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Speaker 2:        Order to stand out online, you have to have a online storefront. What is that? How to set it up? We’re going to show you how to do all of that. Coming up on the entrepreneur podcast. Do you want to create Marquis or scale your online fitness business? My name’s Sean Garner, and here we give real thick pros, the tips, tools, and strategies. They need to succeed online. Welcome to the entrepreneur podcast. What is up guys and welcome back to the entre [00:00:30] fit podcast. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much as always for checking this podcast out. Hopefully it’s adding value to you. If you are a real fitness professional, looking to create market or scale your online fitness business, this is the place for you. We give actionable trainings, two episodes per week to help you guys do that. So if you haven’t already make sure that you subscribe, we’ve got the audio everywhere you.

Speaker 2:        I think we’re, we’re streaming on like 13 different places now from, you know, apple to Google, Spotify, all, all, [00:01:00] all the streams. Then if you want the video version of the video podcasts air is the next day over on YouTube. So you can check that out as well. Or if you’re on YouTube, make sure that you subscribe to the audio because it’s where everything comes down first. So what I want to talk to you guys today about is building out an online storefront. Um, you had this with your brick and mortar location, and maybe if you, if you’re doing a hybrid model, you still have your brick and mortar. You got your store from right. You got a place where people can come by, they can get some information and they can see what you’re all about [00:01:30] when you’re online. One thing that I, I think so many of the real fitness professionals struggle with because they’re not from the influencer world where they don’t realize nobody knows anything about you.

Speaker 2:        They only know what you choose to put out online. So if we’re not making sure that our social profiles, our website are built out in a way that represents us in the people that we’re called to serve and trying to attract, we’re not going to attract anybody. They’re going to come by. [00:02:00] They’re going to check out your store, which is in essence, your, your landing page to your website, your or your landing page to your profiles. And they’re instantly looking for three quick things, um, that we’re going to get into here in just a bit. And if they don’t find those things, they’re going to balance off and leave. So we want to make sure that as we build this stuff out, we’re reframing how we think about things. I had one of my coaches once tell me, don’t think of this anymore. As social media, this is business media [00:02:30] for you. So everything that you build and create online is with the mindset of helping you to build a business, not just go on and hang out with your friends and take images or check out your friend’s latest cat pictures and everything. Got my son here. Corbin’s joining us for a little bit, I guess today.

Speaker 1:        Can you say hi

Speaker 2:        Boys, full of joy. Um, so with building out your online store from guys, there’s, um, [00:03:00] an incredible book. If you haven’t read it, one of my favorite authors, his name is Donald Miller. He’s got this company building a StoryBrand. You want to come in here and talk with us now, this is what happens when we do everything live. Can you get your brother, babe? Thank you. Um, so building a story brand from Donald Miller and, uh, this book is all about helping you to craft and clarify your message. Um, because like we’ve talked about in previous episodes, there are some people [00:03:30] you’re called to serve and others not so much. And if you try to, uh, speak to everyone, you’ll end up attracting no one. This book really helps you to clarify your message. And, uh, one of the things that, that he speaks about is making sure he’s talking about your website, but this applies to, to a website.

Speaker 2:        Social media is your, your whole online storefront is the grunt test. And whenever somebody new lands on your page, uh, whether it be social profiles [00:04:00] or your website, does it pass the grunt test and how he describes the gut test is imagine a caveman sitting on a laptop inside of his cave. And he is looking at your website, your social profiles for the first time ever. And within five seconds, he needs to be able to grit out these three questions. And if he can grunt out these three questions, if your customers can’t grunt out these three questions within five [00:04:30] seconds, they’re going to bounce and they’re not going to stay on. And here’s the question is what problems do you solve? How will it make my life better? And what do I need to do Dubai now? Or get started? Those three questions right there.

Speaker 2:        That’s what people are looking for when they come to your social profiles. When they come to your website, they’re wanting to know those three things. What problems do you solve? How’s it going to make my life better? And what do I need to do to buy now or get started today? If they’re not able to answer those questions, they’re [00:05:00] going to find the person that more clearly communicates that to them to solve their problems, because that’s what people are looking for. They’re looking for solutions to problems. I’ll tell you this. If I haven’t told you this already, nobody wants your workout and nutrition programs. They don’t want those things. I’m sorry to tell you if they could get the other things without working out in nutrition, they would do that. What they’re really wanting is other things the other intangibles we’ve talked about before, and we’ll go into greater detail [00:05:30] about the thefts benefits, you know, the financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits that your product provides. Uh, that’s what they really do

