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Guys, it seems like everybody I’ve talked to at least recently

is stressed out, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and

just generally kind of miserable with life right now.

They’re just kind of existing, and they’re just going through

the motions.

I’m questioning whether they should even be doing this right

now. Is it even worth it?

And if those are some of the thoughts that are going through

your head, I want to share some of the reasons what I have

found to be the case, and kind of just honestly, one big

one. We’ll go into more of this detail in other episodes,

and we’ve talked about this before, but what I have found

is you either have or have not set goals, which we talk all

about with our outfit clients.

Setting your F six goals, which that’s goals for your faith,

your family, your finances, your fitness, your friends and

your fun.

They have set those goals, but they really haven’t built

any habits around their life to make those goals come to

light. Or they haven’t even taken the time to set those goals.

So I’m going to tell you a quick version right now, and you

can argue me.

I think I’ll Hocus Pocus or whatever, but I’d say it’s been

the true truth for my life, for my wife’s life, and for our

friends, family, colleagues and clients that actually see

this through.

You’re going to feel lost and unsatisfied and confused.

If you don’t have goals set and you don’t have a plan of

where you’re going, you’re gonna feel lost.

If you don’t have a map, you’re gonna feel lost.

If you don’t have any direction, you have to set these goals,

guys. And even deeper down into that, you got to set those

goals in those six areas.

Because I’ve seen so many people crush it to where maybe

finances are really good.

They have a lot of fun, and maybe they even take care of

themselves, and they’re crushing it in those areas.

But their faith, their family and their friends, they’ve

lost or even, let’s say, the big one, like, let’s say they’re

crushing it in every area of their life, but they’re missing

their faith.

They’re still going to always be searching for something.

They’re crushing it and everything in their life.

But they’re unhealthy and they’ve lost their fitness.

They are crushing it in every area life.

And this is the one that I honestly, unfortunately see so

often, especially in the fitness industry, they’ve lost their

family. They’re spending all their time in the gym opening,

closing. We know the game, guys.

It’s a split shift job.

You’re doing sessions in the morning, sessions at night,

and you’re missing out on time with your family.

Unless you have goals, concrete, specific goals set in these

six areas of your life, you will lead an unfulfilled, unsatisfied

life. That’s just plain and simple.

So step one is you actually have to take the time and set

goals in those six areas of your life and your faith, your

family, your finances, your fitness, your friends and your

fun. I’ll share a little bit of some smaller, shortterm goals

for myself that I thought I’ll share with you guys, because

I’m also a big believer.

Don’t post all your goals on social media.

Don’t tell everybody all your goals, especially if they’re

really big goals, because if people can’t see those goals

happening for themselves, they will put your goals down.

But you could never do that.

Or, oh, that’s too big.

You shouldn’t set such big goals.

And don’t let anybody tell you how big your goals.

If they’re too big, just because they can’t see it for themselves,

that’s why they’re thinking that I had somebody tell me this

one time which kind of was an eye opening moment.

I was down because I shared something that I was working

on with some colleagues and like, oh, that’s too big.

That’s never going to work for you.

And then I had one of my very successful clients tell me

something. One time he said, you know, you’re never going

to be criticized by your goals, by somebody that’s more successful

than you.

I was like, That’s actually pretty accurate and true in this

situation. And I’ve seen it come time and time again that

you’re never criticized by somebody that’s doing better than

you. It’s always by people that are hurting themselves and

they can’t see it for themselves.

And so they’re attacking you.

So step one guy is I would encourage you.

You have to set goals in each one of those areas of your

life. Now, with doing this, I will add a caveat.

Think that for me, how I’ve done it is I have big picture,

like legacy goals in those six areas of life.

I know the type of lifestyle that I want to have at the end

of my life.

I personally find it really difficult to set like five year

goals, like one year.

Like quarterly goals, annual goals.

That’s good.

I can check that out.

But guys, five years you can make.

Especially like if you’re new into this entrepreneurial journey,

you can make some epic strides in five years.

Five years ago I was a broke personal trainer, gym owner

that was literally losing money each month to my gym struggling

to bring home for my family $3,000 a month, $36,000 a year.

And it wasn’t even real money because I was having to take

out a loan to pay myself to go to work every day.

It was stupid.

That is insane how far we’ve come now.

So we’re now working from home.

I have a very successful business being able to pull in seven

figures. Hey buddy, with just working online, guys that never

would have even thought was possible for myself just five

years ago.

So that being said, that’s for me personally.

But like quarterly goals, annual goals absolutely have to

have that.

And then for me, I have legacy lifetime goals.

Just because that way it helps me to just always guide my

direction for everywhere that I’m going.

That’s awesome.

Once you set those goals because you need that, because that’s

always your roadmap to check everything against just to make

sure you’re going the right way.

However, you will not see these goals become a reality unless

you take the time to then create systems and habits that

occur daily again, daily, every day to make those things

happen. You are not just going to fall into success.

It’s not just going to be an accident.

I don’t know if anybody that just said, well, you know, I

just woke up one day and I was just successful.

We got my son here hanging out with this.

You alright buddy?

Look at this guy.

This guy got a hair cut.

He’s looking fresh.

Say what’s up?


He’s listing.

And if you guys are listening, you need to watch on YouTube

so you can see how good looking this guy is.

So anyway, you’ve got to have those habits that drive your

goals that you’re trying to do.

So this is an example what I’ll take you through.

For example, I have faith goals, right?

I have this legacy that I want to leave for my children.

I want to better understand my faith.

I’m a Christian.

I want to understand what the Bible says.

I want to understand what it means for me to lead my family.

