So listen, you wouldn’t expect to go to the gym and do random

exercises to get results.

So why are you doing random things with your business?

Expecting it to grow?

Were gonna talk about that coming up on the Entry Fit podcast.

Do you want to create, market or scale your online fitness

business? My name is Sean Garner.

And here we give real Fit Pros to tips, tools and strategies

they need to feed online.

Welcome to the Entra Fit Podcast.

What is up, guys?

Welcome to the Entra Fit Podcast.

If this is your first time.

Hey, thanks so much for hanging out with us.

Hopefully this adds tons of value.

And if it does, I always ask that you guys just share this

with your other Fit Pro friends.

Because my mission, the whole mission of Entropy here is

to help the real fitness professional create, market and

scale their online fitness business.

And to me, the real fitness professional is the person that

is committed to this as a career.

This is not just a little hobby or side project, but they

actually love and are passionate about transforming and changing

people’s lives through fitness.

But, man, they just struggle sometimes with the business

side, the marketing side in this digital marketing side,

so that’s what we’re here to do is help and add value to

you. So the whole point of this episode today is to kind

of give you guys a good framework or a plan for your online

fitness business.

I started off by saying you wouldn’t go into the gym without

a plan, but I see so many Fit pros decide, or they take that

step to go online and they don’t have a plan.

What I see is oftentimes is something that looks like this,

you have a trainer?

Maybe they have some type of a social media account.

Most likely they probably don’t have a large following or

distribution to market, too, because they have been growing

that they’ve been working on their skills as a trainer, where

they’d be in person owning a gym.

So they have some type of social media account, Instagram,

Facebook, something like that.

And they hire somebody to build a website for them.

That isn’t very good, but it looks really pretty most of

the time.

Or it looks really crappy, but it doesn’t really function

to sell.

And then they put that link in their bio.

They fill proposed that says, hey, I’m now accepting online

clients. Let me know if you want or click the link here to

go visit my training product.

And then they just sit there and nothing happens, and maybe

one or two people reach out and maybe they close half of

them or 25% because they’re really struggling to convert

everybody, and that’s about it.

And then they say, oh, I tried that online thing.

It doesn’t work for me.

Or if they do, they just keep doing the exact same thing

over and over and over that’s not a system.

That’s what we see most of our clients do right in fitness

before they found us as trainers and as trainers.

Like, we can go into the gym and we can just kind of sit

back and look around and you can see who’s actually training

and following a program versus who’s just in there kind of

going through the motions saying they’re working out, but

not really training.

We can see that.

And you guys can see that with your fitness clients.

That’s what I do for Fit pros with their business.

I can look back and I can see things from a different perspective,

and I can realize who’s actually following a system versus

who’s just kind of randomly doing things, hoping something

works out.

So what I want to do today is give you guys the proven system

that I use with my clients to hopefully help you guys out

and kind of inspire you and give you a framework of a different

way to think about growing and formulating your online fitness

business. Here we go, guys.

We’ve got five different steps of this framework.

Typically only talk about three of them, but I want to share

the first one.

It’s kind of like a foundational one and then the last one

afterwards. So the very first thing, guys, I just call foundation.

So before you even go out to start your business, there’s

some things that you need to have in place, and honestly,

some questions that you need to ask yourself, because I will

tell you this, really good trainers do not always make really

good business owners.

And I also am of the belief that everybody has an opportunity

to be an entrepreneur.

But not everybody should.

We talked about in previous podcast episodes about having

the entrepreneurial mindset and what it really takes to own

your own business.

And it’s not that one is right or wrong.

But if you are trying to force yourself into something that

you’re not really passionate about, you’re not really called

to, you’re just going to make yourself miserable.

And I use the phrase all the time, a prison that pays.

That’s why I see so many fitness professionals make for themselves

is just these prisons that pays instead of a true business

that’s serving them and their goals.

So the very first thing that we have to do is we have to

establish a really solid foundation of what we’re trying

to do.

So with that, we have to set up with what we’re doing with

our F six goals.

We talk about that all the time.


You should have goals in six different areas of your life,

your faith, your family, your fitness, your finance, your

fun and, oh, your friends.

So you should have goals in each one of those areas of your

life. And your business is meant to be set up to serve those

goals. If it’s taking away and sucking the life out of one

of those different areas.

Sometimes they see almost all of those areas.

And it’s not really a good business.

Guys, you need to revamp how you’re doing everything because

your business, if you’re creating it, it should serve you

and your goals, if not just go to work for somebody else,

because that’s not how this should be.

That’s the first thing is we have to really set up with the

foundation of what we’re doing.

And then once we have those goals with our foundation, then

we also have to start setting up some time management strategies.

