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I’m going to tell you exactly who we’re looking for.

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What is up, guys?

And welcome back to the Entra Fit Podcast.

So this topic actually came from a social media discussion

I had over the weekend, which, you know, it’s going to be

great if you’re having a discussion on social media because

everything is real in the Internet.

So anyway, I was speaking with somebody and I want to tell

you this story and then tell you a little bit about what

we do and then more.

So pull the bigger picture out of this.

So I was talking to somebody.

I posted something on the line that somebody found offensive.

If you know anything about me, I’m Super positive, cheerful

guy. I don’t mean to be offensive.

I posted something that was about hard work, being focused

on your daily calendar, taking ownership of being overwhelmed

and all that stuff.

And some people found that offensive.

And I was having a conversation with one of the people on

direct messages, and I’m very friendly.

I love talking and connecting with people.

And I’m one of those ones where I do respond to everything.

So even if it is a negative comment, it might just be a thumbs

up or have an awesome day.

But I like talking to people because I feel like I’m pretty

open minded, even though I’m pretty set in my ways where

I at least want to talk and have the conversation going.

And as this conversation was progressing, this person said,

you know, I don’t like you, sean, and you’re not my person

I’m looking for to help me out.

And I said, good, because I’m not for everybody.

And that’s one thing that took me forever to get to a place

of realizing and accepting is I’m not for everybody.

And I will tell you guys, if you try to be for everybody,

with your messaging and with your branding, you’re not going

to stand out who I am for and why I even do all of this stuff,

guys, is because I have been a fitness professional for 12

years now.

What does that mean to me?

That does not mean I have been training myself for 12 years

like so many people.

When I ask, hey, how long have you been in fitness?

I’ve been working out since I’ve been 16.


How long have you been training people?

I’ve never trained anybody in person.

Okay, so you have zero experience.

So I am a real fitness professional.

What that means is I work professionally in the industry

for 12 years, not as just posting content online, not training

myself, but owning multiple gyms, buying and selling gyms.

Working as a personal trainer, working with big brands, creating

a successful online training platform, working in pro hockey

as a strength conditioning coach, creating products and being

a fitness adviser rider for Men’s health.

Working for one of the largest apps in the App Store for

helping with business development.

Digital for some of the biggest names in fitness, writing

my own Entra fit consulting business to helping dozens of

other fitness professionals, gym owners and large fitness

brands create market and scale and leverage digital online.

That’s what it means for me.

And I don’t say all that stuff to brag, but just to let you

guys know that in my opinion, the fitness industry is extremely

watered down and diluted because it has such a low barrier

to entry.

And I equated all of the time to the food service industry.

And this is what I mean by that.

There’s the Fry Cook at McDonald’s and the head chef at a

five star restaurant are both in the food service industry.

They both work at a restaurant.

However, they both do not have the same level of experience.

They both do not have the same intentionality with their

craft. They both are not doing this as a profession.

One of them is doing it as a side job just to make extra

money. One of them has devoted their life to the craft and

the artistry of making the perfect dish and the plate, the

presentation, every aspect of the customer experience, how

food and wine and desserts are all going to pair it together.

Devoted their life to that craft where the fried person was

most likely just looking for a job.

The same exact thing can be said and seen with fitness.


There are people that have devoted their life to this craft.

Dozens of certifications, train literally hundreds or thousands

of people in person.

They know and are experts in a niche.

Then there’s somebody that started working out in high school

and College and started posting pictures of themselves online

and some workouts that were maybe fun, cute and popular.

And they gained traction online.

And then they built this social media platform up and they

decided I should just release my workouts that I do, and

they make a bunch of money not saying one is right or wrong.

You guys know where I lead to who I help with.

Outer fit is the ladder.

I’m looking for the real fitness professional, not somebody

that is doing this for a little bit because they grew this

social media following and maybe they’ll do fitness, but

they’re really trying to get this other stuff going on over

here. Maybe I really want to be a lifestyle brand expert.

That’s not what I’m looking for.

What I’m looking for is myself.

Five years ago, I’m looking for the personal trainer, the

gym owner that they are called and committed to this industry,

and they love what they do and they’re really good at it,

they get good results for people.

But, man, they have struggled to understand this online thing.

They’re struggling how to maybe take their in person business

and leverage digital to grow that to create multiple streams

of revenue, to stand out with their brick and mortar facility,

to rank higher on google, to drive more traffic to their

local facility, to create the online brand to where they

can have more time and financial freedom.

But, man, they just don’t understand the whole digital marketing,

business development side.

They’re really awesome trainers, but they need that business

coach to help them.

That’s who I am called and passionate about helping.

That being said, that type of person is kind of almost like

a target market, if you will.

And within that, I’m not looking for all those people.

I’m looking for a subset of that.

So this is the type of people within that demographic that

I look for.

And there’s a couple of reasons why.

One, because these are the type of people I just instantly

connect more with because I’m like.

And two, this is kind of how I stack the deck in my favor

because I know if I can get people that are like this, I

can get great results with them.

So that being said, this is what I’m looking for for the

entropic coaching program.

Number one, no excuses.

If I question you on something and it’s always somebody else’s

fault, we’re not going to get along very well because I’m

going to call you out on it and you’re not going to have

success with with at least working with me.

I’m not going to be your guy if every time I say, hey, you

know, you said you were going to do this last week, but you

didn’t get it done.

You know, life just happens.

Life does happen.

