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Okay, so I want to give today real talk.

I came up with three things, and it kind of all encompasses

around one big thing around why I see so many people struggle

to make it work with their online business.

They do all the right things that they hire, the coaches,

that they buy the courses, but why it doesn’t still work

out for them.

It’s not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with the

coaching program, although sometimes there can be or the

course, but it has everything to do with something much,

much bigger.

So let’s just get into this thing.

The very first thing that you’re probably and why you’re

struggling with is experience.

I see so many people that they’ve got maybe six months in

as a personal trainer and a this is kind of hard.

I’m going to go online where it’s so much easier and they

take six months of experience and now for working as a trainer

in person.

All of a sudden they think that they have everything that

they need to have a high level, six figure online fitness

coaching business.

There may be people that can do that, and there’s probably

lots of people that will take your money to show you how

to do that.

I think that is wrong.

Online training and online coaching is not and should not

be a less than service.

It seems as if there’s a lot of people that couldn’t hack

it as an in person trainer, and they weren’t very good at

it. So they’re like, oh, maybe if I’m online, then I can

figure it out and it’ll work for me.

I don’t think that’s the case.

You have to be even better, in my opinion, than just the

average personal trainer to be successful as an online trainer,

especially long term, because think about this.

If you’ve never taught somebody how to regress, modify, or

progress a squad, a dead lift, or any type of movement pattern,

what makes you think that you’re going to be able to do it

and coach somebody remotely without being able to be there

and be tactile with them, right?

You’ve got to have the reps into just automatically know.


Most of the time, whenever I’m teaching this movement, this

is where the movement breaks down.

This is something people have issues with.

This is where after this many reps in.

This is typically where form starts to suffer.

This is the load.

I see average people be able to move safely.

You don’t know those things.

If you don’t have enough time and reps in as experience,

you got to do that.

So I get so frustrated with seeing people try to go online

as an easier or less than coaching service.

And that honestly is one of the big things in my opinion

that’s hurting the industry is people are not good trainers

or coaches, and they try to hide that fact by going online

and posting a bunch of really good stuff on social media

that eventually will get flashed out.

And that’s why number one reason why your business is probably

struggling is you don’t have experience.

You’re not actually good at this thing for me.

At least whenever somebody hires me to help them come online

or to scale their in person business to leverage digital

to create more revenue streams, they have to be good at what

they do.

I can’t make you a better coach that comes with experience

that comes with time in and reps.

Yes, there’s books, there’s courses and stuff that you could

take. You should absolutely be doing continuing Ed CEUs for

your certifications and everything to grow in those exes

and no skills that comes on top of the biz Dev side stuff.

You have to be good at your craft in order to be successful.

There’s no way around that you can’t sneak around.

I mean, you can for a little bit, but that’s what damaging

the industry is.

So many people are doing these mediocre attempts at coaching

and saying that that’s fitness and that honestly is just

hurting the industry.

So number one thing is check yourself and do you actually

have experience at what you’re trying to do?

If you’re going online and you don’t have experience, you

need to stop and you need to actually start training people,

get some reps in, train friends, train family members.

At first, you’re not going to be able to charge a higher

price points because guess what, you don’t have the experience,

you have an approval.

You don’t actually know if you can do it or not.

You read a textbook.

That’s awesome.

But now you have to actually go out there and serve people

and get some reps in and prove that you actually can execute

on everything that you’ve learned.

One of my favorite quotes, and I say this to myself on a

daily basis.

I sit to my clients all the time.

Knowledge without execution is meaningless.

It doesn’t matter what you know.

It matters what you can execute on what you can apply.

You can read all these textbooks.

You can take all these certifications.

But if you can’t apply them for real people, get real results

with them.

You don’t have an experience, you have ideas.

And so what you need to do right now is if that’s where you’re

filling your out, do a little self assessment.

If that’s where you’re at, you need to go get some experience.

You need to go out there and train some people.

You need to spend some time finding clients.

You need to understand what it’s like to coach movements,

to somebody, to progress, somebody to modify, to scale, to

keep workouts fun, interesting engagement.

You need to learn the art of coaching.

Then once you learn that stuff, you can leverage your time

effort and create multiple streams of revenue by adding in

an online component.

But don’t try to sneak around experience by just coming online.

So that’s number one good experience.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but you need experience.

Number two kind of the same thing.

But also you’re just not asking is you have to have success

stories. Guys, I don’t care how long you have been in fitness.

