The Battle of the Seas made.

No, no, no, not those seas to all out what I mean.

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Now the intro, you got to excuse me.

I am a dad, so there’s going to be stupid cheesy dad jokes

full throughout this podcast at all times.

So just be prepared for that.

This is honestly a concept that just kind of came to me as

I was brainstorming podcast ideas and topics and more.

So trying to help people navigate through something and I’m

not going to lie.

It might sound like a sermon, but hopefully it takes something

away from it is impactful.

It changed your life and it helps you out.

We talked about mindset, things and struggles that I have

seen people.

It seems like especially lately they’ve been dealing with

as far as of a negative self worth of just making poor choices,

just feeling down and depressed.

And I kind of have seen this cycle with a lot of people with

friends, with colleagues, just acquaintances that I know.

And I see the downward cycle down, but I don’t ever see them

or hear too many people talking about how to get out of that.

So as I was starting to process all of this stuff, every

word started coming up that I was coming up with to describe

the problem, and the solution was a C.

Now, I’ll admit I was reaching on a few of these to describe

it, but I think it’s really good, and I hope you guys take

something out of it and it adds a lot of value to it.

If so, guys, man, the only thing I ask if this is good, share

it. Let’s get more good words out there to people.

Let’s try and inspire motivate these real fitness professionals,

or even if they’re not a fitness professional.

But this is just a good word for them.

Guys, do me a huge favor.

Just share this with them.

You can share it on your social or just text them the link

like, hey, you need to hear this.

I think this might help you out.

So here’s the first thing.

As far as the Battle of the Seas, we’re going to start out

at the top.

And the very first see that I see when it comes to mindset

kind of down falls is the very first thing as a positive

one. It’s a commitment, right?

Maybe you’re just committing to starting your online fitness

business, maybe you’ve made a commitment to a new nutrition

program. Whatever it is, you’re fired up right now, you’re

excited. You’re ready to take action.

You’ve committed to something.

You’ve made a decision in your mind, like, now is the time.

This is finally going to be my time.

And you’ve made that commitment.

You’re fired up.

This is where you start.

It starts with initially making the commitment.

But then what happens to start the downward spiral is we’re

excited about that commitment for a little bit, but we haven’t

really, truly made a commitment, and we start to compromise.

We make all these justifications for ourselves.

Well, it’s just this once I was out really late last night

or it’s just this one client, I’m going to cancel it, or

you don’t understand how busy I really am.

And you justify it to yourself, because what I have found

is we’re okay oftentimes with compromising and making excuses

and justifying our failures and letting ourselves down way

more than we are other people, because often people don’t

know the other things that are going on with that.

And they’re like, oh, well, he was just busy.

It’s okay.

He’s trying so hard right now.

And after we’ve made this commitment, we start to make a

compromise after compromise, after compromise, to where eventually

what ends up happening is then we fall into complacency.

And guys, I’m going to tell you right now, complacency equals

death. You do not want to be stagnant in anything.

I don’t know of anybody that’s successful in their business,

with their health, with friendships, with their family, with

their spouse.

That says, you know what?

We just got really good and complacent and things just kind

of worked out.

No, that’s where things go to die.

Guys, what happens with this complacency is you just get

into this room of acceptance, of failures, of mundane, of

mediocrity. That where all these little compromises, they

just become your new normal.

And you just get stuck in that rut of complacency, which

ultimately then leads to the final bad sea, which is just

crushed dreams.

What you can tell and you can identify what stage people

are in in this process.

Typically, they’re ones that are speaking negative of other

people’s goals when they first make a commitment to a goal.

But God, you don’t want to do that.

That’s going to be too hard.

I don’t think that you can’t do that.

Reason being is what I have often found in life is hurting

people, hurt people, and if they can’t see that for themselves

or if they’ve attempted something similar to that in the

past and failed in their mind, they justify, well, I’m just

trying to help them because I don’t want them to go through

the heartache and struggle I did.

But in return, in truth, I really think that why people often

do that is because deep down, if somebody similar to them

is able to accomplish that goal.

That just more justifies that it was their fault.

And they don’t want to take ownership for why they have these

crushed dreams.

Now they start out with a commitment.

Then they may compromise after compromise, which leads to

complacency. Then ultimately those crushed dreams.

So if you’re there right now, that’s kind of a Downer way

to end this.

So I don’t want to do that.

What I want to do is if you’re in one of those lower stages,

you’ve made a commitment to something, or you’re thinking

about making a commitment to something, you can use this

as a safeguard is kind of red flags as they start popping

up that you immediately change direction, and you do these

bottom three things of how to get out of this rut.

So let’s say you’ve tried to go out there and do something.

Guys, maybe you’ve made a commitment to your business.

This is your online business.

You started it.

You said you were going to start it, and you just made these

compromise about being too busy.

You just didn’t have defines funds to invest right now.

It just maybe next spring will be a better time for me.

And you’ve made all of these compromises, which just gets

you complacent into your career.

