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I’m going to tell you all about it.

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So I did an episode would have been over 75 days ago talking

about starting the 75 Hard Challenge, and I just finished

it up about four days ago, and I wanted to give you guys

a recap of my experience.

So if you’re thinking about doing it, you can kind of hear

a little bit more about it or more.

So maybe some interesting things that I learned that I didn’t

really expect.

So if you guys don’t really know about what 75 Hard is, sorry,

I was pulling up everything here for you.

What 75 Hard is a 75 day challenge created by Andy Priscilla

and the entire point of the challenge, it seems as if it’s

a physical transformation challenge, and there is an aspect

obviously to that.

But the whole point is to get you to increase your discipline,

to stick to things and just to honestly push yourself to

new levels in every aspect of your life.

So this is an overview of what the challenge is.

First thing is you have to drink a gallon of water a day.

Most people that is difficult because they actually don’t

drink that much water.

I didn’t realize that.

Second thing is you have to do two workouts per day.

Here are some caveats with the workouts.

You have to pick a program, you have to stick to it.

Second thing, the workouts have to be at least 45 minutes

each in length.

Another thing, they have to be at least 3 hours apart.

So you can’t do, like, 245 minutes workouts back to back.

They at least need to be 3 hours apart.

The other thing you have to do one of those workouts outside

doesn’t matter.

The weather conditions, they’ve got to be outside.

The other thing is you have to take a daily progress picture.

So wake up, take a picture, track your results.

That was actually pretty cool to get to see that change over

time. Then you have to read ten pages in a nonfiction book.

You’re not reading Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

This is personal development, mindset type books, things

like that.

I think that’s it.


So with this entire challenge, guys, here is my experience.

I’ll give you the pros, the cons, the highs, the lows things

I experienced, and whether you should do it or not, that’s

going to be up to you.

So again, the 75 Heart challenge and the last thing.

I’m sorry, I forgot this one.

Follow a diet.

You had to pick a meal plan, a diet, and you had to stick

to that meal plan or diet.

So this is what my experience was and how I framed out my

75 hard challenge.

So first off, on the following a diet, I stuck with a paleo

diet, so pretty much it was meat, vegetables, nut seeds,

a little bit of fruit.

And that’s about it.

A typical meal for me or a day of eating typically was something

like breakfast intermittent fast.

So breakfast was fasted.

I had my first meal, typically around 1230, and that’s going

to look something like chicken breast, some ground Turkey.

We ate a lot of salmon and some type of big salad or grilled

veggies. And dinner looks pretty much the exact same thing.

Typically, for me, it would be eight to 10oz of meat for

those meals because I like to eat and, yeah, vegetables for

that. That wasn’t no sugars, no cheat meals, no alcohol.

I would say the nutrition part wasn’t that difficult for

me. What made it difficult was I had two trips in the middle

of this, so I had to be extremely focused and disciplined

and pre planned everything out.

I had to know what I was packing, like what snacks I was

packing with me.

I had to look at the hotels I was staying at, see what restaurants

were around there, what grocery stores were around there

where I could go, like, grab a rotisserie, check in or some

fruits and stuff like that.

So I definitely had to be planned, even though I went on

two trips for this.

Both of them were about four to four to five day trips, so

it was at least substantial or a little like we overnight

things, but still able to do it.

Stick to the meal plan.

The second part of it was for my fitness.

So with my fitness program, we did two workouts a day.

It was kind of almost like a strength training running program

that I was following.

So I would do some type of lift, and then I would have some

type of run.

The runs were I did try to check weather reports to make

it to where it wasn’t as miserable.

Unfortunately, I was doing it pretty much.

I started this at the end of summer, so I had great weather.

There was only with doing the outdoor workouts.

I think there was only, like, four or five workouts that

were like, all right, this kind of sucks.

There was a couple of cold ones towards the end.

There was two where it was like torrential downpour.

I was outside doing sprints and lunges in that.

Now that was not awesome, but at the same time, it kind of

was awesome.

It just shows you you can push through things because that’s

kind of what you I don’t know if you get a chip on your shoulder

for this, but you kind of just see what you’re really capable

of, and it kind of pumps you up and it fills you full of

kind of some pride with, like, hey, I can actually do a lot

more than I thought I could.

So that’s what my workout program was like.

I would typically do longer runs on the weekend, and then

during the week was more interval based stuff, like some

sprints, anywhere from, like, 22nd sprints all the way up

to, like, two minute longer runs.

That’s what my outdoor workouts were.

Typically, they’re almost all runs of some sorts.