But there’s people that are out there that are probably dealing

with worse situations than yourself that are finding ways

to make it happen.

I tell this to other people, and only because I say it to

myself every single day.

You’re not that special.

Whenever I get frustrated and feel like quitting and giving

up or I try to make excuses for myself, I haven’t written

down. You’re not that special, because guess what?

There I am not that unique with my situation.

My problem, my struggle that I’m going through, that I’m

the only person in the world that’s come up against the impossible

odds. Now there are people that are going through more difficult

stuff than me that have found a way to make it work.

So saying that I’m a big believer of taking ownership and

taking responsibility of what you’re trying to do and the

goals that you set for yourself and going out there and making

it happen.

The second thing is, you’ve got to be growth minded.

Guess what, guys, if what you were doing was working, we

probably wouldn’t be working together.

You wouldn’t be reaching out in the first place.

There’s a reason why I have a coach, and I have a group of

mentors that are speaking into me because I always need to

be able to have somebody that’s looking at my blind spots

and helping me to move my business forward so I can help

more fit pros along the way with me.

And I can’t be so closed off to wear my of my coach will

tell me stuff all the time.

And I used to have a reaction to where.

Oh, I’ve already tried that.

I’ve done it before, and he quickly shut that down.

He like, All right, what does try mean to you?

I did it once or twice.

Okay, so doing something once or twice means trying it.

How about we see it through for 90 days, six months, and

then we evaluate.

Okay, that sounds better.

You do it, and then it gives you more data, and most time

it ends up working out.

If you actually stick to something for a long period of time,

so you got to be growth minded.

The third thing is you have to be committed to the process.

I see so many people come in and get frustrated, and I’ve

only had people quit the program for two reasons.

1 of them is they hit their goals and they’re fine.

They’re making more money they’ve ever made before.

Maybe their personal trainer making 50, 60,000 dollars a

year. Now they got everything online.

They’re making 120 plus thousand dollars a year, working

20, 30 hours a week, and they’re happy.

And they’ll come to me.

And like, you know what?

I’m making more money than I’ve ever made before.

I don’t want to do the work that’s going to be required to

keep it going.

So I’m good.

I don’t personally understand or resonate with that mindset,

but cool.

If you’re happy you’ve reached those goals, that’s awesome.

I did my job.

I guided you to the end result.

That’s awesome.

I feel pretty good about that.

The second and most common reason I see people not be successful

with, I would say every coaching program, but I don’t want

to speak for everbody else.

I know for me, the few people I’ve had not stick with it.

I’m just too busy.

I just didn’t want to make time for it.

I’ve got a bunch of other family stuff going on right now.

We’re traveling a lot.

It’s over the summer, and they just didn’t take the time

commitment to own their time management and take ownership

of their day.

And they were just very, very reactive people and not proactive.

And so you have to be willing to commit to the process and

own your daily schedule.

It is the thing I harp on most.

I am the time management like worlds like Super disciplined

person person.

And the only reason I harp on that so much.

And I’m telling everybody all the time you’ve got to do this

you’ve got to stick with your counter is because I have found

how you do.

One thing is how you do all things.

And if you’re able to take ownership of your day and stick

to a schedule that’s going to start opening up other opportunities,

you’re going to start looking for these micro amounts of

time where you can get one extra project done, and it just

helps out in every area of your life.

So those are the big things of what I’m looking for in my

coaching program as a type of people for the industry that

I’m looking for.

So if that sounds like you like, you’re listening that stuff

you’re like, that’s me or that’s who I want to be.

Man, I would love the opportunity to talk with you and see

if this would be a good fit together.

What we do is you go over to Entropy Coaching Com.

It’s entroit coaching dot com links in the description below.

Whether you’re watching it on YouTube or listen to us on

the podcast, we’re going to give you one week of the coaching

program for one dollars.

There’s no strings attached to that.

But I will say it’s not for everybody.

We’re going to first jump on a call.

You and I are going to talk going to hear a little bit more

about your goals, what you’re looking for, what your blockers

are, and really where you’re looking to take this thing.

And if we feel it’s going to be a good fit, we let you try

the coaching program for just one dollar because I am a big

believer. If I don’t deliver results, you shouldn’t pay.

I hate it.

Whenever people get as Fit pros get locked into these big

contracts, we’re like, I had to sign up for this business

coach, and it was like a whole six months or a year commitment

and stuff like that.

I don’t want people to have to do that.

I do everything on month to month.

So if every four weeks, if I’m not proving my value, if fire

me. The good thing is people don’t fire me because we get

results for people.

So we let everybody come in and try it for just one dollar.

And then if it’s a good fit, we’ll continue on.

And if not, no hard feelings.

But I want to extend that offer an opportunity for the real

fit pros out there that are looking to create market and

scale online, but just need some help.

They need that discipline.

They need that accountability.

They need the proven system, the step by step.

This is what you got to do to succeed online.

So if that’s you check us out.

Entroit Coaching Com love the opportunity to work with you.

And then when it comes to this podcast podcast is honestly

for all the fit pros out there.

I hope that everything that we do, we try to give you a little

actionable things, things to think about or things that you

can implement right now to help yourself stand out and create

the successful fitness business.

Man, guys, thank you so much for listening this added value

to you.

Man, Share this with a fellow fit pro friend so we can help

the the real fit pro stand out and crush it online.

Thank you so much, guys.

Love you and have an awesome day.