Are you making these mistakes with your fitness business?

I hope not.

But if you are, we’re going to show you what they are, how

to avoid them.

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Hope this adds lots of value to you and you consider subscribing

if you are a real fit pro looking to win online, not to be

a Debbie Downer with this one, but there’s a lot of mistakes

that I see people making and honestly simple mistakes with

their fitness business.

But I wanted to today focus on just quickly, three ones that

I see more often than not and kind of give you some things

that you should be doing instead.

If you truly want to grow your fitness coaching business,

your online fitness business, or honestly, just even your

fitness business in person, you have a brick and mortar facility,

personal training studio, group fitness instructor that you

are, whatever it is, I see these three mistakes all the time

they are.

Let’s dive into this and get started right away.

Three mistakes that I see fit pros making with their own

fitness business.

That is a sign right there.

Did you hear the Bell that you should be listening to?

This number one is trying to copy the influencers.

So this is what you have to realize is what people do from

A to B is not the same things that you go from B to C.

I actually talked about that on the last podcast episode.

What I see a lot of Fit pros and fitness businesses trying

to do is copy what they see the influencers doing because

they think, oh, if it’s working for them, it must be working

for me.

That’s what the industry wants right now.

That’s not the case.

What you have to realize is the things that these people

have done to grow their brand, grow their community, and

grow this online audience to the size that it is is not necessarily

the things that they are currently doing.

And if you just try to copy those things, it’s going to be

extremely unauthentic, not genuine to you.

And it’s going to seem like you’re trying too hard and that

it’s fake.

What you need to look at is what did they do when they were

first getting started?

What were the types of things they were posting?

What was the things they were speaking about?

Because typically, from my experience, what I see, this is

kind of what happened.

These huge accounts that you see online with millions of

followers, the fitness industry, typically, they started

out doing what all the trainers should be doing, right now

they are posting valuable content.

They were sharing their workouts.

They were sharing their personal transformation stories that

they were having, and that was drawing people into their

world because it was adding value to the people around them.

And the community began to grow well as the community and

audience began to grow.

Now there’s more people that are getting results following

this person’s program, and they’re sharing those success

stories, those transformations of those people.

And then the content kind of starts the shift to where it’s

not so much about the thing that drew people in, but it’s

about the people that are doing those things originally because

then typically, now they’ve turned that thing that they are

originally doing into some type of a product that they’re

selling. So they’re not advertising the product all the time

as far as like, hey, just copy this and get the results.

It’s sharing the people, the success stories of the people

that have already gone through the program.

And then it’s more about the person and about the individual

because they, in essence, are the brand and people are following

them just because they want to honestly be nosy and kind

of into stock people and see how they live their lives, how

they parent their kids, what supplements they eat, what workouts

they’re doing, what clothing, they like, what brands they

prefer, and they’re following them for those reasons.

But if they would have started out doing those things, nobody

would have cared like nobody would have cared somebody with

200 followers telling them what protein they have because

they haven’t really earned that right by adding value with

other areas into their lives.

So I do believe that Tony Robin has, quote, success leaves

clues very much believe in that.

But I think that you have to look back as to what led to

somebody success and not necessarily seeing them for where

they’re at now, because that could lead you into a trap of

trying to copy people that you don’t understand necessarily

the journey of what took them to where they’re at that’s

number one.

The big fitness mistake that I see is people trying to copy

influencers. I will say this.

I didn’t even touch on this.

That’s just for the content, but I also see them trying to

copy them for their offers.

This XYZ person has a product that they’re selling for $15

a month.

So I should create something that sells for $15 a month.

No, you should if you have a small distribution or small

audits. No, you should.

The reason why they do that is two folds.

One, they have a huge audience, so they know that just statistically

that if they sell a lot to your product, they’re going to

convert a certain percentage of them to that.

And then two, it doesn’t make sense for somebody with 2 million

followers to do a one on one online coaching program that

they’re selling for.