The biggest issue of why I see people become unsuccessful

with their online fitness business is they are not not diligent

and disciplined with their time.

Is everybody’s busy?

If you ask anybody how they are, everybody is busy.

But a few people actually take ownership of that and fix

the issue and take ownership of their time and start being

dedicated and disciplined with how they structure everything.

So once we know our goals well, then we have to fit those

goals into our daily schedule and to our weekly schedule

on our daily to do list.

And that should be built out.

There’s a lot of different tools.

I use Google calendar.

You can use a handwritten calendar, but you have to have

a calendar that you’re going off of.

So that way you’re being Proactive instead of reactive.

Once we know the foundation of what we’re trying to do and

build, then we can actually move on to the next step of growing

and having a framework for your online fitness business.

So as we’ve built out these foundational things, we set those

well, the second thing we have to do is we have to create

a community whenever we have this community online.

How we cultivate that is through our content.

Content can be anything from a blog post, a video, social

media, text messaging service, a podcast just like this.

And we use this content to speak, to add value to and connect

with the community that we feel called to serve.

We talked about this dozens of times on this podcast.

Guys, you cannot be all things to all people.

If you try, you will end up failing miserable, miserably.

You have to be very specific with who you’re wanting to go

after. So that way you stand out and you learn to use the

language of the people that you’re called to serve.

I believe each and every one of us is called to serve a specific

person or demographic or type of people and others.

Not so much for me.

For example, I am working with the real fitness professionals.

So I’m looking for those career fitness professionals that

are looking to grow, market and scale their online fitness

business. That’s specific.

You might not think it is, but I’m not looking for people

that are looking to grow their social media following.

Yes, your social media will grow by developing a business

online, but that’s not the main goal we’re looking for.

I’m not looking for people that are looking to get brand

deals. I used to do that, but it’s not something I I tried

it. It’s not something I’m Super passionate about helping

people do.

I’m looking for the people that are in fitness.

They’re really good.

They get good results.

I don’t want to actually have to teach people how to teach

a squat.

You should know your craft, and then once you’re good at

your craft, I can help you market and scale it online.

So I’m very specific about who I want to work with when I

had project dad.

But the same thing I was looking for, those dads, they were

typically entrepreneurial, business owner, sea level type

dads that were 35 to 45 years old, been beat up a little

bit for some join issues for maybe playing sports in high

school and College.

And they’d gotten that beer belly.

But they were looking for ways not necessarily to be like

cover model, fit man.

They just wanted energy.

And they wanted more energy to come home and play with their

kids. And they wanted more confidence with their body, to

be intimate with their wives and to be able to take their

shirt off of the pool and not be the fat dad.

You have to be very specific, because whenever you are with

that community guys, it makes the content creation process

so much easier with saying these words.

Think about this just with the words I use.

I’m going to help you get toned.

I’m going to help you get jacked.

I’m going to help you get ripped.

I’m going to help you get shredded.

I’m going to help you with joint longevity.

I’m going to help you with energy.

All of those are going to speak to and attract a different

type of person without even saying who I was working with,

I don’t think at all.

So back.


I am Sean and I am looking for men 35 to 45 years old who

are sick of the dad bod.

And they are business owners.

Like it shouldn’t be like that.

It should just come across naturally, because when you know

who you’re talking to, you know what were to speak with.

For example, if you are speaking with a friend, the tonality,

the gestures, the things that you use are going to be a lot

different versus meeting somebody for the very first time.

So once you know who you’re speaking with, it shouldn’t be

like this robotic structure.

It should just be more natural because you know what words

to use, what phrases to say, because it’s the things that

speaks add value and attracts those people that you’re called

to serve.

So once you’ve done that, you’ve laid the foundations, you’ve

built a community.

Well, now that you’ve attracted these people and you really

added value to them, they’re going to want to buy something

from you.

And so that’s whenever you create an amazing offer.

That’s the no brainer for them to go to that next level.

The relationship with you.

They’ve been following you for a long time.

Or maybe it’s new.

Or maybe they’re just former or existing clients that you’ve

added value to what you put an offer out there in front of

them for them, so that offer can look like a bunch of different

things. We’ve got a whole episode where we talk about the

different types of offers, so look into that.

I always typically recommend when people are first starting

out. Higher price point or higher ticket offer is what it’s

normally called and referred to and recommend people doing

a one on one online personal training type of a thing where

you’re writing programs for them.

You’re being there to coachmen or guide them, help them with

goal setting mindset, nutrition, sleep habits, stress management,

and you’re doing it in a one on one setting because those

first few clients that you get, guys, I don’t want you to

think that you’ve found the perfect system and that the first

thing you put out there is going to just crush it and be

successful for you.