So part of my legacy is leaving this faith based Christian

life for my family.

That’s not just going to happen by accident.

That means I’m going to have to make daily habits in order

to make that goal of reality.

So my daily habit is the very first part of my day is spin

outside on the back porch doing a devotion and prayer time.

That’s the only way it’s going to happen.

Guys, for my family goals, I want to have a really close

relationship with my family.

I want us to be able to spend time together.

I want us to be able to have be able to go see have lunch

with the kids at school.

I want to be able to pick them up from school everyday.

I want to be able to take them to school every day because

I get some freedom from working at home.

I want us to be able to travel together and have these fun,

epic memory vacations as a family.

That’s not just gonna happen.

I have to.

Oh, you can’t touch that, buddy.

What that’s gonna require me to do is to block out time on

my schedule to make those things happen.

I’m not just going to accidentally make family time.

It doesn’t happen.

I have to block that out on my schedule each week for family

fun night where we’re gonna go get a pizza, watch a movie

or something like that.

Finance goals, guys, I’m not just going to show up and wake

up one day.

A multi millionaire.

It doesn’t happen.

So I’ve got certain finance goals that I do each and every

week. He’s getting a little stir crazy each and every week

to make sure that I’m saving enough money and investing them

in the right things.

He’s getting all over the place.

I’m getting crazy.

He might hit the power button.

Okay, other things to think about, guys, fitness.

I want to look better naked for my wife.

I’m not just going to wake up and look better.

I have to put in the time for that daily habit of fitness.

It just doesn’t happen.

Guys friend goals.

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and be lonely.

I want to do life with some amazing people.

So this is the one that honestly out of all of them is the

most difficult for me because even though I am super loud

and public and Everythingand, I post lots of content and

stuff online and everything.

I’m actually very, very private person and I just love just

being with my wife and my kids sitting on the back porch

staying at home.

I’m actually a very reserved home body type person.

This is the biggest reach for me is the last two is friends

and fun.

So I have started this new thing for myself because I’ve

always said like, oh man, I want us to have these amazing

couple friends.

I want us to do life with all these amazing, great people,

raise our kids together and have some awesome close friends

that I could just be vulnerable with and share and grow together.

That’s not just going to happen.

I realized that.

So for me, I’ve got friend day Friday.

So for me, every Friday I have created and I’m building the

habit to where I am going to do a workout with a buddy.

I’m going to go for a run, meet them for coffee, take them

out for lunch.

Courtney and I go out to dinner and do a double date with

another couple.

Have another family over to our house.

US go to another family’s house.

That just people that we just want to connect with and socialize

with, because that’s the only way that it’s going to happen.

And the last one is fun.

This was the one that was a struggle for me for the longest

time because it was just work, work, work, work.

I’m doing this work and everything so I can better serve

and provide for my my family and I never let up and have

any fun.

I’ve got my fun goal right now is hiking and getting my pilot’s

license. So I’ve got a trip in a couple of weeks, I’m gonna

go kind of outing with a group of guys that kind of checks

off the friend goal as well.

And then also, it’s a group from this Church.

So it’s the faith goal as well.

So kill lots of birds with that one, which I’m really excited

about. I’m super pumped about hiking and everything.

I’ve been getting, like, hardcore nerdy with it and then

flying. I always want to get my pilot’s license out who sought

to be so much fun.

And so one day, my wife just finally said, You’ve been talking

about this forever.

Just shut up and go do it and did it.

And several hours into that and having a blast doing it.

I say all that, guys, because now I have created a life and

a schedule that serves me and my goals too often.

What I see people do is they just build a business that becomes

a prison that pays and it doesn’t actually serve them.

They take all their issues that they had, especially in fitness

with running their in person business, doing sessions in

person, and they create the same problems for themselves

in an online environment.

If you guys take the time to actually do this seriously and

write down the goals that you actually want, not that somebody

else wants, not that you think you’re supposed to have because

they’re going to be different for everybody.

They should be different.

They might be influenced by things that you heard, other

people like, man, that’s the kind of life I would like to

live, but they shouldn’t be.

Copycat goals, then take time to create the habits around

them. The third missing element, guys, is then take ownership

of your schedule.

How you build those habits as you block them into your weekly

schedule because you will not just find time.

If you ask everybody how they’re doing, they’re busy, they’re

stressed, they’re overwhelmed.

They got too much to do.

It’s not going to happen unless you make it happen, guys.

So that is what I encourage you guys to do.

Take a big, deep breath and write down these F six goals.

If you scroll back a couple of weeks back, guys we did a

whole episode were going to the F six goals a little bit

more detailed.

After you have that, guys create micro habits that you can

do each day or at least each week that will start reaching

you towards those F six goals for the short term.

And then the big epic goals for the life that you want to

create yourself.

But then you also have to make sure guys, that is consistent

and you’re disciplined about doing it and you plug it into

your weekly schedule.

All those things that I just told you guys are in my weekly

schedule, my morning devotion time and pray your time is

it my weekly schedule?

My fitness is plugged into my weekly schedule.

My family time is plugged into my weekly schedule.

Friend days.

Plugged into my weekly schedule.

All those things, guys, flight lessons are plugged into my

weekly schedule.

Some people think, oh, that’s weird.

That’s too much.

You have no freedom and you’re like, no, no.

I actually have complete control over my life, and I’m not

just being reactive to it.

I’m taking action because I want to live a life of intention.

I am intentional about blocking time with my family.

I’m intentional about blocking time for my health.

If you’re not intentional about those things, guys, you’re

just going to be living a life of mediocrity and you’re gonna

continue to be unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and just feel like

you’re lacking.

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