Another one that I would do a lot was like a 30 30.

So 30 seconds of running, 30 seconds of walking, 30 seconds

of walking lunges.

And I would do that for 45 to 50 minutes.

That was kind of another go to that.

I went to a lot, but then, yeah, we would do weight training

and everything here at home, in the garage as dumbbells bands

body weight.

But it was more of a kind of bodybuilder strength ish split

that we are following, and it was no rest days learning lesson

from that was my body.

I’m not as young as I once was, and I probably should have

picked a program that was maybe a little bit more joint friendly

because by day 45, my joints are starting to hurt a little

bit. My elbows, shoulders and wrists, lower body kind of

held up.

Surprisingly, my feet and calves were sore for the first

couple of runs that I did because I’m not a runner, but started

getting used to that.

And the runs were actually fine and kind of something I would

look forward to just because I put the AirPods in zone out,

listened to a book, listen to a podcast, and I really enjoyed

it. That’s that for the fitness program and going back to

the nutrition.

I would say that the other thing that I learned is once you

get into the habit, it was pretty easy to stick with it.

It’s just building that routine, and that just becomes your

new normal.

Next thing was drinking a gallon of water a day.

This, for me, was the easiest thing.

The only thing that was difficult about it was just making

sure that it was actually done.

But I don’t think there was a day that the gallon of water

wasn’t finished before noon.

I just naturally drink a lot of water.

I’m sitting here talking all day.

My mouth gets dry, so I always have this big tumbler here.

I just fill up with water in between calls and chug it.

I had this big gallon jug that I bought off Amazon, and every

night the night before, I would just fill it up and set it

on the countertops.

Whenever I got right.

I woke up the next day.

It was already there.

Just grab it, bring it here to the office and I just fill

up my drinks and everything with that.

But gallon of water.

That was really easy.

I probably was over two gallons of water a day.

That part was easy for me.


Next thing was the progress picture.

So I actually had a client that started this with me, one

of my consulting clients, and he had to restart, I think,

on day 29 because he forgot the picture.

If you guys a quick side note in this, if you are thinking

about doing the 75 hard challenge, they have an app.

Get the app.

That app saved me.

There’s a little checklist so you can just go through there

and just Mark off everything as you’re doing it.

That saved me multiple times because I’m like, oh, crap.

I forgot to Mark off my progress picture.

I forgot to upload my progress picture to the app.

I only read eight pages.

I forgot I was supposed to come back and finish those pages

and stuff.

So have the app.

It will save you doing it.

But taking the progress picture that just became part of

my morning routine.

I had this little white board, so every morning I would wake

up and as I’m getting ready, I would stand on the scale,

check my weight right under the board, smile, take a little

selfie in the mirror.

And I just tracked those pictures.

That was pretty cool to get to see.

We moved to Oklahoma here about a year and a half ago, the

fried food and Ranch had snuck up on me, and so taking those

pictures, it was cool to kind of see that weight change.

The one and physical change too.

I realized one thing about myself that was interesting is

how much my weight fluctuates.

So I started the challenge at 197.

But the first few days I did it, I shot up to over £200,

and then it dramatically started dropping after that.

But my weight was up like every other day.

It seemed like it was fluctuating because you’re just drinking

so much water.

A lot of it was just water, weight and everything.

It would fluctuate two £3 a day.

So again, this goes back to the trainer days.

Don’t worry, you’re obsessed about the scale.

Look at trends.

It’s going up and down and fluctuating.

But if you looked at the trends, if it’s going down.

Hey, buddy.

So that was pretty cool.

I ended up losing a total of about twelve and a half pounds.

So like I said, it reached up like day four actually hit

my heaviest weight and went to over 200.

And the morning after 75 hard.

So it ended for me.

It was Friday night at midnight.

The next morning I did my morning weight and I was like,

190. The next morning I woke up after finishing day 75 and

I was like, 187 .8 so I ended up dropping those LBS’s those

pounds and felt good.

Honestly, I feel physically after getting a couple of days

of some rest.

I feel incredible.

I would say that that’s probably one of the best physical

shapes I’ve been in for sure.

Over the past.

I might be able to say life, but yeah, I felt pretty good.

And so it was really cool to get to see that.

So that was kind of my physical transformation.

I realized the body doesn’t hold up like it is.

I realized the importance of sleep.

I had to be extremely disciplined to get all this stuff done.

It just didn’t happen.

I had to be organized with what I did.

Probably my favorite part was and this is kind of an overall

encompassing was the reading.


My mom knows this, everybody that knows me as a child.