Because community that you start trying to be speaking to

online might not be something that you really want to work

with. The very first clients that you work with as you’re

building this community, you put that offer out there for

this online one on one coaching service.

So that way you can kind of get your reps in and you can

see what type of people you like with working with.

Because I will tell you this, the type of people I like working

with in person are different than the type of people that

I like working with online whenever I was doing my online

fitness stuff.

So you don’t know that until you get some reps in.

I’m a big believer.

Excuse me?

Say this phrase all the time done is better than perfect.

I don’t want you to spend all of this time building out all

of this content for trying to grow social media following,

trying to go this online community and then finally put out

an offer and then find out it doesn’t even work.

These things should kind of be done hand in hand at the same

time, especially when you’re first starting out.

Because if not, you’re going to be wasting months trying

to build all this content.

You’re going to get stuck in your own mind.

You’re not going to know, well, who should I be marketing

to? You’re going to get in your own way.

Just put out an offer for the people that you’ve already

attracted. As you get more specific with the words that you’re

using and everything tons of stuff is to dive into offers,

guys and price points.

Check out some of the other podcast episodes on that.

Or hey, you could always join our coaching program.

It’s entroit coaching com.

Go over there.

Check out the website, guys.

You can see the programs.

We offer tons of testimonials and stuff, and we really dive

down deep into this.

We have to help you build out a whole offer ladder to where

eventually you have multiple price point tiers and it’s really,

really cool stuff.

You can really, really deep with this, but when you’re starting

out, don’t ever think it just now you do need to have a framework.

The only thing that I will say about this, whenever you’re

starting with your offer, have one thing, do not launch your

online training program and services and stuff with multiple

price tiers.

If so, you’re going to end up sabotaging your own business.

Start with one.

And again, I recommend a higher price point one.

Tons of reasons why on that.

Just trust me on that, especially if you’re first starting

out. And then as that one goes, you can look at adding other

services and stuff.

But the world’s a big place.

There is somebody out there.

If you’re really good at what you do, that is willing to

pay you what you’re worth.

It’s just getting really clear with your messaging and showing

the value and the features and benefits of everything that

you do in order to find those people.

Number one, we got a foundation.

Number two, we built a community with our content.

Number three is, we have created an awesome, irresistible,

no brainer offer for them.

Number four is we have to build out the system to support

this. This is another place where I almost see fit.

Pro skip this step.

What they’ll do is like, hey, that’s cool.

I got a client.

I know my goals.

I’m decently organized now.

Maybe with my calendar.

I know the content that I need to create to build this community.

And I created an offer form.


And that’s it.

And then they ended up kind of plateauing with their business

and not actually being able to grow and scale it.

Reason being is there’s no systems in place?

What I mean by systems, guys, is you want to be able to have

everything in your business articulated, written out with

checklist with documents and stuff like that.

So all of this stuff, you could easily hand over to somebody.

And so this is what I mean by this.

You can quickly become the blocker to your own business.

If all of your or systems and processes are up here in your

head, the most simple way to start getting started with developing

systems is just typing out what you do.

So let me give you a good example.

Might be for marketing what’s marketing systems look like

for you.

Do you have a content matrix or formula that you use for

content creation?

So that way you have a repeatable process that works, because

that’s what all this stuff is about with the systems.

Part of it is as you’re building it out, you only want to

make processes and systems around stuff that works.

If it’s all in your head, you’re just guessing.

You’re constantly hanging things and you’re not sticking

consistently with something.

How do you know what’s actually working and getting clients?

How do you know what’s actually helping to reduce or improve

retention? Like, you don’t know, you’re just guessing each

time. So that’s the whole point of these systems is you build

something out, you do it repetitively, then you assess the

marketing system.

It’s like, what type of content do you post?

What platforms are you posting?

There are certain hashtags that you’re using.

Is there a certain content types that are working?

What’s your formula and structure for batch shooting content?

Where do you save all that content?

Where do you pull that content from?

What time of day do you post?

You can go super deep in just a marketing aspect.

Other thing you could think of would be like a system for

client fulfillment.

So awesome.

A client just said yes.

Then what happens?

You know, you should have an onboarding checklist for all

of your clients, especially online, because if not, you will

forget something.

You know what health Q and A forms they need to fill?

What type of log in information do you maybe need to send

them for an app service?

Or how will they access their programming?

How does the program get sent?

How does their program get updated?

How do they know how to check in with you?

What that check in process look like?

All of that should be sent to them.

So that way they know exactly what they just paid you money

for. All the expectations are laid out clear, and there’s

no confusion because customers get confused.