Let’s say, 600 $800 a month because they can only have the

capacity to work with so many people, and they have a huge

network to monetize.

So it just doesn’t make financial sense for them to do a

high price point service.

Just like it doesn’t make financial sense for somebody with

a small audience to do a low ticket.

It doesn’t make sense for somebody with a large audience

to do a high ticket.

That’s typically what you’ll see like if they have a high

ticket, it’s like crazy high, like come spend a weekend with

me for ten K or something like that.

And the rest that they’re selling is like these courses and

stuff like that are these subscriptions, these ebooks and

everything. So whenever you’re trying to look at these influencers

again, don’t copy their content and don’t copy their offer

because you don’t understand the process that it took to

get there.

Number two.

And this will let me take my time to explain this one because

I know that it’s going to ruffle some feathers of mistakes

I see Fit Pros make with their online fitness business.

They’re focusing too much on their certifications.

Your clients don’t care what certifications you have.

Calm down before you get your pitch Forks out and start attacking

me in any comments or DMs or anything like this.

Your certifications are extremely important.

I am a huge believer of continuing education and think that

if you really, truly want to have longevity in this industry,

you must always be getting adding more tools to the toolbox

and sharpening your craft of fitness training.

However, very few, I’m sure there’s going to be some outliers.

Well, I had this one client reach out to me because I got

XYZ search.

Very few people are searching for that they’re looking for

like we talked about in the last episode, solutions to Problems.

This is what I’ll say about search your certifications, keep

your customers and clients.

They don’t bring new ones in.

I know you don’t need those certifications to bring your

clients in, but you absolutely need them if you want to have

sustainability and continually serve your clients.

So think about this.

The trainers that Fit Pros that are out there constantly

getting those certifications.

That’s what gets a client from just getting quick results

in twelve weeks and getting consistent results over years

of working with you is having that knowledge to know how

to progress and modify workouts exercises based the goals

that the client currently has.

Where I see Fit Pros messing up is they’re super proud about

the work that they’ve done and their whole social media BIOS.

Their whole about US pages on their website is just dumping

all the certifications that they have.

This is what I’ll say to that.

I would say very few if any clients that are willing to pay

you money online will actually know what all those acronyms

and certifications or even the value of those things bring

where they see, the value in them is after they’ve been working

with you.

They see that there’s a difference between you and somebody

that’s just selling bikini guides online.

Those certifications give you the right, in my opinion, to

actually serve people and train people and coach people and

speaking to their lives because you’ve paid your dues, you

have the knowledge and experience to get them results.

Whenever you focus on that from part of your marketing message

that doesn’t speak to your clients because they’re not looking

for a CSCS.

They’re not looking for a NASM trainer, they’re not looking

for an Ace trainer.

They’re looking for somebody to help them with a problem.

So that’s very valuable real estate that I see fit Pros wasting

in BIOS and social media on copy, on website.

All of your messaging should be super clear and articulate.

The problem that you solve, how you make people’s lives better

and what they need to do to get started with you because

your customers are looking for their solutions, not how awesome

of a Fit pro and all the Alphabet soup you have behind your

name. So I very much believe that those certifications are

powerful and that you need them.

But getting you another certification, another Kettle Bell

certification, another core certification is not going to

get you more clients.

It will give you the skills and the XS and OS to be able

to serve them once you get them.

But it’s not going to bring new clients in.

It’s going to help you keep them because you’re going to

be able to constantly and consistently deliver on results.

So that’s number two, number one is trying to copy the influencer.

Number two is focusing too much on their certifications,

especially whenever it comes to their marketing collateral.

And number three is not being consistent.

This applies to everything.

This applies to your fitness, your health, your relationships,

but also your business.

I see so many Fit Pros say they’re going to start posting

more content.

I’m going to grow this brand, grow this online community.

They do it for three to five days, and then they quit because

they don’t have enough time.