I get so frustrated whenever somebody reaches out to me for

coaching and help, I say, how long have you been in fitness?

And I get an answer like this.

I’ve been working out since I was 14 years old, so about

six years?

No, no, no.

How long have you been working out?

How long have you been working in fitness?

How long have people been giving you money to do what you

do? Well, I mean, I haven’t really actually trained anybody

like, okay, that goes back to the experience thing.

You need social proof to be able to show other people that

you have gotten results for other people in the past that

are dealing with the same problem.

If not, and there are people that go out there and they fake

this stuff.

And it’s again frustrating and damaging the industry, but

actually have to be able to get results for people guys and

prove that you can do those things.

If not, that’s what’s going to be hurting you.

How you get that is back to step one.

You got to have experience.

Then if you do have experience, I see so many fit pros that

they’ve trained dozens to hundreds of people, but they’ve

never even asked.

You got to ask your clients for this stuff.

This is so important to your business, especially whenever

you start trying to leverage online with your website for

your brick and mortar for social content, for your online

stuff. If you guys don’t have those success stories and those

testimonials, that social proof, people don’t know.

Whenever you start trying to scale everything and leveraging

online for building your business, people only know what

you allow them to see at your in person facility.

Wherever you’re training at, maybe you own a facility.

People know you as the guy, the girl, the trainer, the group

fitness instructor.

That’s really awesome because they see all of these micro

interactions and stuff.

They’ve seen you get results with other people because they’re

there in the facility when they’re outside of those walls

and they’re looking at you through the Internet machine here

the only thing that they see and know is what you show them.

So it doesn’t matter how many people that you’ve trained

doesn’t matter.

Other results you’ve gotten for people.

If you don’t share that with them, they’re not going to know.

So you have to get success stories.

You have to get these video testimonials and they have to

be specific.

We don’t want.

Sarah was a really nice trainer.

We want Sarah helped me lose £10 after I had my last child.

We want John helped me finally drop my dad bought and drop

£15 in six months.

We want very specific testimonials if we can get them on

video. That’s awesome.

But we need something to show social proof that we’ve gotten

results for other people.

I know tons of people, especially in the online space, that

they’re in really good shape and they automatically assume

that I’m in good shape work for me.

It must work for everybody.

Side Note I see the same thing with, quote, unquote fitness

business coaches where it worked for them.

So it must work for everybody.

There’s not a one size fits all approach to fitness or business,

and you guys need to realize that and you prove that with

testimonials, you need tons of testimonials, but at least

three solid ones that prove you can get results for people.

You’ve done it in the past and you’re gonna continue to do

it. That’s number two.

So number one, you got to get experience, get wraps in the

game. If your business is struggling, do you actually have

experience at what you’re trying to do and scale, if not

get experience?

That’s, in my opinion, pretty easy to do.

I know tons of people.

I will say this.

You might not be able to charge the price point that you

want right now, but you also have to realize you don’t have

the experience.

You haven’t earned the right to charge those prices yet because

you haven’t gotten results for anybody yet.

Second thing is, once you got those results, record them,

have those success stories those testimonials to show.

Then after that, you can go to step number three and not

step number three.

But work on issue number three that I see most people struggle

with and it’s actually knowing your clients or the people

that you want to serve.

I believe that there are some people that you are called

to serve and other people not so much what happens, especially

whenever people try to start advertising online, scaling

online, create some type of online revenue.

They get bogged down by the fact of picking a target market

because they get too focused on what’s going to pay the most

money. Which, yes, this is business.

This is business coaching.

I’m a business coach.

I’m an entrepreneur.

I want us to make money, but if that’s your sole driver,

you’re still going to end up creating what I call a prison

that pays because you’re going to be forcing yourself to

work with somebody just because you think it might pay you

more money.

But at the end of the day, you’re not going to enjoy who

you work with.

You’re not going to be obsessed with your clients.

And so it’s going to be difficult for you to connect with

them and thus find more and get them good results.

How you get to know your clients is by serving people.

Whenever before I even started doing online training, I had

been an in person trainer, I believe, for almost eight or

nine years, and so I had worked with hundreds of clients.

So I knew who I liked working with and who I didn’t.

So coming up with my online avatar came pretty easy.

Yes, I made mistakes on the way that I shared with you guys

in the past, but I knew who I wanted to work with.

I had had dozens of clients come to me with certain issues

that I knew I liked solving.

I had dozens of clients that were this certain personality

that that I really enjoy connecting and working with.

