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You’re always wanting to know, what should I be doing on

Instagram? How often should I be posting?

What kind of things should I be posting?

This is going to answer those questions with 100% certainty.

This is not a guess.

This is not a best practice, guys.

I have had the opportunity two weeks ago to actually talk

to one of the heads of growth for Facebook and Instagram.

So this is not a guess.

This is actually what they told me.

You should be posting and what you should be.

The structure of formatting you should be following to make

sure that you are maximizing your potential within the algorithm

and to continue to grow your account to reach more people.

So this is a good one.

Grab your notepad, pause it right now if you haven’t.

This is a very short, simple episode, and then I’m also going

to give you some best practices on how to implement and make

these things happen.

So here we go, guys.

Right into it.

This is what you should be posting and the posting structure

formatting that you should be using if you want to keep up

with the Instagram algorithm in 2021.

Now, obviously this stuff changes as new features get rolled

out, but as of the past two weeks, this is what they recommended

for their ultimate kind of content production plan.

So here we go.

Number one thing that you should be doing for creating content

on Instagram is Daily Feed post.

You should be posting every single day.

Guys, that should not, in my opinion, be difficult for you,

especially if you’re trying to be full time in the online

fitness business.

I’ve talked about this before, but Daily Post is the exact

same equivalent of showing up.

In my opinion, for showing up with your online business.

You wouldn’t expect to do well with your in person business

at your gym if you didn’t show up every day.

So why do you expect to do well on your online business if

you don’t show up every day online?

How you show up online is with your content.

So one of the things that they recommended is obviously doing

a daily feed post, and we’re going to get some more details

in that in just a second.

So number one thing that you guys need to make sure you’re

doing is a daily feed post.

The second thing you need to be doing every single day on

Instagram. If you want to continue to grow your accounts

and you reach and impact more people and beat the algorithm

is four to seven stories per day.

Those are your Instagram stories.

You should be doing at least four to seven of those each

and every day as fit pros.

Guys, to me, this should be extremely simple.

If you think about this, the type of things that you should

be creating are things that attract your dream customers

and add value to others.

They’re coming to you for health and fitness and wellness

advice. So document your day through simple Instagram stories.

As far as like what your daily routines are, what you’re

eating, how you’re training, how you’re balancing out your

work, fitness, life.

Use your Instagram stories for that stuff.

Guys, it should be super easy.

Just do almost day in the life content on Instagram stories.

So four to seven stories a day should be easy for you to

hit that goal.

I will say this one caveat.

I forgot to mention this.

She said, this is a good average minimum.

So if you want to do more than that, this that I’m going

to be giving you that will not hurt you in any way.

The more content you create, the more ability that you have

to reach more people.

Yes, there are some things that you may have less interactions

on posts or engagement on post, which you’ll have more reach

if you’re putting out more things.

So don’t be concerned about doing too much is what I’m saying.

But this is a very good minimum.

Don’t think that if you hit this standard, you’re like, oh,

I’m crushing it.

You’re doing the average minimum for so far, one feed post

per day.

Second thing is four to seven stories per day.

The third one is one live video per week.

This is the kicker with the live video.

And after I questioned her on this, but she kind of explained

it and makes more sense on the live video.

She recommended making it around 45 minutes.

And now I know right now you just heard that, oh, there’s

no way I could do that.

I should just quit right now.

No, let me explain.

So this is the reason why she was recommending a 45 minutes

live video.

Most people, on average, they have all the data.

Obviously on Instagram, they open up the app at least one

time per hour, which that stat alone is pretty amazing.

At least one time per hour of the majority of their users

are going to be opening the app.

So by creating a 45 minutes live video, chances are you’re

going to hit almost all of your followers being on the app

sometime during that session of that 45 minutes video.

So there’s a good opportunity that they’re going to see it,

check it out and engage with it, which again, in return,

boost that live video to more people.

So that’s that one live video.

Now, if you cannot make it 45 minutes, it doesn’t mean that

you don’t do it.

The reason why she was recommending that it’d be 45 minutes

is just with app statistics being able to capture all of

your audience and have them actually watch the live video.

Because if you just did it five minutes, that’s better than

nothing. But you got to remember, you’re probably going to

be reaching less people with that.

So we’re going to go on some other practice on how to make

this stuff happen.

I jut a second, but I just want to give you guys the meat

first. So number one, one feet post per day.

Number two, four to seven stories per day.