They’re too busy and they’re like, Man, this is a lot of

work. Yeah, it’s a lot of work.

Just because it’s easier to scale time online doesn’t mean

that it still doesn’t take time to grow online and to leverage

digital for your business.

What I see that Pro is doing and why they’re not able to

be consistent is two big things.

One, they’re not great at time management, and they have

no systems and accountability in place.

People are okay with letting themselves down.

And until you have consistently, you know, put time in to

see your business flourish.

When you do those things, it’s really hard for you to buy

into the concept of, like, hey, I do.

I get a result.

And with your social content, with your email marketing,

with your with your podcast, whatever it is that you do,

you have to be consistent with this whenever, especially

you’re trying to grow online.

You have to show up every single day.

Think about this with your in person business.

Imagine you were trying to grow a personal training roster

of clients or grow your group fitness studio with your brick

and mortar facility, and you only showed up one to two days

a week.

Probably it wouldn’t surprise you if your business was not

booming and thriving if you are only showing up to work one

to two days a week.

Now, whenever you’re growing online, well, you have to remember

and realize is people only see what you allow them to see.

You may be a busy trainer doing eight to twelve sessions

a day, plus bouncing all over your city, doing group fitness

classes and everything as well.

And I don’t have time to focus on creating content.

I’m running around the city.

That should be what you’re showcasing, posting that day in

the life of a trainer in your Instagram story, shooting quick

little videos, compiling them together and showing what it’s

actually like to work with a real fit pro.

That’s your area of opportunity right there, because it may

be we talked about two or three episodes of Go with What’s

your tea.

It may be little T true that you are busy right now, but

it doesn’t mean capital T truth that you are too busy to

have an online business or to make this work.

I’m very much I’m a firm believer.

If you want something, you can make it happen if you consistently

show up with discipline.

And so by showing up every day online, it let your customers

know they can trust you.

Why would you expect somebody to give you money for an online

coaching business?

If you’re not even showing up every day online, you got to

show up.

You got to be consistent.

If you want to build that trust and connect with this community

online that you’re trying to build.

What I would say with that, you got to dive in.

You got to own your schedule.

I know too many people fit pros that tell me I’m Super organized

with my time.

Okay, show me your calendar.

Well, it’s more so just in my head is how I do it like, no,

guys, that’s not.

That’s not how this works.

You actually have to have something.

I use Google calendars.

You can have a written down calendar if that’s what works

best for you, but you have to have something.

I don’t care what the tool is.

As long as you use it consistently, then you have to have

systems. You have to have systems for helping you to create

content to batchshoot content, write out content, whatever

it is.

So you have a system in place to help hold you accountable.

And then the third thing is you got to have that accountability

if you don’t have someone there pushing you just like your

clients need to coach.

You need a coach too.

You need somebody that’s going to hold you accountable and

make sure that you’re doing these things and you’re not making

these mistakes.

And that’s absolutely what we do at Entroit coaching guys.

So I would love the opportunity to work with you if you are

a real fit pro and you’re looking for that increased accountability,

avoiding the mistakes that so many people make online and

want a clear blueprint on exactly what you need to do to

leverage online.

To win online.

Love the opportunity to work with you.

Just go to entrancing.

Com and drop your name, email phone number there.

I’m going to personally reach out and call you and get a

time to set up, hear a little bit more about your business

and see if it’s a good fit and if it is a good fit.

Guys, we have a no brainer offer.

If you are actually serious about growing your business,

we let you try our coaching program out for just one dollars

for one week.

Check it out.

See if it’s a good fit for you.

Because if not, I don’t want people to give me money.

If I’m not serving and adding value to them.

Don’t make those mistakes.


Stop trying to copy the influencers.

Stop focusing so much on your certs and make sure you are

consistent and you’re showing up every day to serve the people

you are called to serve does add value to you guys.

To be huge favor.

Share with your fit pro friends.

Stay tuned for the next episode.

Love you and have an awesome day.