Speaker 1:        What would you do if you had all the time and financial freedom in the world? In this episode, we’re going to talk all about the goals you need to set in order to make that happen. Do you want to create Marquis or scale your online fitness business? My name’s Sean Garner, and here we give real thick pros, the tips, tools, and strategies. They need to succeed online. Welcome to the entrepreneur podcast.

Speaker 2:        What’s up guys. Welcome to [00:00:30] the ultra fit podcast. I hope you guys have been enjoying this so far. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from everybody. So, so hopefully we just continue to add more value to everybody. So this question was proposed to me by my business coach and asked me this. If I had all the time and financial freedom in the world, what would I do? Um, and I think it’s a really good question because whenever most people go to start out, especially most fitness professionals go to start [00:01:00] out with creating their online fitness business. Um, the goal is typically just, oh man, I need to make more money. I just need to get out from what I’m doing. And there’s not typically a bigger picture or long-term thought into anything that they do. So I have found that if you truly want to be successful, you got to have more than just the one thing you’re looking for.

Speaker 2:        You got to have a bigger, global, more long-term perspective of your life. [00:01:30] And the thing that you’re trying to create, because if you don’t, once you make that first little goal, once you start making a little bit more money, um, and for most fitness professionals, you know, especially when they’re coming online, they do a few things and they double triple their income and they’re making more money than they’ve ever made in their life. They find out that they’re still unfulfilled and unsatisfied. So my coach, my mentor position to me creating my F six goals. So what is, what are the F six [00:02:00] goals? So your F six goals are the same. I don’t know of a better way to say the six F’s of your life. Um, but it’s having goals in more than just one area. So it’s your faith goals, your family goals, friendship goals, fitness goals, finance goals, and your fun goals.

Speaker 2:        So what I want to do today is break down kind of how I have positioned this and use this for myself personally. And then at the end of this, hopefully challenge you guys [00:02:30] to take some time, sit back and reflect on this and think about what you want to do and the type of life that you are trying to build for yourself with this business. Because I very much believe your business should be built in a way to set that is set up to serve you and your goals too often. What happens is people make short-term sacrifices and all they do is build a prison that pays. And so they just take all those time for money problems that their business had, [00:03:00] and they take it online. So where it’s not actually truly any better or more scalable, it’s just done remotely. Um, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a better quality of life.

Speaker 2:        They’re not going to be making more money and it’s not going to ultimately serve them and the goals that they have. So I think that you need to have the six thing, the six areas of your life. You’ve got to have goals set for them. If you want to be successful, we got the kids home from school. So it’s, uh, it’s gonna be an interesting summer, but [00:03:30] yeah, um, as, as we’re building this goals, that’s what you should ultimately be thinking about. How does this serve the bigger picture? How do does this add more value to my life? Um, and the F six goals that you have for your life. So here we go, I’m gonna break down and I’m gonna share some of mine, uh, but not all of them with you, because I will tell you this. I think that there’s some goals that you should not share publicly.

Speaker 2:        You probably, honestly, a lot of your bigger goals shouldn’t share publicly. You should have somebody that is a, an accountability partner, you know, spouse, significant [00:04:00] other, um, your, your coach or mentors that you share these goals, but I’ve seen some people get their goals crushed and stop pursuing it. And then because they shared them with somebody and because somebody else, I couldn’t see that for themselves. They told them, oh, that’s an unrealistic goal. You don’t want to stop dreaming big. Um, like I shared in a couple of podcasts ago, I’ve never heard a successful person or had a successful person tell me that my [00:04:30] goals were too big. My dreams were too big. I was working too hard. Um, I was striving for too much. I’ve never had that been told to me by a successful person. Um, but I have by unsuccessful people. So, so be careful whenever you are sharing your goals, I will tell you that because a lot of times, if people can’t see it for themselves, they will immediately shut you down.

Speaker 2:        Um, it’s just kind of the, the sadness of the broken world is people just want to pull each other down. So I want to share some of mine with you to kind of give [00:05:00] you a jumpstart on how I view these, but I definitely would encourage you guys. You need to have F six goals done. If you truly want to build a business that serves you and your goal and your life purpose. So, so number one is your faith goal. So me personally, I am a Christian. And so I have certain goals that I have for my faith. I believe that we are all designed and called for a bigger purpose and a bigger mission in our life. Um, my, my mission and my calling right now, [00:05:30] I’m using the tool of a fitness business coach and consultant. Um, but that’s not my greater purpose and greater mission in life.