As a student in high school, I am not and was not a good

student. I hated to read.

I don’t ever think I ever read a full book until I got to

College. But this challenge, ever since I started owning

my own businesses, I love to read this challenge made it

go to a deeper level, because what happened to me, even though

you’re only supposed to read ten pages a day, you wanted

to do more, and then you wanted to do more in every area

of your life, which for me, this is one of the big things

I was looking at it.

I did not do this as a physical challenge.

I did this to push myself to new levels of discipline and

focus, and I got exactly what I wanted out of it.

So with the reading specifically, I read, I think it was

like 13 books because once I had my book that I was reading

ten pages a day in.

But then you just start reading other books in the afternoon.

And so I’m going to fly through really quick some of the

books that I read because some of them I want to recommend

some of them you won’t care anything about.

So here we go.

Really quick.

The first two books I read was going through my private pilot’s

license. I read a couple of my aircraft books, so airplane

flying Handbook and some Weight and Balance handbooks has

nothing to do with fitness business.

But you need to have hobbies, and I want to buy a plane next

year, so got to be able to fly that thing.

So that was obviously cool to get into that stuff because

I’m passionate about that.

And doing that another book in a Pit with a line on a Snowy

Day by Mark Patterson.

This is an incredible book.

It’s about a guy in the Bible named Beniah, who is one of

Daniel’s Mighty Men or King David’s.

I’m sorry.

Mighty Men really cool about one little verse talks about

this guy.

Bennai, who goes in this pit kills a lion on a snowy day.

And it’s just about this mindset of being this warrior about

going in and attacking.

And it’s really awesome I highly recommend it.

Another one.

Jimmy Evans, The Tipping Point.

It’s about another biblical prophecies and stuff like that.

Very interesting to me.

I’m a Christian, so anytime I can dive down deeper into actually

understanding the Bible, I love it.


This is the boombook.

This is my mentor, business coach Clay Stairs.

He’s got the Boom book.

It is.

There are 14 proven steps to business success, so really

cool. Just kind of checklist to go through to make sure that

your messaging is right.

They crush it with Google and so just showing you how to

maximize Google listings and process around your business.

Awesome book.

Obviously, I actually actually started the challenge out

with this book.

This is probably should start with this one.

This is Andy Priscilla’s book 75 Horror Talks about It’s

The Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself pretty

much encompasses the whole 75 challenge with the mindset

behind it.

What made him start it, what his intentions are for people

with it.

And awesome book to read.

Couple of books that I had read before, but I Dove down deeper

into it.

Donald Miller If you guys know me at all, I love Donald Miller

and the Story brand team I’m going through actually their

guide certification program right now.

Love it.

Donna Miller building the Story brand and then also the book

he did with JJ Peterson marketing made simple.

If you guys are looking for just really clear, crafting your

brand messaging and your marketing, read those books.

They are game changers.

A lot of Mindset books.

As I’m looking through this, I’m like, there’s a lot of mindset

stuff. A mindset free.

We’re getting a little too bright.

There a mindset free.

This is again by Jimmy Evans.

This is about biblical meditation.

So teaching you how to take a scripture, how to sit there

chewing it and actually find deeper meanings and stuff to

it not just like the notable quotables, but what does that

actually mean and just sitting there and reflecting on it

and meditating on it really great for just like overcoming

mental battles and stuff.

Another thing that I got from this whole challenge was I

spent a lot of time.

Obviously you can see my mindset and focusing on my mindset,

but also on finding better rhythms of life.

One of the things that I really implemented during this challenge

was taking a day completely off of work.

So I have changed my whole work schedule and I’m going to

do a whole podcast over how I think you should do your schedule

because this challenge has changed my life because of the

things that I have done through it.

One of them is I added a we call it a Sabbath Saturday, so

Saturday is zero work.

Zero cell phones.

I’m not on social media those days most of the time unless

I leave to go do something.

My phone is face down on.

Do not disturb all day on Saturday and that whole day is

family fun time.

Now the 75 Hard challenge is over.

We’ll start going to brunches and stuff like that as a family,

but it’s all about spending time together as a family and

doing things that rest and restore your soul.

So write a couple of books over that.

While I was going through the challenge, one was so bright

here sacred Rhythms this is by Ruth Haley Barton.

So really good.

Just about setting up rhythms of life and everything.

Same but different was John Mark Comer’s book The Ruthless

Elimination of Hurry.

I had two favorite books during the challenge that I read.

This is one of them.

This is one that I will read over and over.

This is one that I will recommend.

Everybody read is a Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.