So they became my dream clients that I started marketing

to. And I see so many people struggle with this aspect because

they don’t actually know their clients.

They just pick a random target market demographic, and they’re

not obsessed with them because you have to be obsessed with

the people that you’re called to serve because this is the

service industry, and if you’re not obsessed with them, you’re

just going to get tired, you’re going to get burned out.

You’re not going to be on fire to show up to work for every

day. I love working with the right clients, and when I work

with the wrong one, it sucks freaking life out of me.

So I’m very, very selective about who I work with because

I want to be energized because I know how important my time

is just like everybody else is when you’re working with the

right people.

One you love showing up to work every day, and two, you go

out there and you crush it for them.

So it’s easy to over deliver whenever you love working with

the people that you’re called to serve.

But there’s a few things that you shouldn’t have to think.

You can just snap off and ride off that you know about your

clients. You should be able to easily quickly say, you know

what they want.

When clients come to you like, Boom, this is what they want.

You need to instantly know what are their blockers are the

biggest problems with why they can’t get what they want?

That should be somewhat pretty easy, like, yes, we can formulate

it, and we can make it a lot more clear and specific.

But you should have a pretty good idea.

You should have to be like, OOH, I don’t know why our clients

come in to me.

I don’t know what’s their problem.

I don’t know, why aren’t they getting results?

You should just know this because you got enough reps in

the game success stories to answer those questions.

You should know who they want to become because they’re not

coming to you guys for just workout programs and nutrition.

They’re coming because they want this new identity for themselves.

And you should just be able to rattle those things off.

I see a frustration I have with this aspect is I see people

that are, quote, unquote business coaches that are selling

courses and stuff to show you the target markets and niches

pay the highest for high ticket coaching.

Don’t fall into that trap, guys, because what it’s going

to do is it’s going to lead you to working with somebody

that you’re not super passionate about?

If you have experience, you’ve gotten success with certain

people in the past.

You know the type of people that you want to work with.

And then it’s all about creating the content and learning

how to speak to those people online and use their words to

attract them.

But you have to know your clients.

So to recap everything, guys free things of why I see people

continue to struggle even though they feel like they’re doing

everything right is one experience.

They don’t actually have experience in what they’re trying

to do.

That just requires time in I’m 100%, a huge believer in continuing

education, with courses with hiring coaches and mentors and

stuff. But you need to have realistic expectations.

You’re not going to do a twelve week coaching program or

work with a coach.

And after a couple of months with you only having six months

of experience of in person training, have a six figure business.

You got to realize it’s going to take time to grow something

because you don’t have experience yet.

You need experience.


Work with a guide, coach inventor to help you there.

Along the way, the second thing is you actually have to be

able to prove that you’ve done this not just for yourself,

but for other people.

You need success stories.

You need those video testimonials.

The more specific they can be, the better.

And you need at least three.

And they need to be killer and clear.

And then the third thing is, guys, you actually have to know

your clients and be obsessed with them.

You should know everything about them.

So you know where they’re spending their time online.

You know what they want.

You know what their blockers are.

You know what their problems are because you truly know your

clients. You’re obsessed with.

The man serving them is going to be so much easier.

So hope this adds a little value to you guys.

Maybe it’s a wake up call for you.

I was like, Man, I got to work on this area of my business

or it fired you up and you’re like, yes, I love that.

That’s exactly what I want to do, man.

That’s exactly what we do with our business coaching program

here with Trait.

And that’s what I am looking to do is to help these real

fitness pros create successful fitness business guys and

become a successful fitness entrepreneur.

Love to have you a part of the coaching program and to show

you a little bit more about what we do.

I want you to hear from one of my coaching clients, Alex,

and what his experience has been like with the coaching program.

What’s up, guys?

My name is Alex Tufan.

I’m a personal trainer, and I own a gym in a Lasso, Oklahoma.

Now, with the help of Sean, I have an online component to

my gym, which I am super excited about before working with

Sean, I was that typical trainer that worked from 05:00 a.m.

To got 08:00 p.m.

Sometimes longer, and that was really just training hours,

right? That wasn’t even time spent trying to grow the business,

marketing, calling leads, making sales and communicating

with my staff and things of that nature.

So in essence, I spent three years not really seeing a lot

of growth in my business and just being exhausted with no

time, no energy.

And I would say that was probably the worst part because

I think we can all handle a lot of things, but when we have

no time and energy, it takes any joy out of the process.

So I really never got to that space where I felt like I was

working on my business.