Speaker 2:        So I have certain goals for my faith to make sure that that stays a priority. It’s always in the forefront of everything that I do. And it is for me personally, the guiding light for all the decisions that I make. So, so for me, for example, with one of my faith goals is I told you guys before it was just my daily schedule and how I do things. I very [00:06:00] first thing I do when I wake up the first 30 minutes of my day are spent. Um, now that it’s summer, it’s warmer outside, out on the back porch, drinking my coffee, do my devotion morning, prayer time, making sure that my mind is right and focused on the right things before I attack my day. Um, because I know that if I, if I had that mental time check each day for my faith rest of everything that I do, um, I’m going to have a good compass to kind of guide things off of.

Speaker 2:        So, um, I’ve got lots of other, other, uh, things that I have [00:06:30] within that faith, uh, category and everything that are SuperShuttle. Um, but, uh, I definitely think that you need to have something that is bigger than yourself, that you are doing this whole thing for. Um, so that’s number one is the faith goals. And then number two, you know, me, family, family is number two. So you need to, uh, mean you have these goals for your family, because I will tell you this. I spent probably the first eight years in the fitness industry, [00:07:00] um, not having any family priority goals at all, because I was always told, and I hate this saying, well, that’s just how the industry is. You know, you’re, you’re not going to get to have dinner with your family. You’re going to be up at the gym. Um, that’s, that’s just how it’s supposed to be if you really want to make it in this industry.

Speaker 2:        And by doing that, my family life suffered for so long and it wasn’t until I reshifted my focus, my [00:07:30] goals, and my priority that family life started improving. Um, and now, honestly, I have an incredible, uh, family life and, you know, you can say work, life balance. Um, but, uh, I love the life that I have and I firmly believe it’s because I also have these goals for my family. So one of my family goals is, uh, I, I have a date night with my wife, so we’re going to have at least, um, once a month, that’s a little bit more, it’s been more a once a month is realistic. I try to do something weekly, [00:08:00] uh, if possible for a date night, just me and my wife. Um, so to where we always keep that number one and strong, then we also have family goals to where we’ve got certain trips plan.

Speaker 2:        So many times per year. Um, we do like a typically Friday night is like family. Like we do like pizza burgers. It’s like fun night where we’ll, we’ll go out to eat or order some food in. And it’s family night where we’ll spend time together. We’ll try and do something fun on the weekends. Cause my wife and I both, we work really, really hard during the week. Cause we want to make sure that on the weekends [00:08:30] we, uh, and, and our evenings, we get to spend time as a family and everything to making sure that that is always solid because what’s the point I’ve seen so many people build up big businesses, make all this money only to, you know, 10, 20, 30 years later come back and realize that they don’t even have a family they’ve gone through multiple divorces. They don’t know their kids, kids don’t like them.

Speaker 2:        And what’s the point of building all of this stuff up. Um, if you don’t have your family to share it with, or in my case, one of my [00:09:00] big goals and purposes is to leave a legacy for them. So as I’m doing all this stuff, my wife and I are doing all of this for our business, want to make sure that we keep that family, uh, tied strong. So, uh, we, we’re not, you know, not having a relationship with our kids. I want us to be to where we’re there. We’re good friends with them. And you know that our, our children look up to us and they want to come to us and share things with us. And if you don’t make them a priority and have goals for your family, um, [00:09:30] you won’t have those things. So one is faith goals, two family goals, three, you got to have friendship goals.

Speaker 2:        So this might sound bad, but I don’t know, want or need a lot of friends. Um, I am okay and really would rather have depth than width. So I honestly only have about three people that I would consider like super strong, close, personal friends. These are people that no, no, the good, the bad and the ugly about me. [00:10:00] I could call them at any time. Um, we could talk for five minutes, um, or we could talk, provide hours is because they are true friends. And so in order to maintain that friendship, things don’t just happen, um, accidentally you have to be intentional with it. So I have certain check-in points, things that I do with the friends that I have in my life. And I want to keep in my life to make sure that those relationships stay cultivated. Um, we have couples goals as, uh, as my wife and [00:10:30] I, I put it into where we’ll try and do at least once a month, do something with another couple.