And then all of a sudden you’re just this better fit pro

that’s been in the industry for ten plus years.

And you’re just complaining about all these other people

that are doing online because they’re doing it wrong, and

you’re just better.

And you’re frustrated and your dreams are crushed and you

don’t see a way out.

This is what I want to do, guys, is I want to share with

you. What I have come up with is three positive seas to take

yourself back up to that commitment again.

So how you get out of this rut, guys, is number one is you

have to change your state.

Tony Robbins talks about this all the time about how changing

your state with your actions, taking action and your movement,

you got to physically change your state and wake yourself

freaking up.

So shake up your routine, guys.

With changing your state, I have a business coach and what

he always asks me whenever I’m complaining about something,

he’ll always go, Well, How’s that working out for you?

It’s very sarcastic, but I love it because that’s how I am.

Well, it’s not good.

Okay, well, then change it.

If you know it’s not working out that way, stop doing it

that way.

So what you need to do, guys, you have to change up your

routine. You’ve gotta set new tracks.

What’s happened is you’ve gotten to that negative complacency

right to where we said complacency is leading to death.

You’ve gotten those track sets.

If you just keep trying to do the same thing or going harder

or faster doing those same things, you’re just going to dig

those ruts deeper.

What you have to do is dramatically change your state and

the direction of which you’re going.

So changing up your morning routine, changing up your workouts,

changing up how your nutrition is to obviously more positive

things, changing up your sleep.

So you’re getting more sleep.

Whatever it is, you have to change things up.

You have to change your state if you want to even start this

track pointed in the right direction.

So you’ve gotten that in these ruts, you change your state.


Now you’re out of the ruts and you’re facing a new direction.

So the second thing you have to do is then choose action

over emotion.

So you’re out of these tracks.

Now you have to start taking action and choose action every

day over the emotions you may feel inside.

Because think about this.

If you really are in this negative spot now, all you’ve done

is you’re in the same spot.

But now you’re just out of the rut.

You still now are not always going to feel like pushing that

cart forward because you’re gonna start having little Fouts

and little negative things speaking into you, saying like,

you don’t want to try this hard again.

Do you remember how hard it was to get out of it last time?

Like, let’s just go back to our comforting complacency where

it was okay.

It wasn’t that bad, was it?

And you start justifying it again.

That is something where you dramatically once you even sense

that, both you change your state again and you choose action

over a motion.

I cannot tell you how emotional I feel inside sometimes about

the things I have to do.

Just currently, I am on a planning on a trip, so I am condensing

a bunch of projects down.

It is almost 09:00 at night when I’m filming these podcasts.

I don’t want to be doing this right now.

I want to get this word out to you guys, but I would much

rather be in bed right now hanging out with my family.

This is not something I want to do.

However, I choose to take action over emotion.

If you let your emotions dictate everything that you do,

guys, you’re going to be all all over the place.

You got to choose action every single day.

Then the third thing, the final thing to get you out of this,

guys. Number one is we change our state.

Number two is we choose action over emotion.

And number three is we create consistency.

There’s a huge I believe there is a big difference between

consistency and complacency.

A lot of people think that it feels like the same thing to

them because again, they’re going off of emotion.

The big difference to me between consistency and complacency

is the mindset and the attitude that’s associated with it.

So, for example, complacency is a negative, not a growth

mindset. It’s a poor attitude.

It’s thinking that this is the best it’s ever going to be,

and it’s getting stuck in that run to me, consistency requires

discipline. It’s a growth mindset.

It’s knowing that I have to do sometimes these things that

emotionally I don’t want to do that may see mundane at times,

but I’m able to see the bigger picture at the end.

When you’re wanting to transform your bodies.

You’re not going.

I got a squad again.

You’re trying to find a new secret exercise.

We know that that’s going to work to get the result that

we want.

You do it.

You put in the reps.

You’d show up each and every day to see the result that you

want it’s.

Those consistent disciplines over time is what leads you

to the result that you want.

Guys kind of recap everything.

I hope this added value to you guys.

The downward fall.

If you guys feel yourself in one of those spots or now you

know what to look for is number one, you got to get back

into that commitment.

You got to take action.

You got to commit to doing something and seeing it through

to the end.

It master.

Yoda said it right.

Do or do not.

There is no try.

Don’t say, well, I’ll see how this works, or I’ll try this.


If you’re going to commit to something, commit to it.

Make a decision, decide.

Cut off all other options and do it.

However, what’s going to happen is if you don’t fully commit,

you’re going to start making those compromises, which is

going to lead to the complacency, which is going to lead

to those crush dream.

But if you’re anywhere in that process and you’re looking

to get out of it, guys, very first thing that we have to

do is we have to change our state.

We have to choose action over emotion, and we have to create

consistency in our life.

So then we can recommit and get focused and back on track

to reach those goals.

Man, Guys, thank you so much for listening.

Hope this adds value to you guys.

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