first thing that I always recommend is build a community

first. So we have a three step framework that we teach with

Ondra Fit with all of our business coaching clients.

Number one, build a community to then create your awesome

offer. Three.

Build the systems that support that and help it scale so

many Fit Pros.

They skip the step.

Number one, and even with your in person business.

So this is what I recommend everybody do.

I would encourage you guys to do whether you are just starting

out with your online fitness business, you are relaunching.

You’re considering relaunching, or maybe just even with anything

that you do in fitness is just one thing.

And here it is.

From now on, I do not want you to create any product until

you’ve sold it, so that doesn’t make sense.

And for some people, that does not compute.

So let me explain this.

I don’t want you to create anything until you’ve sold it.

So if that blows your mind, or maybe it just made you super,

Super excited, let me explain what I mean by this.

So I have done both of these.

When I first started out, I fell in with Project Dad Pot.

I was doing an athlete, actually, before I start a Project

Dad Bod.

Because Project Dad bod, I did it right.

I was doing this training for the the program I owned a sports

performance facility, works as a stream conditioning coach

for a pro hockey team.

I was like, man, I’m gonna be the pro sports guy.

Created as often program released it.

And guess what?

How many I sold?

Zero big goose egg.

Nobody wanted to program.

It didn’t sell at all.

I think, actually, I got one of my former athlete clients

to buy a program for, like, a Super big discount or something

like that.

Point is, it didn’t work.

I had spent weeks crafting this amazing program and shot

all these really cool videos, like really indepth tutorials

and stuff.

Wasted all this time money, and I didn’t tell anything.

Fast forward, go to relaunch online training, and it comes

out as Project Dad Bod.

And I was working with a business coach who told me this,

and it kind of blew my mind.

I was like, It doesn’t make sense.

He said, Don’t worry about creating it until you’ve sold

at least three.

We came up with three because he said, What’s your number?

And I said, well, he said, Why would it be worth for you

to create this product?

And I said, 6,000 dollars.

He said, okay, so we’re gonna make your number.

I think it was a 16 week program I sold for 2,000 dollars.

Whenever I first started doing online training, I said, okay,

so you got to sell at least three of them to make it worth

it. It’s like, well, Yeah.

He said, Okay.

So I don’t want you to do anything until you sell three of

them. Just focus on selling three, then you can do it.

Well, that doesn’t make sense.

I’ve gotta have all this stuff ready so I can show him, because

whenever they buy it, they’re gonna win.

He’s like, no, no, trust me.

So what I did as a trainer, and this works, especially for

the people that I hope are listening to this real fitness

professionals that know how to get results for people.

We know how to write programs we say we’re doing all this

stuff, like working on a program and working on this new

thing that we’re going to launch.

Because if you had a new client right now, you could write

a program for them in the next 30 minutes.

You could shoot the videos in maybe a couple hours after

that, and you could package it all together and upload it

into whatever delivery service you want a couple hours after

that. But we’ll spend weeks creating and crafting this world’s

perfect program before even think about marketing it.

So this is what I did with Project Gideon is I went out and

I listed all my deliverables.

He said, list all the things that you want to give them and

that, you know, without a shadow of a doubt, you could deliver

on. I was like, okay, well, I’m gonna write in a program,

and then I’m going to give them some nutrition guidance.

I’m gonna help them with some grocery shopping list, like

maybe a few recipe guides.

I’m gonna give them some mobility routines that I do.

I’m gonna help them with mindset and goal setting.

I’m gonna give them the sleep strategy guide that I always

use, and then some bonus conditioning workouts that I do

whenever I’m short on time.

Is that cool?

Don’t create any of that stuff.

It’s like, okay, so what I started doing is I started marketing

Project Dad.

Bod, this is what you’re going to get.

I was looking for three people to join my coaching program

because that’s all I needed was three.

And I started doing calls with people.

I told them exactly what they were going to get.

This is the day we were going to start this program.

And guess what?

I sold five of them.

And so I ended up getting five of them.

And I gave myself about a 10 day turnaround time to get this

thing launched.

And guess what, guys, if somebody pays you, that would have

been 10,000 dollars.

Between those five clients, you’re much more motivated to

sit down and write the program and shoot the videos and upload

them and get everything ready for your lunch.

Much more motivated because most people spend weeks doing

that, planning the whole thing out, trying to build the perfect

website instead of just building their community and focusing

on the people that you’ve already attracted and then seeing

how you can serve them.

So what I learned, thankfully, through all those calls is

I didn’t spend any time wasted trying to create this program.

As I was doing, like, we’re coaches, we knew how to write

programs. So as I was doing these calls with people, I was

asking them what they were looking for.

So I didn’t create a program that I thought was good, then

try to sell it to these people.

What I did is I found my people, and then I found out what

they needed, and I created the program for them.

That serve them and met their goals.

And it ended up being very successful.

And from that point on, it was so much easier to scale it

because I already had a proof of concept instead of trying

to make this whole thing up as I go and then get into websites

on other podcast episodes.

But because of those first five clients that I had, well,

they helped write all the sales copy for the next group of

clients that would come in, because now I had words of my

target market that I was trying to attract.

I wasn’t trying to just make a website all about me, but

I was really able to focus in and address on the pain points,

the goals, the obstacles blockers things that these dads

were looking for.

Just by using the words of the dads I had already served,

and I was able to get their testimonial videos and add on

there. And it just makes it such an easier process.

Guide is so much less stressful because I’m not guessing.

I’ve got real information, I’ve got data, I’ve got proof

of concept to know what I should create going forward.

So how this also can apply with your in person is again,

I always try to relate with you real fit pros out there.

Almost everything you do in your in person business is the

exact same thing that you have to do in your online business

to make it successful.

You just do it differently.

So if you think about it, that’s what most gyms do.

They have a pre sell.

They pre sell memberships before they actually launch the

gym before they billed out.

They’re a group fitness roster.

You have a rough idea of what you want to do, right?

But you’re getting presells.

I remember with one of the gyms that helped launch in Miami

as we were doing, pre sales members would come in or potential

members would come in for a tour they would talk about.

Oh, Man.

Well, I was really hoping you guys would have this piece

of equipment here or offer this class.

And our answer was always the same.


We’re actually planning on adding that in the next three

months after we open, because we’re gathering all of this

data of what people are looking for.

So we’re not just randomly guessing.

We’re having our customers tell us exactly what they want,

then we created it for them.

So it makes us look like superstars and everything that we

do because they’re like, how did you know this is exactly

what I needed?

Just because we listen, we didn’t spend time wasting guessing

what we thought was awesome.

We gather this awesome community, we found the people we

were called to serve, and we created what they needed to

help them.

So, guys, I really hope this has value to you.

If you are a real fit pro and this does help you guys, I

would love it.

Do me a huge favor screenshot this podcast wherever you listen

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One of these a Real Fit Pros.

Stand out and crush it online.

Guys, take these TIPS.

Don’t create anything from now on until you’ve sold it.

Build an awesome community, then create an awesome offer

that attracts them.

Then build the systems that help you grow and scale your

business. Guys, thanks so much for listening.

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Love you guys.

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