Number three, one live per week and recommended making it

45 minutes if you could.

Number four, at least R1 per week.

So Real is a newer feature that Instagram has rolled out.

It’s kind of their attack towards TikTok, if you will, and

they’re really pushing heavily on.

Also doing at least one of those per week would be really,

really beneficial for you to get that favor in the algorithm

reels are again, very simple.

It’s kind of almost like a mix between a feed post and your

Instagram stories.

As far as the type of stuff that you want to create, those

are also really good to make video content where you don’t

have to speak.

You can just put a little text overlays for fitness.

I’ve seen lots of like does and do not for movements like

coaching cues that you can add in there.

I’ve seen quick little recipes, mobility tips.

You could do little interval hit circuit and you show all

the demos, a lot of different things that you can do.

Think about your niche.

Remember what speaks and adds value to your dream clients

that you’re trying to attract.

So number four is R1 per week.

Number five, this is the last thing as far as the content

that she recommended.

And then we’re going to break this down even more.

Number five is one Instagram TV per week, so that can be

obviously a long form video other than 60 seconds didn’t

really have a recommended length on that one.

She just said, make sure you’re doing at least one Instagram

TV clip per week on that.

It could be filmed vertically or horizontally recap the five

pieces of your content strategy.

Plan for Instagram to dominate the algorithm in 2021.

Number one, one feed post per day, number two, four to seven

stories per day.

Number three one live per day, at least 45 minutes in length.

Number four one Instagram Real.

And number five one eight TV per week.

So now that’s what you should be doing.

And if you just heard that, most likely you are overwhelmed

just by hearing that.

It’s like there’s no way I can do that.

So I’m going to give you a few other kind of caveats with

this that she gave to me and kind of help you guys brainstorm

some ideas of how you can actually start executing on this

and making it happen.

Let’s go back to the feed post.

So we need to do a daily feed post.

We know that based upon what we were sold, so with that,

it’s not just one type of feed post.

The overall thing that I really captured from this is Instagram

wants you to use every aspect of their platform.

On your feed post, you need to be doing one per day, but

they also need to be different types of posts if possible.

I’m using a variety as much as possible.

So you could do just a still image.

You could do a multiple image where you have to swipe over

the carousel images.

You could do a video post.

You could do a combo picture video carousel.

You could do a layout where it’s a bunch of different images

and like a collage type thing, you could do a Boomerang.

There’s a bunch of different types of feed post that you

can create, and they want to see you utilize all of those

different types of feed post within the feed post.

The other thing on your Instagram stories, the exact same

thing. They just don’t want it to be quick images or the

videos and stuff like that, but they want to see you utilizing

all of the other tools within Instagram stories.

So swipe up links, stickers, polls, countdown timers, all

of the different things that they have in their gifts and

all of that stuff into your stories text boxes because they

want to see you using all of that feature inside of the app.

On the other thing is on Instagram TVs and on Reels.

They also recommend you share that stuff everywhere throughout

the platform.

So every time you do a feed post, share it to your stories.

Every time you do an IG real, share it as a feed post preview,

then share it to your stories.

Every time you do an IGTV create that, there’s that option

to click on to share it as a feed post preview where it creates

that 62nd version.

Do that, then share the IGTV to your story.

So you’re trying to use the platform in all of its different

tools and kind of interconnect everything as much as possible.

Last thing with that same thing with your live videos, they

want to see you take your live video, then change it to an

Instagram. Save it and turn it into an Instagram TV.

Take that Instagram TV, save it as a feed, post preview,

and take that share it to your Instagram story so you can

see how just on your live video, you can easily take that

down and turn that into four different posts to help you

as well.

Who that might have overwhelmed you.

I hope it didn’t hope you guys are excited because now you

know exactly what to do.

I would definitely recommend that you go all in with this,

especially if your target dream clients are on Instagram

and making this and following this as part of your content

strategy. Last thing that I would say with this, just to

kind of help you brainstorm on how to make this happen, because

this could be overwhelming for you, especially if you’re

new to social media and content creation.

Like, how in the world am I going to do this?

Just let me kind of show you how simple this could be.

So let’s say you start off and let’s pick a day of the week

where you’re not that busy.

Maybe it’s a Saturday or Sunday, Friday afternoon, and we’re

gonna do a 45 minutes live video.

You like, oh, my goodness.

How could I ever come up with that much content?