I was leveraging my creativity, and I was working in the

field of my passion.

And that simply was because I didn’t know how to get there.

I lacked structure and I lacked a system.

And that’s exactly what Sean has been able to provide for

me through this coaching program.

What held me back from hiring a coach and working with Sean

sooner was honestly this misbelief, that it’s just supposed

to be like this.

I’m just supposed to struggle because, you know, that’s kind

of what people say is business is hard.

You struggle the first three years.

It’s like your baby, and you have to tend to it like a newborn.

And of course, in some ways, it’s true.

But there’s a lot of unnecessary struggle there.

And I think that idea that this is just the way it is kept

me going.

And I would also see the slivers of hope every now and then,

and that would, you know, it’s miserable enough that I didn’t

like it.

But I see a little bit of hope and that would keep me going.

But what I didn’t realize was that my business was built

and I continue to grow it with it, depending on me being

there. And that’s what kept me stuck.

My big breakthrough in working with Sean was just getting

to restructure my whole business.

Not to mention that saved me in the middle of pandemic and

through a corn team period.

I mean, it saved my business but it wasn’t that short sighted.

It wasn’t meant to be this quick fix.

When I first talked to Sean, he presented it in such a way

that it was like, no, this is the answer.

This just happens to work for this crazy time as well.

And that’s exactly what happened.

It saved me from this crazy quarantine.

And Secondly, I’m coming out on the other side of this as

we kind of get back to normalcy.

I’m coming out on the other side with this awesome hybrid

model, a much stronger service, a much more thorough service.

And the important thing is that I have time and energy within

this model, and it’s scalable.

I can’t ask for more.

So one thing I can’t talk about enough working with Sean

is that I’ve become so much more organized in my personal

life and in my business.

And it’s because he provides that framework, and he provides

that structure.

And so it just naturally kind of take that up.

What that is done for me.

It’s produced a lot.

So I for one, kind of nailed down who my target population

is, which has really organized my efforts, and that’s the

only way you can really be effective.

Efforts are organized, and they’re not scattered all over

the place.

Naturally, that’s gonna produce some results.

So just this week, I have locked in and signed up for online

clients. And on top of that, I secured my first partnership.

I’m super excited about this, and this is with an Oklahoma

based publication.

I actually haven’t even told Sean about this, but I’m making

this video as a little surprised to them.

So it’s with an Oklahoma based publication that serves athletes,

and it gets better.

So my target population is endurance athletes, and 90% of

their athletes are endurance athletes.

So I’m Super excited about this.

I really couldn’t have done this without Sean, and if I could

have, it would have been too long.

Man, I’m not trying to wait four or five years before I start

creating these cool opportunities for myself to where I can

grow and learn and add value to people’s lives.

So this is huge for me.

I would recommend Sean’s coaching program to just about any

fitness professional.

To be honest, realistically, you’ve got to be driven.

You’ve got to be serious about what you’re doing and an authentic

fitness professional, not these Instagram models that are

really just hungry for attention.

And he actually makes it clear all the time that he gets

to choose who he works with.

And that’s not his dream client.

Be serious about what you want to be passionate.

And if you’re in a position where you know, you can offer

so much more and you’re just not there.

You’ve tried and you’re not moving quick enough because that’s

definitely where I was then.

Sean Gaman, you’re a gym owner or not, you are on the online

space or in the online space or not.

Doesn’t matter it doesn’t really matter where you’re at.

If you have some big goals you’re willing to put in the work,

then Sean has a solid framework for you.

And he’s an awesome mentor, an awesome guy to connect with.

And that was super important to me.

And lastly, I want to say why reinvent the wheel?

There are people like Sean that have already gone through

this. They have already tried and failed and tried and failed

and finally come up with a formula that can work for you.

It’s worked for me.

It’s worked for several of the other trainers that I’ve gotten

to know through Sean’s coaching program.

It’s very cool to see us all succeed together and to have

this network now that I’m never not going to have some type

of mentor or coach just because of the short month and a

half to two months that I’ve been with Sean, the value is

priceless. So if you’re a fitness professional that really

wants to go somewhere, you’re serious about putting in some

work. Ben.

Sean your man.

And if you guys are looking to hire a fitness business coach,

well, the opportunity to work with you guys again.

Check that out.

It’s entroit coaching.

Com book your free business blueprint strategy.

Call hope this added tons of value guys to you today.

Remember, get that experience, get those video testimonials

and know your clients.

Go out there.

Have an awesome day, and we’ll talk soon.