We know that words are powerful.

So how are you using yours and your messaging to serve your

clients and bring in new leads?

Let’s talk about that.


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Hopefully, this adds lots of value to you where our whole

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If you listen to our last episode, we talked a lot about

the mantra that I kind of live by is what’s your T truth

power of words we’ve talked on here before about daily affirmations

and speaking life into your business and to others.

And I believe that this is honestly one of the big missing

components between just barely making it and success, especially

whenever it comes to your fitness business and you’re online

fitness business.

I see people that spend lots of time getting these beautiful

photo shoots done for their website, making sure their website

looks really pretty.

Their social grid is on point and everything matches in his

own brand, but they spend minimal to no time and effort on

the words and messaging that they’re using on all that collateral

words sell.

Guys, that’s what’s going to get you to connect with these

clients. These leads, they should say potential clients that

you’re trying to connect with.

Online words are what builds your community.

And this is such a big missing thing that I’m seeing so many

people miss when it comes to growing online.

So what I want to do is just share with you guys today just

two very simple things and thoughts to take into building

out your messaging for your clients or your potential clients.

So first off, we know words powerful.

I asked the question to my clients last week.

How are you using your words to serve and add value to your

clients? Whenever you’re doing these weekly check ins with

them, your daily sessions, your classes with them.

How are you taking that opportunity to speak into them and

to add value and to serve them?

Very few people, I think really just kind of step back and

want to make that emotional connection to dig and to kind

of go to those deeper spots with people.

But that is one of the things that gets you from a client

to a forever client, making sure that you have that connection

with them and you truly care about them as a person.

And we do that with our words, checking in on them, even

though there might not have a session with you that day,

checking in on them, even if it’s not your normal scheduled

check in time, checking into just the random people that

maybe purchase one of your low ticket or subscription or

download your ebook.

Just checking on people to sure that you actually care because

that’s one of the things that’s going to distinguish a person

is trying to make money and somebody is actually serve at

hearted and cares about the people that they’re called to

serve. So two things to think about that’s for your existing

clients. Two things to think about as far as the messaging

for your future clients or for the leads that you’re trying

to bring in is when it comes and it relates to your messaging.

Number one, first, you have to be able to answer these questions

because if you can’t and if you go, your clients and potential

clients and leads absolutely can’t answer this stuff for

you. So number one, how are you making your clients lives

better? And what problem do you solve for them?

And I’ll tell you this how you’re making their lives better

can not be.

I give them better workouts.

And what problem you solve for them is I give them workouts

because I personally don’t know anybody that is looking for

workouts. They’re not looking for a fitness program, they’re

not looking for personal training, they’re looking for the

results or byproducts that those things bring.

If they could get those things without working out, they

would do it right.

We see this all the time.

People always try to look for the secret supplement that’s

going to get them six pack credit or any type of shortcut

that they can take.

They don’t actually want to do the thing that you sell.

They want the result of those things, knowing that in your

messaging, on website.

So on emails on social media, post on your online store front.

It should be speaking to those things.

Really take some time and dig in.

How do you make your clients life better?

What problem are they really looking to have solved?

Is it increased confidence?

Is it an increased love of self?

Is it more self worth?

Is it more energy?

Is it strength?

What are they looking for?

What problem are they dealing with?

Is it Amanda, that last £10 of stubborn belly fat.

Is it, man?

I’m just getting off the couch is that I want to run a five

K. Whatever it is that should be the heart.

And the focus of your messaging is the problem that you solve

for them.

The second part with that is how is their life going to be

better if they solve that problem?

Because those two components right there.

If you can really articulate that and lock down on this,

I believe there’s Russell Brunson, who always says this,

the better you are at being able to explain your customers

problems, the more likely they are to believe that you’re

the one that has the solution for it.

It pros.

They would rather spend time creating these really beautiful

pictures of themselves to post on social media posts on their

website. But they’re not spending the time to really ask

themselves and dig down deep into the problem that they’re

solving and how they make their customers life better, because

the person that does do that better is going to be the one

that ends up converting those leads into clients.

And then if they understand that philosophy and they go back

to what I said earlier, as far as just having those words

speak life and speak power into them.

Now, they don’t just have those clients for a quick twelve

week program.

Now they have them as Forever clients, so that’s the first

thing is really dig in and being able to understand and articulate

the problem that you solve and how you make your clients

life better.

The second thing is how clear are you communicating that

are your potential clients able to say what you do, how you’re

going to make their lives better and what they need to do

to get started with you?

Because whenever somebody comes to your website, your landing

page, your online store front your social profiles.

