It seems as if everyone has an online training program.

So what can you do to make your stand out?

I’m gonna give you five things to crush it online.

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that have never traded anybody in their life saying that,

guys, there’s a lot of people that have online training programs.

People ask me all the time, is the online training saturated

and I even do it?

It seems like everybody’s doing it.

And my response is always pretty much the same.

Yes, absolutely.

Should the reason being is there may have the outward appearance

that a lot of people are doing it, but very few do it well.

And one thing that I think the Real Fit Pros can do to distinguish

themselves is they actually have the ability to coach.

It’s not just about, hey, this workout program worked for

me. I’m really fit and in good shape.

You should buy my workout program, Real Fit Pros.

You guys actually have the skills and the ability to coach

people and get truly amazing transformations and lasting

results. What I wanted to do today, though, is share with

you five things that you can do to make your program stand

out. I often feel as if fitness professionals how they try

to distinguish their program is like with more exercise science

terminology and the sales process or trying to create better

workouts that are more scientifically sound, which is great

for delivering a really great product.

But if you actually want to bring people in your world, you

got to be focusing on the things that they are thinking about.

So these are five big trends that I’ve seen right now in

the online space and five things, maybe not even trends,

but a little bit more.

So holds an opportunities I see for Real fitness pros to

take a hold of grass implement into their coaching program

so you can stand out even more online and start to take back

the online space.

So here we go.

Number one of the five things that you should be adding into

your coaching program to make it stand out is a focus on

immunity and longevity.

I think the consumers they have tons of options for twelve

week transformation programs, and those are great, especially

for getting people into your world.

That’s kind of like the same thing as doing an open house

type of free workout for group fitness concept.

It’s great to get people in the gym, but if they really want

amazing changes, we know, like, personal training is, like,

the best, highest level thing that they could do right now

with the way of the world.

With all the things that are going on, people are fearful

for their health.

So it’s not just about one in a six pack of that bikini body.

They’re putting a lot of emphasis personally on immunity

and longevity.

They’re wanting to make sure that the things that they’re

doing are leading to overall health.

And everything that they’re looking at is for boosting an

immunity, preventing disease.

And the second part with that is longevity is they’re wanting

to make sure that this is lasting change.

I think, yes, we live in a world where people want the quick

fixes, but they also want that quick fix to last them forever.

So being somebody’s one stop shop to where it’s not just

about saying, guys, oh, you need to work out because it’s

going to El boost your immune system.

Get concrete with it.

What can you actually do?

How could you partner up with maybe a holistic provider,

maybe, like, a natural path?

How can you give them some proven immunity boosting supplement

recommendations? Some things that they should be eating in

their new diet to help boost your immune system sleep habits

to help boost your immune system.

Tying in things like that to not just say, oh, you should

work out because it’s good for you, and that will boost our

Imes. That’s not what we’re talking about here, guys.

Talking about doing the real work, putting in some ground

work, digging in, and really finding out what your clients

need and how you can best serve them by helping them to boost

their immunity with what they do.


And the second part, what that is, guys, everything should

be about longevity.

We don’t just want to crush people and beat them up.

We want to create a forever plan.

You want to be your clients forever coach.

Not somebody to come to for a twelve week program, and they

bounce, but they’re forever coach.

So it’s all about creating that immunity component for them

and making this a lasting transformation with longevity.

The second thing out of the top are the five things that

you should be adding into your coaching program right now.

To stand out is community.

With so many people being forced to social distance to where

they can’t even meet in person at their favorite restaurants

or gyms, group fitness classes are consulting.

Some gyms aren’t even much of meeting, especially if you

don’t have a card or anything like that.

People are longing for community more than ever.

Right now.

They’ve been socially isolated for such a long time.

They need that community aspect.

So even if you’re not doing any type of a group coaching

program, you should have some type of community aspect to

what you do to where all of your clients have a place to

where they can connect.

They can build that community, even if it’s just around that

they work with you.

Tons of things that you could do for them as far as creating

even just like a free community Facebook group, even if you’re

not sharing workouts on there, it’s just for ways for them

to network, just asking polls, Q and A, just giving them

over all those immunity and longevity, health and nutrition

and fitness tips just to create that drive and camaraderie

with what they do.

Because for one, that’s just going to add more value to the

clients that you’re called to serve that are in the group.

And two, it’s going to increase retention because people

going to know that they’re not just doing it by themselves,

they’re part of something that other people are doing, and

it just gives you that social proof.

So you got to have that community aspect.

So number three, of the five things that you should be adding

into your coaching program are a huge emphasis on mindset

and goal setting.

I talked about this in the last podcast episode where right

now so many people are struggling with a really poor mindset.

If you turn on the news, I don’t even turn on the news anymore,

guys. It’s just flooded with negativity, although horrible

things that are going on in the world.

We just came out with a horrible past a year and a half,

and it just seems to keep getting worse and worse for so

many people.

The world stocks right now kind of guidance.

And I think there’s so many people that are just focusing

in on that aspect.

So if we can come around them as their coaches and we can

help show them how to work themselves out of that mindset,

how to establish goals and not just health and fitness goals,

guides that help to hold them accountable for goals and other

areas of their life.

That’s one of those things that people are really needing

right now.

They need to be coached through some bad days, some bad moments

and talked off the ledge sometimes to get them back into

their routine and focused on their goals.

And remember why they’re doing it.

Because just working out for working out sake can get boring

and monotonous.

So they got to have those goals.

They got to have somebody to help them achieve those goals

and to get them on track when that mindset starts to be dip

and down into those negative thoughts.

