What is the difference between an audience and a community?

We’re gonna talk about that as well as some new things you

should be thinking with your content strategy coming.

Do you want to create, market, or scale your own online fitness

business? My name is Sean Garner, and here we give Real Fit

Pros to tips, tools and strategies they need to succeed online.

Welcome to the Entrepreneur podcast what is up, guys?

And welcome back to the Entrefit Pro Show, where we give

the Real Fit Pros the tips and tools they need to go from

being just another fitness coach to a successful fitness

entrepreneur today, what I want to talk to you guys about

is your content strategy and how you should be thinking about

viewing your followers subscribers.

I would say potential future clients as it comes to your

social media content.

What I see a lot of people doing online is creating lack

of a better words selfish.

Look how awesome I am content.

I love the movie Anchorman.

So think about Ron Bergen.

He’s like, hey, everyone, come see how awesome I am.

That’s what most people put out on social media, and it can

work for some people, especially if you have a big enough

audience. They actually are interested in some of that stuff.

But if you’re just starting out and in my view, you’re actually

trying to do this industry right and serve because this is

a service based industry.

Instead of it being looked at me, it needs to be a servant

heart and your content, you need to be serving and adding

value to others.

So whenever you’re creating your content, there’s two different

ways that you can view your audience.

One can be just as that an audience.

This is I think the mistake most people make is they’re viewing

their potential customers as their audience and not as a

community. And this is the difference.

So the best analogy I could think of for this would be the

difference between a concert and a sporting event.

So whenever you go to a concert for me, I know it’s been

a long time, especially with Kovit and everything canceling

so many live events.

But imagine this when you go to a concert, there is a performer

up on top of the stage and out in the crowd is the audience,

and they are just sitting there looking at the performer

on stage and it’s all about them and their performance.

That’s what people are paying to come see.

And the people in the audience are just there taking in everything

that the performer is putting out.

That’s an audience with your social content, you need to

be viewing it and creating more of a community.

So this is more of like a sporting event.

And this is what I mean by this.

Whenever you go to a sporting event, there are people that

are there just audience members.

But there’s also a community.

The community is the people that they’re wearing the jerseys,

they know the chance, they know the insider language, they

know all the players names.

And there’s even like this little culture within that organization

of the team to where they feel like they’re a part of the

organization and a part of the team.

They almost feel like they’re out there on the field.

That’s what you should be doing and how you should be viewing

this social media potential clients.

As I say, whenever you’re creating your content, it’s not

about standing on stage and saying, hey, come look at me.

Look how awesome I am, but instead it’s building this true

community to where you’re adding value to them and you’re

making them feel like they are a part of something bigger

than themselves.

Because remember at the end of the day, what people are looking

for, whenever they come to buy your coaching, product, training

and service, they’re looking for a solution to a problem.

They don’t want your exercise programs.

They don’t want your nutrition programs.

If they could get the results of their problems without having

to do those things, they absolutely would do it.

So they’re looking for solutions to a problem, and they’re

looking for the great guide or leader that’s going to help

them to navigate and solve this problem.

They’re not looking for somebody that it’s all about them.

They’re looking for an expert, a guide to lead them down

the path of solving their own problem.

And the best way to position yourself as the guide is to

create content that adds value and that serves that expresses

empathy that shows those people that I know exactly what

it’s like to be in this situation.

I’ve done it myself.

I’ve seen hundreds of other clients go exactly through this

and then also demonstrates authority, and you’ve got those

testimonials of the transformations that you had for yourself

and for your clients because it’s not about you.

It’s not about how awesome you are, but it’s about the value

that you provide.

So knowing that now is kind of the baseline we want to be

building this community.

What I would encourage you to do is honestly take a time

to just self reflect and look at your social media strategy.

What are the last twelve posts that you’ve been putting out

over the past couple of weeks?

Is it look at me, or is it adding value and serving the people

that you’re called to serve?

And if it’s doing the look at me, you might want to take

a time to kind of self reflect and see how you could stop

putting out so much selfish content where it’s kind of like

humble brags, and instead think about how can I really speak,

communicate, add value and serve the people that I’ve been

called to serve.

The best way to do that, guys is by thinking about the biggest

problem and frustration that they deal with and provide them

tips and tools and solutions that they need to overcome them.

The whole purpose of what we do with this podcast here.

It’s helping people.

The real fit pros go from being just another fitness coach

to a successful fitness entrepreneur because we are frustrated

here at entrepreneur by seeing the real fit pros, the fitness

coaches lose out to the fitness influencers solely for the

fact that they know how to better communicate to their audience

online and not because they’re a better trainer.

So hopefully this helps you guys and adds value to you guys.

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If you are really serious about looking to become a fitness

entrepreneur and make the revenue that you deserve to make

hope, this adds value share with your fit pro friend.

If it does have an awesome day and we’ll talk soon.