If they can’t answer those questions.

And honestly, I think the last study said like 2.7 seconds,

they’re going to balance they’re looking for solutions to

their problems.

And the more clearly you communicate that you have the solution

to those problems, the greater your chances are of getting

those people to convert to a searcher to an interested lead

to a client to then forever client.

So whenever they come to your profiles, any type of online

storefront that you have even walking in your facility, if

you have a brick and mortar facility, are they really able

to say what you do, how you make their lives better and what

they need to do to get started with you in fitness, it’s

kind of easy, right?

The product, the thing that we’re selling most likely is

either some type of coaching program, some type of gym membership

or online membership, some type of supplement or some type

of product that’s typically this thing that we’re selling.

But I think that even though it seems basic and simple to

us, those could still be four very different things.

So when people land on your website, land on those social

media profiles, can they instantly tell which one of those

things it is?

Is this person trying to sell supplements?

Are they trying to sell a coaching program?

Do they have a gym?

Do they have an ebook?

Do they have a membership site?

They have a personal training business.

Do they do her fitness classes?

Are they selling at home fitness like physical products like

dumbbells bands and stuff like that?

If they can’t quickly answer that, they’re going to bounce,

then once they know what it is that you do the second thing

they have to be able to quickly answer is, well, how is that

thing gonna make my life better.

What problem does it solve for me?

Like we talked about before?

Because if they can’t answer that, okay, cool.

This person does the online fitness coaching.

If they don’t know how it’s going to make their life better,

why would they want to keep digging deep into it?

Because, like I said, nobody wants to buy a fitness program.

They’re looking for those other things.

They’re looking possibly for a sense of community.

They’re looking for that accountability.

They’re looking for some consistency in their life.

They’re looking for some discipline because they know that

that will lead into other areas of their life.

They’re looking for increased health markers, lower body

fat percentage, increase muscle mass.

They’re looking for those things and the results and how

they get those is the byproduct of your fitness coaching

program. So making sure that we’re articulating all of those

things very quickly and as clearly as possible on all of

those online store places.

Then the third thing that we have to do is we have to very

easily. We have to make it easy for our customers to do business

with you.

Listen, I talked to you guys about it before.

I’m a big Russell Bronson FAM.

I think he is an incredible leader.

He’s built something really cool with click funnels and is

really good at helping people with their messaging and getting

so many people started.

However, I see too many people kind of get suckered into

filling out these huge, complicated sales funnels with all

of these triggers and optimizations and stuff like that to

where they get so removed and disconnected from their community

that it’s too difficult to get started with them.

Like, okay, well, if you want to get started with me, first,

you get a download this ebook and your email address, and

that’s gonna make you watch the sales video.

Then you’re going to book a call, and then you’re going to

do a call with one of my assistants.

And then if they feel is good, then we’re going to hop on

a call together and do that coaching call.

There’s so many steps in the process.

Make it really simple for people to reach out and engage

with you.

There’s so much to say on that.

But the quick version is what you do from A to B is not what

you do from B to C is not what you do from C to D.

So as your business grows, yes, you might have to put some

of those steps in process.

But when you’re first starting out with your business guys

and remove all the barriers to entry that it takes for somebody

to do business with you and make it super clear on exactly

what they need to do.

I see so many people that don’t even have a website, so it’ll

just be me for coaching.

Mu Watt for coaching.

Be very clear on what you want your customers to do.

Hey, DME, coaching for my coaching program.

Get started to get started today, like be extremely clear

and specific about what steps you want them to do on their

website. Nobody wants to learn more.

They want to get started.

They need to schedule their call.

You need to be extremely clear and explicit on what they

need to do to get started with you.

To get the result that you promise that you can deliver to

join, the thing that you do, whether it be your coaching

program, your product, your subscription service, whatever

it is, you got to be super clear with us.

So words are powerful.

Use them to serve the clients you already have and attract

the ones that you’re looking to get.

Quick recap number one, how are you making your clients lives

better? And what problem do you solve for them?

Number two, within 3 seconds, you need to very clearly be

able to communicate three things.

What do you do?

How do you make their lives better and what they need to

do to get started with you guys.

If you own this, really take some time.

Rewind this play.

Take some notes and answer these questions.

I promise not only will you start to better serve your clients,

but you’ll start to attract more, but more importantly, more

quality clients, the ones that you are called to serve because

I firmly believe there’s some people you are called to serve

and others not so much.

So many guys hope this adds value to you.

If so, do me a huge favor.

Share this with a fellow Fit pro friend.

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