This is how if I was still doing fitness would do this 45

minutes live video could have done it before.

What I would do is I would start off the 45 minutes I would

break it up into, like, a ten minute block, a ten minute

block, a 20 minutes block, and then a 15 minutes block.

And this is how it would look that for.

Yeah, 45 minutes.


So the first ten minutes what that would be?

It would be my favorite warmup.

So I would take people through a follow along with warm up,

where I am doing some dynamic mobility stuff, some of my

favorite stretches, prep work, all of that good stuff.

Ten minutes walking people through a really good warm up.

Then after that, I would spend 20 minutes walking people

through a follow along with workout.

Maybe it’s one of my favorite at home hit workouts.

Maybe it’s one of my favorite core workouts, lower body,

upper body, whatever it is, I’m taking them through a follow

along with workout series with training along with me.

Then that’s about 20 minutes.

Then after that, I’m going to take the last 15 minutes of

that video and do a couple of things you could do.

So some mobility recovery work after your workout or my favorite

to do would be using that time for some Q amp.

A so you can think about your most commonly frequently asked

questions that you get from clients or potential clients,

and you spend the last 15 minutes answering those questions.

So that right there breaks down to 45 minutes.

You have your one live video per day.

Then what you’re going to do per week, then you’re going

to take that one live video.

You are going to save it as an Instagram TV.

So there is one Instagram TV now per week.

Now with that Instagram TV, you are going to take that share

a feed post preview.

So now you’ve got a feed post from that.

And then you’re also going to share a preview of that.

So your story.

So now you’ve got one piece of content, has all our sudden

turned into four.

Then what you’re going to do is you can take that 45 minutes

Instagram TV and break it into three different parts where

it is the warm up, the workout and the FAQ questions.

And you can take those.

You could make them be one a week for the next four weeks.

So there’s a month’s worth of IG TVs if you wanted to, or

you can over deliver and add a lot more content to it.

So now you’ve got that one live video has now turned into

four Instagram TVs.

Then what you could do is you could take that warm up and

the warm up and exercise video.

You could take little snippets of each one of those.

You could put some music behind it.

And that could be a real for the week.

So it could be a little mash up of a real for your warm up

and then another real for the workout itself.

So now those are two real for the week.

Then you could also take those, share a preview of those

to your feed post, then share those on your stories.

Then what you could do is you could also take those a section,

and you could make that be a real to where the text pops

up on the screen with the question.

Then it’s you answering that question with your voice on

it and you kind of edit that thing up.

So it gives them that answer in about 30 seconds that they’re

looking for and so much more.

I hope you guys can see how you could just take that 145

minutes live video, which yeah, that’s a lot of time.

But you have now the content to break that up and repurpose

that into a huge variety of content.

To wear that 145 minutes video to get you more than a week’s

worth of content out of just that.

On top of everything else that you use.

Hopefully you’re following our content matrix that we have.

If you’re one of our clients and make this thing happen.

Guys, I would encourage you to do this.

Test me on this.

Say yes.

The Sean, try this for for 60 days.

Commit to doing this for 60 days.

Test and assess is what I say with everything.

So what I want you to do is commit to yourself for 60 days

of doing this daily feed post four to seven stories a day,

R1 per week.

One live video per week.

I don’t even care on the time.

Just do one live video per week.

I would recommend making it at least five minutes.

But remember the expert, the one that’s running it says 45

minutes. So I would recommend that and then also do one I

per week using every part of the platform, every part of

the story feature all of the feed post features.

Commit to doing that for 60 days and see what happens.

See what happens.

Because I’ll tell you this, if you commit to doing this for

60 days, it’s gonna work.

Your social is going to grow.

However, it may not directly make your business grow because

we know this.

After doing this for so long, we got to make sure we’re speaking

the language of our customers and we have a solid community.

Then you’re also talking about an awesome offer to drive

into and you got the systems and back end to support it.

So this is going to help you get some more traffic to your

Instagram. But if you’re actually looking to grow a legit

business, that’s what we do with our coaching program.

It’s entroit coaching com.

Guys, check us out the links down below where they’re listening

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And we help Real Fitness pros to create, market and scale

their online fitness business.

If that’s something you’re really looking to do, guys, go

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And if this is the right fit for you, get your first week

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No commitments, no contracts because we really want to help

the Real Fit pros.

Take back to the online space.


Hope to add tons of value to you.

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Love you guys.

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