Do you actually even know what you actually sell?

Most fitness coaches don’t, and it is costing them money.

We’re going to show you how to talk about what you do.

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So whenever I speak with a fitness coach, gym owner, personal

trainer and I ask them about what it is they do what it is

they sell.

Typically one of these answers, I’m a personal trainer or

I’m a group fitness instructor or, well, I have a gym.

And although that might be an overview and a very big generalization

of what they do, if that’s what you think you do, I’ll tell

you this, that is not what people buy.

What people buy, what your customers, your dream clients

that you want to work with, the ones that value your time,

pay you what you worth and fire you up to work with.

What those people are looking for is not a gym.

It’s not a trainer.

It’s not a group fitness instructor.

What they’re looking for is a solution to a problem.

So what I want to walk you guys through is a new way of thinking

about how to talk about what you do and reframing things.

So if you’re struggling to find clients either online or

in person, maybe it’s just in your in person.

You’re walking the floor at the gym, starting out your personal

training career, and you’re having difficulties getting people

to come in and do an assessment or comp session with you.

It’s most likely because you’re selling those things.

Hey, come in and get a free assessment or let’s do a free

training session together instead of talking about the problems

that people are dealing with because think about this.

What they’re really dealing with is sitting at home, looking

down at the huge belly hanging out of the shirt, watching

TV. Maybe the message just popped up on Netflix saying, Are

you still watching this?

And they’re insecure about the way that they look.

They don’t have energy.

Maybe joints are starting to ache.

Maybe they just had a child and they’re trying to lose that

baby weight.

Maybe they wanted to go out for a run.

But every time they do, they get injured.

Maybe they’re struggling to put on muscle and they just don’t

know how to do it.

They have a problem is what they’re needing help with.

They’re not needing a trainer.

What they need is a solution to the problem now.

Yes, that’s how we solve that is by being experts in this

industry and delivering that.

But when we talk about what we do, we must always start with

the problem because that will get people’s ears perked up,

and that will make them attract you.

Because, remember, really good marketing is all about attracting

the right people and repelling the wrong people.

And how we do that is talking about the problem we solve.

What I have found is most fitness coaches, gym owners, personal

trainers, group, fitness instructors, whatever title you

want to give yourself, you don’t know what problem you solve.

What you end up doing with your marketing is you just talk

about generalizations like, oh, I’m a personal trainer.

I help people get results fast.

I help you succeed.

That’s so broad and generic.

It doesn’t end up speaking to anyone.

And so that’s why most fitness coaches struggle so much.

So if you’re at this problem pointing your marketing, maybe

you’re in messaging and you’re listening to this and you’re

like, okay, that makes sense.

But how do I even do it?

I tried.

I don’t understand.

Well, I work with a lot of different people.

What I want you to do is ask your clients if you don’t know

what you do, ask your clients what you do because the reason

they came to you was not because you were a trainer, but

it was because they were dealing with something.

And then they sought an expert out for help.

So asking your clients, hey, what do you think I do or what

made you hire me is a really great starting point to kind

of help.

Start working through this messaging because I promise you,

whenever you get super clear on the problem that you solve,

it is going to be a lot easier for you to find clients and

not just any clients, the ones that you actually care about

and want to work with with.

So determining the problems that you solve.

Number one is actually ask your clients what problem it is

that they think you solve and asking them why they came to

you. Number two would be think about what problems do you

want to solve?

So just because it’s something you’ve always done doesn’t

mean you have to continue to do that way.

A lot of times whenever people say the word rebranding, that

means they put some new colors on their website and a new

logo. But that could be reshifting the focus of what you

want to do.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean changing everything, because

if something’s working, don’t screw it up.

Guys, stay with it.

But you might work with, say, you do own.

Typically, where I see this is personal trainers and gym

owners that have an in person facility in business, and they

want to go online.

They say, Well, I work with all of these clients.

So when I go online, I should serve all of these clients,

not necessarily.

And absolutely not at all, especially with your marketing

message. So even though you’ve worked with a wide variety

of clients in person, you cannot do that successfully online,

especially whenever you’re first starting out.

So whenever we talk about, quote, unquote rebranding, it’s

not excluding these people, but it’s finding the niche within

who you’re already serving and making that be your primary

focus with your messaging and the problem you solve.

So maybe you work with a wide variety of clients, anywhere

from athletes to elderly with joint problems to moms losing

baby weight, to dads losing the dad bod to high school athletes

trying to increase their performance.

You work with those a wide variety of people in person, and

you want to start going online.

What you have to do is you got to determine, what do you

actually enjoy?

Like, who are the clients that fire you up?

What is their personality like and what is the thing that

they came to you for that you love because you get great

results with them every single time.

That will really help you to identify the problem that you

solve. And then the other thing that’s very important with

it is the third thing is this something that you’re actually

good at and an expert at with so many options available to

people online, they are looking for experts.

So are you an expert in this?

How do you portray being an expert when you go online, especially

with your marketing messages?

People only know what you allow them to see.

They have no idea what you’ve done in person.

They haven’t seen you train people as they’re on the treadmill

working out.

They haven’t seen us, that they only see what you allow them

to see online.

So how do you portray yourself as an expert online?

Are you showing up consistently?

Would you want to hire somebody as a personal trainer, as

an expert or any type of industry if they only showed up

like once every other day or maybe once a week, or maybe

they showed up consistently and they just stopped showing

up like, no, that doesn’t look professional.

You wouldn’t want to work with that somebody because it doesn’t

instill trust that they’re actually going to be there for

you. Then the second thing is, do they look like an expert?

Do you look like an expert?

Are you posting content that’s all selfish?

Look at me content.

See how awesome and fit I am?

Or is it about sharing knowledge, adding value sharing successes

of other people just like the ones that you’re trying to

reach that have gotten results with you because we expect

the customers expect you to be fit because you’re a fitness

professional. You’re a coach, you’re a trainer.

They expect you to be fit.

But can you actually use your system, your program as an

expert to get results for other people?

Once you do that, guys and you start talking about the problems

that they’re dealing with, that you solve that’s when you’ll

start attracting the right people.

And marketing gets easier.

If you’re ever wondering about what you should be posting

online social media, talking about on your websites, emails,

blogs, podcasts, YouTube, all that stuff.

Talk about problems.

Stop talking about yourself.

Stop making it boring and generalized like, I’m just a trainer.

I’m just a gym owner.

I’m just a group fitness instructor.

I do online training.

I sell online fat loss programs like, no talk about the specific

problem you solve.

Because when you talk about the problem, you solve, people’s

ears are going to be perked up.

You’re going to be attracting the right people, repelling

the wrong ones.

So you’re not wasting your time with unqualified leads.

You’re going to be working with people that fire you up and

energize you because you love their personality, and you

get great results for solving that problem.

You’re going to know exactly where to market to them, and

everything just gets easy.

So guys hope this added value to you.

If so, share it with your other fitness coach friends because

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