Speaker 3:        Really want. They don’t want to work out. They want to look better naked. They don’t want to work out. They want more longevity. They don’t want to

Speaker 2:        Workout. They want increased health markers. That’s what they want. If they could get those things without working out. Um, they, they would absolutely do. I would do that. I know that. Um, so they’re looking a solution to a problem. That problem could be, [00:06:00] man. I want to, I, I feel, uh, I don’t have confidence with my shirt off, cause I don’t like the way my body looks when I’m at the pool with my kids. Their problem could be, um, man, ha I just had a, a child. How can I get, uh, off this baby weight and get back to, uh, how it was before, uh, pregnancy. Um, th their problem could be a man. I just, I can’t, you know, play with my kids. Like I used to, I can’t run. Like I used, I can’t do something I used to, or, or it could be me.

Speaker 2:        And I’m wanting to do this [00:06:30] physical challenge, whether it be a 5k or a half marathon, that’s the problem. And they’re looking for a solution to help them get there. And so if your social profiles, the bios of, of your, uh, profiles, your landing page, your website is not instantly screaming out the problem that you solve. People are going to bounce because they’re looking for a solution to problems that they’re, I, I’m sorry to tell you this. And I have to be careful with how I say this, because this is a fine line. I see so many fitness professionals putting in their bios of their social [00:07:00] media, all their certifications. Um, two things with that. One is bad as it sounds, there has to be such a high level of consumer education with your education based marketing for them to understand the importance of having all those certifications.

Speaker 2:        And then the second thing is they don’t know what those mean. Most fitness professionals don’t know the difference between a snazzy NSCA, a CPT CSCs. They’re not going to know what all of those different things mean. Um, [00:07:30] to me, that’s just a way of trying to like puff up your chest, uh, because that’s not necessarily going to add value to the people, at least in the way that they’re looking for it. You need those things to go on light. I a hundred percent. I hate the fake fitness influencers going on. Like you need certifications. You need to stay in involved with continuing education for your craft of fitness, to be well at it. But marketing those things to the general consumers, which probably 99% of you are trying to attract will not [00:08:00] help you to get customers because they don’t know what those things are.

Speaker 2:        They don’t know the value of those things, how you get the opportunity to share the value of those things is by discussing and describing the problem that you solve. So then you can bring them into your world and you can show them the difference between following an influencer program and a real fitness professional, a coaching method and your framework. And we’ll talk about the frameworks in a later episodes, but, um, you need to be able to discuss that problem that you solve then [00:08:30] after you discuss that problem, this is in the, that the, uh, everything above the fold, the headline of your, your website in your social profiles, after you’ve discussed the problem that you solve. The second thing that you do is tell them how it’s gonna make their life better. How, how, how is fixing this problem gonna make their life better? Because, uh, we live in a negative broken world, for sure, but I think that most people struggle with casting vision for themselves and for their lives [00:09:00] and being able to see how the life is going to be better if this problem was removed.

Speaker 2:        Um, because we, uh, even though everything’s negative and broken, we also, for some reason, most people think that things are just going to magically get better. One day, like one day, I’m just going to magically lose all the weight. And one day my business is going to magically fix itself. You know, one day, you know, we, we, the Disney movie is going to have the perfect ending, uh, for our lives. It doesn’t work like that. It happens in Disney, but, but not [00:09:30] in your life. Um, you have to work for it and you gotta be able to show people how life will be better after they solve this problem. Um, because if they don’t solve it, their life, isn’t going to get better. The is not going to miraculously fix. I never heard of anybody just waking up. I’m like, whoa, I lost 50 pounds last night.

Speaker 2:        That’s incredible. It doesn’t happen. Right? They’ve had this problem and you need to show them how much better their life is going to be after solving this problem. Um, the third thing is you’ve got to [00:10:00] give them a clear call to action. This is where on social media of one thing that’s helping, but working against you is using things like link, tree, tap, bio, and stuff like that. You’re giving your customers too many, um, options to choose. And if they have too many options, they’re going to end up choosing nothing. You need to give a one clear call to action. This is why whenever I start working with fitness professionals, I tell them focus on one offer. And one thing and tell, it’s making you at least a hundred thousand dollars a year. [00:10:30] Then you can look at adding other offers because most people end up cannibalizing and sabotaging their own business because they’re offering so many things, you know, get my nutrition guide, get my, a group coaching program, join my one-on-one coaching program.

