There’s two things you need in your marketing message.

There’s more than he.

But we’re going to talk about two of them you need coming

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So there are more than two things that you need with your

fitness marketing messaging.

But I want to talk about two of them today, more specifically,

as it relates to what your customers are looking for in a

coach as you as their guide, what they’re really searching

for because what we talked about in the past, they don’t

want your workout programs.

They want the solutions to the problems that they have, and

those get solved with your workout programs, your nutrition

programs. If you’re coaching with your accountability and

all that good stuff and the value and service that you guys

provide what they’re looking for, and they might not even

know this.

But what they end up driving their purchasing decision on

is two things that they’re really looking for.

You think about yourself.

This is what you’re looking for.

If you’ve hired a coach for something or you purchased something,

you’re looking for these two things, and if they’re not there,

or if they’re there, the wrong proportion, it will completely

change the customer buying experience.

And most likely, they will not give you their money.

And here’s the two things, empath and authority.

Those are the two things that they are looking for in your

messaging and in your marketing, on your website, on your

social posts, your online storefronts, when they walk in

their facility is empathy and authority.


Does this person really get me?

Do they understand and know what I’m really dealing with?

Do they know what it’s like to be me?

That’s what they’re looking for, somebody that can relate

to them, put their arm around them and come alongside of

them and say, I know what it feels like to deal with whatever

problem you solve.

The second thing is authority.

Somebody that actually has done this before you’ve got testimonials,

you’ve got social proof.

You’ve got a proven system that works for people just like

them. They’re looking for those two things, and if they can’t

find them, they will go to one of the other Fit Pros online

that does a better job of equating those two things, but

they have to be in balance.

It’s not just enough to have them there.

They have to be in balance.

So if you have too much of one and not enough of the other,

you will see what you often see with bad marketing.

So imagine this.

Somebody walks into the facility, comes into your website,

reaches out to you on social media.

Back in the day when I had Project Dad Bot and let’s say

a dad reaches out to me and says, oh, man, I’m really struggling

to drop these £25 I’ve put on since I’ve gotten married.

I’m just really lacking confidence and I really wish I could

lose this dad bot and I went, oh, me too.

Do you know anybody that can could do this?

Like, wouldn’t it be so great if you could just finally drop

your dad bass like, man, that would be awesome.

And right, I’ve got tons of empathy.

I know what it looks like to be that person, but have absolute

zero authority and showing them that I could actually get

them the results.

The flip side is and this is what I see a lot of in the industry.

And if it’s anything, we don’t do enough empathy.

We have too much of authorities thing about this client comes

up the same situation they’re like, man, I want to lose £25,

put this weight on.

Since I got married to my wife, I’m really looking to be

able to drop the dad Bod forever.

And the trainers like, it’s simple, that’s all you got to

do is work out two times a day, eat all your meals out of

Tupperware, chicken, broccoli and rice four times a day on

the weekends.

Maybe you splurge and you put a little barbecue, saw some

of the kitchen, but don’t quit.

You got to work hard.

If you really want this, you can make it happen.

I don’t know why in my head the trainer talks like that,

but right, it’s unbelievable.

It’s unsustainable.

They’ve got so much authority, but no empathy on what it’s

really like to be that person and to go through that situation

to be that struggling debt.

What you really need is a happy balance of the two.

You want to show empathy and let them know that you understand

it, but at the same time, demonstrate your authority.

So a better version of of that same similar scenario would

be potential client reaches out and your response to be something

like this.

I know exactly what it’s like to be like that I actually

even work inside of a gym and I struggle to find time to

work out for myself and to be confident in my own skin until

I actually found and created a fitness program that I call

Project Dad Bod, which gave the opportunity for busy data

like you and me to burn fat faster with simple, fun, effective

workout programs and nutrition.

That’s so simple.

Even the kids I want to eat it like that right there shows

empathy and authority, and then you follow up with even more

of this is just like dad James over here, and James was just

like you, and you show them some testimonials and social

proof of other people that were just like them that reached

out that you got those results for in the past, empathy and

authority. You got to show those things in your messaging,

guys. And most of the time, you are doing too much of one

and not enough of the other.

You’ve got to have both.

You got to show that you care about your clients, that you

understand what it’s like to be them, because most likely,

you were a variation of that person before you’ve worked

with people like them, but you have to have that empathy.

You’ve got to show some common ground.

Second thing is, you actually have to show authority.

This is why I honestly kind of stuck the duck in my favor,

and I only work with the real Fit pros because you’ve gotten

results for people.

You have proof of concept.

You just need help with your marketing, your messaging, and

your systems to actually create a successful business.

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