Just talks about how we live in a society that’s just go,

go, go entrepreneurs that’s even amplified, but that’s just

not good for our soul.

So love that book.

This is the other one that I will recommend.

Everybody read is Subversive Sabbath.

This is by Ajwboda maybe awesome book on just getting those

again, those rhythms, the importance of taking that one full

day a week off and just having that time to just restore

your soul because we go go all the time.

Most people they don’t work seven days a week, but they’re

working seven days a week.

So most people they Underperform Monday through Friday and

they spend the weekends like halfway doing things so they’re

never really resting and they go back into an average mediocre

week. I am of the belief that you crush it six days a week,

but you take one day completely off where you’re unplugged

whatever you do, wherever you are, be there.

So if you’re doing your work, be extremely focused, lock

in and do the work and do it with intentions of setting the

standard. So just don’t have to do things, set the standard

in everything that you do.

But that also means set the standard with your work and your

rest. So if you’re going to rest hard rest correctly.

Most people like Rest is laying on the couch, scrolling social

media, gaining all this negativity flooded with their mind,

not actually restoring their self.

Find things that restore you and spend a day of the week

doing just those things.

Last book I actually finished out the challenge with this

was by Stephen Verdict.

This is an older book, but it’s a good one.

I guess it’s not that old.

I think it’s only like 1012 years old.

Crash the Chatter Box this is all again about winning those

little battles in your mind, the little chatterbox that’s

always going off talking to you.

It talks about how to silence that guy and shut him up.

But those were the books that I read.

That’s what I liked most going back the unexpected change

in the things that I got from this challenge.

Obviously I got better.

I lost the belly fat and got down to side and weight again.

The unexpected thing that happened was I thought I was organized

and disciplined before I did this challenge.

This made me level up everything that I do.

So not only was I able to do all of the steps of 75 hard

every day for 75 days, my wife, she’s a real MVP because

she obviously helped up and stepped up and took a lot more

of the responsibility stuff with the kids.

But for the most part, everything still grew and flourished.

So I would say mentally and spiritually.

I grew to a higher level business grew to a higher level

of businesses.

We had our best weeks ever during this challenge over the

past 75 days, and it’s still growing.

Everything flourished during that and now been out of it

for four days.

Now, you realize now with all that extra time, then you’re

even more productive.

So it just force functions you to be extremely disciplined

and great with time management.

So now coming through the 75 hard, it’s like, man, I’ve got

all this extra time now and we’re starting to develop and

go into these other projects and stuff, and it just makes

it so much easier.

And for me, the big thing that I wanted.

And if you’re looking for this and this is, I would say,

the overall theme that happened, and this was my intention,

and I got exactly from it.

What I wanted was a mindset and identity shift.

I can say with extreme confidence.

I am not a quitter, and I am a very disciplined and organized

person because for going through that, keeping up with everything,

business still flourishing, life still flourishing.

I have created a new identity in myself.

I thought I was disciplined before I thought I was driven,

before I thought I was organized, before I thought I was

a winner before.

Now I know what I am.

I spent so much time reading, personally, developing myself,

spending more time in the Bible and Scripture and just unlocking

more of that stuff.

I know who I am now.

And so that’s exactly what I wanted to get out of this thing.

And I did so very excited about that.

So overall, guys, if you are looking this way, if you just

want a fitness challenge, you just want to lose some weight.

This isn’t for you.

But if you want to take and elevate everything that you do

from a mental standpoint of focus and discipline, do it.

Don’t halfway do it.

You’re either in or you’re out.

I knew lots of people that saw what I was doing and they

attempted it, and they would do it for three or four days

like, oh, this is hard.

I don’t know if I can do it, but you either do it or you

don’t commit to the thing or don’t commit to the thing.

Don’t make compromises.

The entire point of it is do not compromise.

We compromise with everything in our lives.

If you stick to something, you have to see it all the way

through. If you grab a book, there was one of the books I

read that I really didn’t like it, and I was two chapters

and I wasn’t on the challenge.

I wouldn’t finish it because as in the challenge, I finished

it and actually ended up being a really good book towards

the end and everything.

But you have to have that no compromise attitude.

If you start your workout and it starts pouring down out

there, well, guess what.

You got to finish your workout, and it’s just about sticking

things through.

If you want to unlock that, then do it.

But if you just want a fitness challenge, this isn’t for

you. There’s other fitness challenges that you can do this

for me, how I view this and how I would tell people this

is a discipline mindset, identity shift, even challenge.

So I enjoyed it.

If you guys have any questions over this and kind of my experience,

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