Speaker 2:        So we can maintain those couple relationships and everything as well. Um, because again, what’s the point of going through this life, building this business and making all this income. Now, if you don’t have cool people around you to share that with, so yeah. Faith goals, family goals, friendship goals, and then this one’s probably easiest for you guys fitness. Um, I went to live a long, healthy life. I’m not trying to be, um, you know, [00:11:00] cover model ripped up shredded all the time, but the Duomo, I have to think, I look good naked. So I, so I got to stay good for all of that. She’s over here just like face palming right now, but

Speaker 3:        I want to look good. Good, good for my

Speaker 2:        Wife. Um, but I want to have longevity. I don’t want to kill myself and destroy and wreck my health. Um, thankfully I’ve got the world’s greatest hormone therapy provider, uh, whoop whoop Courtney garner at restore U wellness, little plug for her. [00:11:30] Um, the take care of my health and optimize all that stuff, but I wouldn’t have longevity. I don’t want to get to the end of my life or, or to the later years of my life. Again, I’ve made all this money. Maybe I’ve got a great family relationship. I’ve got all of these friends, faith is strong, but you know, I’m just on my death bed. I I’m in a wheelchair and confined, like I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my life. I want to be able to play and run my children or my grandchildren great-grandchildren would be like the fun. Great-grandpa like, oh my gosh, look at crazy grandpa.

Speaker 2:        Garner’s [00:12:00] out, you know, doing it again. Like I want to make sure that I’m taking care of myself. Uh, so I can enjoy the wine if that I’ve been so blessed with. So that’s that the next one, um, is your finance goals. So I think a lot of times we will set short term income goals, but we don’t have a long-term perspective, especially I’ve seen a lot of fitness professionals. One of the things that’s definitely, at least I haven’t heard shared openly [00:12:30] or talked a lot about is things about saving for retirement investment accounts, um, how to create streams of revenue, not just in what you do, but in other ones, markets with the income that you’re making, it’s, it’s honestly not, not discussed. And I don’t think most fitness professionals even go down that route, um, because there’s so much living for the moment they’re used to just living session by session and they don’t have any true financial goals.

Speaker 2:        It’s like, oh, I’ve got to make so many sessions to pay my bills this month. [00:13:00] Or man, I want to make six figures. I wanna make a hundred thousand dollars a year and that’s it. And they don’t really think about what that means or what that would look like longterm. Um, whenever I set my financial goals, yes, I have an income amount that I want to make, but that is the low end of the goals for me, for me, the bigger goals are a better way to think about it is I have a certain amount of money I want to put into savings and investment accounts and other business ventures. My wife and I are involved in [00:13:30] and it’s that side because I know that if I’m putting the money into that and if I’m able to commit to having goals, to investing and saving a lot, um, and putting that money aside that way, that it’s going to be working for me.

Speaker 2:        So we always want to be working smarter with our money and not harder. I don’t want, um, fitness professionals to feel like they’re always having to, you know, be working all of these crazy hours and sessions like, yes, we want to make more money and time freedom. And we start that with our online fitness business by getting these other streams of revenue. [00:14:00] But then what do you do with that money? That is where we start talking about true legacy and, uh, creating real wealth and not just making a good income. There’s a very, very big difference there. So I’ve got certain financial goals as far as how much that I want to be able to donate to charities how much I want to be able to put into savings each year. Um, and then how much I want to be able to save up by, you know, quote unquote retirement.

Speaker 2:        I know I’m never going to retire. Um, I’m going to be doing something until I die, just because I’m not that type [00:14:30] of a person, but have a lump, a pig, a big amount of money. So I only have to do what I want 100% and what to do. And money’s not a problem. I think that if, uh, I always joke with my wife, like money’s a dumb problem to have to have, so let’s, let’s work hard so we don’t have to worry about it. And then there are, uh, when it comes to financial goals, I do that. You need to have short term rewards for yourself, especially if you are a entrepreneurial or solo preneur type person, you know, you don’t get [00:15:00] your quarterly bonus or reviews and stuff from a boss or anything like that anymore. So you need to be able to reward yourself.