So number one, for five things you should be adding into

your online coaching program, number one is a focus on immunity

and longevity to community.


Help with mindset and goal setting.

And number four, how fun, guys, this should be fun.

Finish should be fun.

It should not be boring.

People should not be dreading.

Like, I gotta go work out again.

I don’t want to do this squats again.

I feel like all we are doing is pushups.

Like this should be fun for them.

Guys, I wanted to give you a few quick, specific examples

of how you can make your workouts fun.

I know, guys, I’ve seen some very amazing trainers trying

to make these at home bodyweight workouts as creative as

possible. So here’s a few things just to kind of get the

blood flow and brainstorm session going that you can do to

spice up and make those online workouts fun.

Those remote coaching session fun.

And you should be asking yourself and your clients, guys,

how can we make this more fun and take their feedback?

Because that’s some of these ideas actually came from my

clients. Clients told them what they wanted.

So number one, for the kind of fun ideas is add family members,

add friends into it so you can family based workouts.

Maybe once a week you do an all handle and deck family workout

where maybe you get the kids bear crawling while mom and

dad are doing pushups.

They’re holding one of the kids up.

Will they’re squatting the families working out?

Maybe they’re all doing the things together.

And it’s some type of follow along with content.

Maybe you create a play based workout for them where it’s

like parents versus kids.

Tons of fun stuff that you can do, just getting the family.

Maybe it’s a couple husband and wife just getting people

sweating together, especially in a household where maybe

just one person as a client of yours and getting everybody

else in the household, it just gets them to know who you

are as their coach.

So again, if everybody knows who the coach is, the significant

other the spouse, the other family members.

Again, it’s going to increase that retention rate, and it’s

going to get people more engaged because they see that you

are really trying to help the entire family and not just

them. Same kind of concept.

Bring their friends in, have some type of program to where

they get to bring your friend once a month or something like

that, and they’re doing some work out together.

That’s just again, if they have somebody LSE that they’r

going through us with, it’s going to be more fun and then

we’re out to stick with it.

I other things that you can do is I’ve seen a couple of variations

of people doing this, which again, is a lot of fun.

Is building home gym.

Sorry, building home gym equipment with things that they

have around the house and just honestly, almost making a

game around it.

I was watching one of them.

My clients do one of their workout.

They were doing a live streaming fall along with workout

content. And people were grabbing random objects around their

house to squat with overhead squats, holding books over their

heads, and they turn it into a fun game.

Who could grab the most random, weird object to Goblet squat?

And it was really cool, and it made the work out more fun.

Remember, if people are having fun with what they’re doing,

they’re going to keep showing up.

They’re going to be telling their friends about it.

Another thing that they did that was really fun.

I’ve seen them do this a lot, not just for Halloween and

anything, but they do costume contest.

They’ll do themed workouts where people come online dressed

as their favorite superhero or something like that.


And they just makes it fun.

And they add like, this costume contest elements to what

they do.

Again, just anything just to take the monotony out of this

guy and just make people smile.

Because there are so many people that are dealing with so

much stress and negativity.

If you can be that one bright moment in somebody’s life,

the opportunity to make a much bigger impact than just sets

into reps.

So again, guys, five things that you need to be adding into

your online coaching program if you want to stand out.

Number one, immunity and longevity.

Focus number two, community three, mindset and goal setting.

Four is fun.

And number five, this is where you truly stand out online

from everybody else that’s doing online training, coaching

and accountability.

Guys, there’s tons of people out there that have online fitness

programs. They’ve got bikini body guides.

They’ve got top five favorite smoothies for breakfast.

Very few people are actually skilled at the art of coaching.

Somebody being able to take somebody from where they are

to where they want to be and remove all the blockers and

obstacles that come up throughout the whole process.

That is an amazing coach, being able to hold people accountable

in a loving way at the same time, making sure that they stick

to what they said they wanted to do.

Because we talked about this in another podcast episodes.

Emotions don’t always want the thing, so you have to have

that coach there to help you to choose to hold you accountable

so you can actually reach your goals.

And that’s one of the things, guys.

This is my big belief out of all of these.

This is where the real fit pros win.

A coaching is a skill that is developed in the trenches.

If you’ve been training clients in person for years, you,

in my opinion, should be crushing it online because you already

have those skills of what it takes to get somebody from where

they are to where they want to be.

As a coach, you know how to hold people accountable.

You know this stuff, and you just got to figure out how to

navigate this online world and stand out with your marketing

messages and then build a community online.

Create an offer that attracts them and then create the systems

to scale this thing.

You’ve got the skills, but you just need that business blueprint,

and that’s honestly what we do with our entroit coaching

program. Is that’s how we help the real Fit pros win and

take back the online space?

And if that’s something you guys are interested in, you can

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Because I’ll tell you, if you’re just trying to be Instafamous,

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But if you are that real Fit pro that you actually know how

to coach people and get good results for people.

But you want to stand out and do it online, love the opportunity

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So just check us out.

Antifat coaching com.

So again, guys, those five things that you need to be adding

into your online coaching program if you truly want to stand

out. One right now, create an emphasis on immunity and longevity

to add a community aspect to it.

People love sweating and suffering together.


Make sure that you are focusing on a positive mindset and

goal setting for my good fun.

And number five, actually be there to coach people and hold

them accountable to reach the goals that they’ve set in their

mind. Man, guys, thank you so much for listening.

If this added value, share it with your Fit pro friends.

We can help impact and change more lives.

Let you guys see you on the next one.

Have an awesome day.