Not only are they going to buy if for some reason they did,

they’re not going to stay because they’re going to be confused

to why they’re paying you all this money.

They don’t understand everything that they have access to.

The deliverables won’t super clear or they weren’t ever sent

to them because you forgot because you didn’t have a dog

list. So the whole point of this stuff, guys, is building

systems around this stuff.

So you have repeatable actions that you know are proven to

get your results for your business.

Number one, lay the foundation.

You should have your goals and your time management locked

down. The second thing is you create an awesome community.

You cultivate this community through your content.

Third thing is, you have an awesome, irresistible nobrainer

offer that adds value and is attractive towards the community

that you built.

Then the fourth thing is you built out systems that support

the offer that support the community that supports your goals.

And then the fifth thing, guys, I’ll be honest, I see very

few people actually get to this step.

And this fifth step I just call leg.

And so this is where you actually have not just an online

training product.

But this is where you shift to being a true business owner,

to where you’re looking at things.

As far as almost like creating an online gym, where you have

other trainers that you’re bringing on underneath you to

scale this to where it’s not.

You having to do everything.

You have staff members, whether they be remote or in person,

that are helping you to run this thing.

And you have something that’s actually sellable to where

it’s not just how.

Here’s my online training.

You got something that’s sellable.

You have multiple price points.

You have multiple revenue streams coming in, whether it be

online training, nutrition brands, sponsorships, you have

affiliate marketing stuff set up, maybe nutrition programs,

physical products.

You’ve got all of these different revenue sources coming

in. So you actually have a sellable asset that I’ll be honest,

I see very few people get to that point for two reasons.

One, they are happy they reach a financial goal that doesn’t

require that big of a push.

Or maybe they may get 100 and 5200 thousand dollars a year.

And that’s way more than they ever thought would be possible

for them with in fitness.

So they’re cool, they get complacent, and they sit back.

The second thing is they don’t want to put in the work because

that just doesn’t magically happen.

Guys, that takes a lot of work to actually build up a sellable

online digital asset.

What’s got multiple revenue streams in it, and most people

don’t want to actually put in the work.

The reason being is they make decent money.

Six figure salary or online, and they don’t want to do the

work that it requires.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But just know what’s possible, because I will say I always

want to make sure that people understand and are painting

a bigger future for themselves.

Because I think one of the issues with the fitness industry

is that people don’t see the ability or the possibility of

how they can make it a career.

And it’s because, honestly, I think they just don’t think

big enough.

They think, I know just being an Imperson trainer is like,

okay, you feel if your client out there, well, then what?

Maybe the next step is I’m gonna be a gym owner, and you’re

going like, okay, great.

Then I have these trainers can work for me, and then what?

And they just kind of keep replacing process problems in

different situations, and they don’t think bigger.

So I just try to always and encourage people to think bigger

with that legacy mindset on what you can truly do to create

something very special.

So, guys, that’s my framework.

That’s what I use with all of my clients.

And I would encourage you guys to have the framework for

building your online business.

Don’t just start putting links in your bio, throwing up posts,

saying, hey, I’m now accepting online clients.

Put some structure around it, guys.

And getting that framework is build a foundation, cultivated

community. Create an awesome offer, build the systems to

scale. And then fifth thing is create legacy.

So this is bigger than yourself.

So hope this adds lots of value, guys, and starts to paint

a bigger picture and frameworks for you guys to use for your

online fitness business.

And if this did sound awesome and you’re like, man, that’s

exactly what I was looking for.

I would love the opportunity to work with you guys.

Guys, our coaching program is incredible.

It’s called Entra Fit Coaching Program, so Entroit Coaching

com links, and everything is always down here below.

Guys, go in there, check out the website.

Look at our testimonials or success stories.


We’ve done some awesome stuff for some great people.

And if you’re looking to get started, fill out and book your

free blueprint strategy call and we give you your first week

in the program.

Guys, for only one dollars, no commitments, no contracts.

There’s no crazy sales funnel or anything like that.

I’m pretty open and honest about everything.

After we do our call together, what I’m going to do is I’m

going to walk this framework through with you and your business

and kind of paint a framework for you is to see where we

could take this thing here a little bit about where you’re

currently at, what some of your blockers are.

Then even after that, if accepted, it’s only a dollar because

I don’t want anybody to make a commitment to me or vice versa

until I know that this is going to be a good fit for each

other. So get in love to work with you guys.

If you are a real fitness pro looking to create, market or

scale your online fitness business, just check us out against

Entropy Coaching com.

If this adds value to you guys, do me a huge favor or share

with a fit pro friend, let you guys, as always, and have

an awesome day.