Speaker 2:        So I’ve got a few metrics that I have once I hit certain, uh, levels of my business that I give myself a reward. Um, so I definitely need it. The thing that you need to do that with your business, it just pushes you to just, you know, just a little fun thing to, to reward yourself for all the hard work that you’re doing. So quick recap, we’ve got our faith goals, our family goals, our friendship goals, [00:15:30] our fitness goals, our finance goals, the last one, and one that I ignored and tell probably honestly about six months ago. And I’ve been, I’ve been making it more of a priority over the last two or three months. And it’s been awesome. Your fun goals. Yeah. Gotta have fun. What’s the point of making all this money, building a big business, if you don’t get to have fun with it.

Speaker 2:        So I’ve got some, uh, fun things that I do [00:16:00] that I like to do. I love being outside. Um, man, I I’m, uh, I’m uh, I’m now I guess I’m a country boy from Oklahoma. I love going to the gun range. Um, I’ve got certain fun things that I like to do that have nothing to do with fitness, nothing to do with, with owning my business, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, all the stuff that I do that is just fine. Um, love spending time with our family. So those two things kind of go together, but you have to schedule your fun, all these things that you set goals for guys have to [00:16:30] be scheduled planned into your, uh, weekly calendar, um, and in your monthly calendar and all of that stuff, or they won’t happen if you just write these goals down, that’s a great first step, but you have to block out time for yourself.

Speaker 2:        So all of these things I have done, so I’ve written these goals down and I have also, and we’re going to talk about this in the next episode, with time management, how to create your calendar, your daily to-do list, um, and all of that stuff. [00:17:00] But I have blocked off or my schedule things to help me with my faith goals. With my morning devotion time, I’ve got family goals, uh, blocked off to where after a certain time of the day, I don’t work after 6:00 PM. Uh, you know, unless something’s burning down, you know, call nine one one. I don’t know why he’d call me anyway, but after 6:00 PM, my phone goes on, do not disturb mode. Um, so that’s, that’s the family goes and on the weekend, it’s, it’s pretty much always on do not disturb friendship goals. I’ve got blocked out meetings and gatherings and stuff [00:17:30] and dinners and stuff with friends and couples and stuff like that.

Speaker 2:        Fitness goals. I block out all my schedule, my workout time each day, uh, finance goals. I have, uh, quarterly meetings and monthly meetings set up with bookkeepers accountants and financial advisors to make sure we’re staying on track with those financials. It’s in the calendar. It’s not just a, I hope it goes well, it’s gotta be booked and it’s gotta be blocked off. And the last one is fun. Gold. I actually block out certain times. I got some stuff I’m doing this weekend. I’m super pumped about. Um, [00:18:00] but it’s blocked off on my calendar. And so if you don’t block these things out, it’s great to write them down. But if you don’t block them out and start making time for those things, they will never happen. So I hope this kind of gives you guys an idea of some goals or the areas that you should be creating.

Speaker 2:        The goals for your life, for your business can remember your business is meant to serve you and your goal. But if you don’t have these goals, they’re just ideas in your head. Um, [00:18:30] unfortunately you probably will never achieve them. So make sure you take some time guys reflect, write down your F six goals, your faith, your family, your friends, and your fitness, your finance, and your fun goals. So you can start shaping the business that you want to build. This is one of the foundational things that I have my clients do when they start working with me with my entre fit business coaching, because this helps to shape the type of business we build. Um, if you [00:19:00] don’t want to put that much timing into your business, well, it, because you want to have these huge family goals, um, and stuff like that. Okay, that’s good.

Speaker 2:        We need to know that before we start building this thing, you need to know where you want to go. So you know what you need to build. I do not believe there’s a one size fits all approach to business. Um, I believe there are certain strategies and frameworks that apply to all businesses. Um, but I don’t think that it’s like, this is the way to do it. If you want to be successful now, your business is meant to serve [00:19:30] you and your goals. Everybody’s goals are going to be a little bit different. So it take some time write yours down. Um, so that way you can start building a business that serves you and those goals. So how does that add value guys? Make sure you subscribe. If you’re watching on YouTube, click down here below, and you can subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Google store, where we’re on all the places I’m hosted on anchor. If you’re listening to the audio version, click down and you can watch the, uh, watches follow us on YouTube. We got tons of other content on YouTube as well. These episodes twice a week, 30 minutes of less actionable steps [00:20:00] that real fitness pros can take to grow their online fitness business. So love you guys. Thank you so much and have an awesome day.