Speaker 2:        And I’m, I’m a huge believer of having a value ladder, having other price points, but not advertising those price points. You should advertise one thing. And for 99% of you guys, it will be joined your coaching program that can look like a lot of different things on the back end, but from a clear call to action to customers, they need to know what problem [00:11:00] that you solve. Maybe it’s I help busy dads get fit fast. Um, the, the, how their life’s going to get better is so that they can, uh, enjoy their life and be the father they were meant to be. And then their call to action can be click here to get started with our coaching program. That’s super, super clear, man. If, if I was a dad, um, and that spoke to me, I would know exactly what problem it solved, what my life’s going to look like afterwards and what I need to do to get started.

Speaker 2:        So with some of you guys, I, I, you might not have a website. The website’s a whole nother conversation. [00:11:30] I’m going to do another episode where I show you guys everything your website needs to have in order to be successful, because it was a framework for everything. And there’s a, there’s a framework for websites. Here’s the argument I hear people make all the time. You don’t have to have a website, uh, to, to make, you know, six figures or seven figures online. You are a hundred percent, right? You don’t have to have a website, very similar. You don’t have to do you train your clients in a gym. You can train them out of a garage. You can train them in a public park. Um, but [00:12:00] I’ll tell you this, the clients, the trainers that are, or training their clients in a facility, um, typically do a little bit better.

Speaker 2:        And it’s a little bit easier because it looks professional. Um, I’m not about halfway doing things. I want to show you guys how to guarantee success. Um, having a website doesn’t guarantee success, but it makes you stand out. So many people are just selling things through direct message, which is okay to get started, but you need to have a storefront. If you want to look like the professional, you are. There’s a big difference between trying to play the influencer game and being a real professional. [00:12:30] You guys hopefully are wanting to do the ladder and be a real professional and make this a career. And not just you do a quick cash grab and then bounce out of the industry. Um, but with your, uh, with your call to action with starting out, you might not have a website because it does take a little bit of time to get going, because I will say, even though everybody needs a website, you shouldn’t start with a website.

Speaker 2:        Uh, reason being with that is, and like I said, we’ll get into it more, but you don’t even know what you should put on your website until you’ve started. And you’re making some money because you don’t [00:13:00] know who you’re called to serve. If you don’t know who you are called to serve, you don’t know what copy to put on the website. Um, so, so it does come later, but I do believe everybody must have a website that your call to action at first might be direct message me, DM me, dad, for more information, or how to join my coaching program. Um, you know, it could be a comment below or send me your DME, DME, your email and I’ll address. And I’ll send everything over about my coaching program, but it needs to be very clear and specific on what they should do. [00:13:30] If you’re going to have somebody DMU, tell them what to direct message.

Speaker 2:        You don’t just say, Hey, DME, and we’ll get started. Well, I wanted to make it where the consumer has no option to screw this up. We’re like, okay, now I need to direct message him this. Uh, so I can get started, have some type of key word code word that you give them. So you know exactly where they came from and what they’re looking for when they do reach out and direct message you guys. So, man, I think I just lost my camera because we’ve been recording podcast episodes [00:14:00] all day there, but hopefully this episode guys adds value to you guys, helping you to start to think about your online storefront, how to leverage social, social media. This is not social media for you. Now this is business media. This is how you’re going to speak to and attract the people that you’re called to serve.

Speaker 2:        So you can build the business, um, that serves you at your goal. So remember on your storefront, whether it’s be landing pages on your website or social media profiles, [00:14:30] they should quickly be able to answer three questions. What problem do you solve? How’s it going to make their life better? And what do they need to do to join now or get started? If they can’t answer those questions within five seconds, they’re going to bounce. They’re not going to end up being your customer. They’re going to go be somebody else’s customer that communicates more clearly, test this out, guys, write this down, test it out, send it over to a few clients and then say, Hey, I want you to look at this. And then can you answer these three questions? If they can answer those three questions, man, that, that you’ve got a really good [00:15:00] start and with everything, uh, with your marketing, with your copy and everything, it’s always test and then reassess. So see how it’s working track, know your numbers. So, you know, what’s actually working in your business. So

Speaker 4:        Hope this adds value to you guys. If so, make sure you share this with a fit

Speaker 2:        Fit pro friend. And if you are ready to create market and scale your online fitness business, we would love the opportunity to have you join our coaching program. Visit us at entre fit,, book your free blueprint strategy call. This is where you talk to me, [00:15:30] nobody on my team or anything. You’re going to talk to me. We’re going to deep dive into your business, find out exactly where you’re at, what you’re looking to do and show you the frameworks that you need in order to make it successful. So thanks so much, guys have an awesome day and we’ll talk soon.