Speaker 1: Are you confused and overwhelmed with how to get started with your online fitness business?

Speaker 2: We’ll in this episode, some clarity

Speaker 1: Coming up next. Do you want to create Marquis or scale your online fitness business? My name’s Sean Garner in here. We give real fit pros, the tips, tools, and strategies. They need to succeed online. Welcome to the entre hit podcast. What

Speaker 2: Is up guys? And welcome back [00:00:30] to the entre fit podcast. If this is your first time, Hey, thank you so much for checking us out. Hopefully we add value to you and you decided to subscribe and stick around if this is not your first time and you’re coming back. Hey, thanks. Hopefully we keep adding value to you and help you. The real fitpros create market and scale your online fitness business today’s episode. Um, probably won’t be a long one, but I wanted to share something because I was just talking to a fit pro one [00:01:00] direct messages and the conversation, or they asked the question, I should say started the statement, something like this. I understand. I need to go online. I need to have an online presence, um, with something that I can offer my clients to train them remotely, even if it’s some type of hybrid program, but there is so much information out there.

Speaker 2: I have no I DIA where or how to get started. So if that’s where you’re at right now, um, I wanted [00:01:30] to share you just a few tips that I gave this fit pro to get started today. Um, most likely I’ll tell you this, you have everything that you need right now to get started. There is not some magic key that you’re missing. Some, some secret that you’re not, uh, have access to, to get started. Now there’s a big difference between getting started and, you know, building a huge, scalable online [00:02:00] business where you’re making six figures plus a year online. Uh, but to get started, you most likely have everything I should say. If you’re listening to this podcast and you’re identifying as a real fit pro um, yeah, you probably already do have everything that you need so many share with you, what you need to do to get started.

Speaker 2: Now I’ll preface it with this. Remember what you do to get started is not the same thing that you do to grow and scale. So if you have an existing business, um, you might be able [00:02:30] to grab some of these things. Oh yeah. I should just go ahead and do that. Um, or it might kind of throw up some red flags of like, oh wow, I have an existing business and I haven’t even done this. Um, and hopefully it’ll shed some light, but if you have, uh, are looking for a way to get started, this is exactly how I would do it. So whenever I work with a FitPro, there’s a three-step framework that I run them through its community, offer and systems. You need those three things that have a successful business community. You need a group of people to sell something to offer.

Speaker 2: You need the thing you’re going [00:03:00] to sell them and systems you need. The infrastruct should just support all of these things from marketing sales, uh, client fulfillment and all that stuff. And you got to build that stuff up and then there’s a certain way that you do it. So you make sure you’re not wasting time. I see a lot of fit pros do the right things, but the wrong orders, most of them do those three things, but opposite. They build out the systems, their website, email, they get the app and stuff that they’re going to use. Then they try to write some awesome program that they love, uh, some 12 week transformation. And then they start looking for customers and community members to buy [00:03:30] the thing and they struggle and wonder why their messaging isn’t connecting, why it’s not working, why nobody’s liking their program as, because they built a program and tried to find clients instead of building a community and finding out how they could serve them.

Speaker 2: So saying all of that, you’ll still do this to get started, but to get started to scale two very, very different things. So to get started today with your online fitness business, talk to people you’ve trained before. I know that may sound shocking. Um, you don’t need some crazy, huge [00:04:00] Instagram following. You don’t need an amazing website. Just start following up and reconnecting with former clients. Um, people that already know like, and trust you, people that you’ve gotten results for in the past, they’ve done sessions. They’ve attended your class. Um, they’ve come to your facility. These are people that you’ve already established a relationship with. The entire reason why you even created content online in the first place is to build a community for people to know. I trust you guys. You already have people. If you’ve been training people [00:04:30] for, for, uh, a couple of years, you’ve already got people that you’ve gotten results, where you’ve already got people that know like, and trust you, reach back out to them and let them know about this amazing new online training program.

Speaker 2: You’re getting ready to roll out and you love the opportunity to work with them again. So the very first thing guys is just start with what you have. There’s a quote by Tony Robbins and I’m going to butcher it, but he says, it’s typically not your lack of resources, but your lack of resourceful ness. I think a lot [00:05:00] of times people will make excuses for themselves. They will, uh, try to point blame of something that they don’t have. And that’s why it’s not working. I guess I really don’t believe that too much. I very much believe it’s it’s, people’s often lack of resourcefulness and not realizing how to leverage and maximize what they really have. You have a, if you have been training people, uh, which before you go on line, I will sit with that where you guys do anything online. You need to have some in-person experience.

Speaker 2: I tell people I want you to have at least two years before I work with you, because if you don’t have two [00:05:30] years of in-person experience in the game, it’s gonna be really difficult for you to scale online because you’re going to run into a whole other list of problems, not just the marketing sells, you know, digital, online problems. That’s a, that’s a whole beast in itself, but if you don’t actually know how to coach people and you don’t have experience coaching people, um, that I don’t want to help you sell something that you’re not actually good at doing, I want to help the real fit pros that are actually good at getting to, to grow in scale online. So if you’re not a good [00:06:00] coach, these things won’t work for you. Um, there’s no secret to faking that you actually have to be good at what you do.

Speaker 2: So, yeah, so saying that as a real FitPro, there are people that you have helped before reach back out to those people and invite them to engage with you again, in your coaching programs. That’s the first thing I would do is I would go after that community that already knows you because even if they are not right for your program, or they’re not interested in this time, the second best thing you can get from them is a referral ask for them. Hey, I understand this [00:06:30] might not be the right time for you. Who’s someone, you know, that this program would be a good fit for, or you think that I would be able to serve. And if so, if you can at least get the sell from those people, um, I get it from there, uh, uh, get a referral from them. And that could be the second best thing that he gets. So, so that’s the first thing is get that community aspect or the group of people that you want to sell something to. So second thing is, well,

Speaker 3: What’s your offer? What are you going to sell them? I don’t know what I should

Speaker 2: Sell. Should I sell high ticket, low ticket subscription, all that stuff. We’ve covered [00:07:00] that before another podcast, but if you’re just starting and you’re asking these types of questions, how to get started very much recommend starting a higher ticket as it’s called, or I call it one line personal training program. That way you don’t have to worry about creating some massive program and sales copy around like a specific transformation. You’re going to sell you as a coach. That’s what you’re selling. You already have the offer. It’s you, if you are coaching people, you are the offer. You are what they are buying. Um, you haven’t, I should say you shouldn’t [00:07:30] start off by writing stuff program and try to sell that program or that system you should sell you. Now, you may have your own framework, which I encourage everybody to do as far as how you get results with fitness.

Speaker 2: And that is what you sell though, but it’s you, you’re the one delivering the framework. You’re the one that gets results for these clients. And so your offer is you, it’s your personal coaching permit. I don’t give you personalized workout program. I’m going to help you with your nutrition. I’m going to give you a meal, prep, ideas, grocery shopping list. I’m going to be there [00:08:00] helping you with goal, setting, stress management, sleep, all of that stuff. That’s what I’m gonna help you with. That’s what you’re offering. And then, like I said, uh, listened to our previous podcast where we talk a lot about, um, we had a whole episode, we talked about the different offers that you can have, um, and how to price those things out. But that should be several hundred dollars a month for that. And again, we’ll talk about pricing in those episodes, in the previous episodes, and we’ll go into more detail in the future, but that’s what you sell when you’re first starting out, [00:08:30] you don’t have to make well, price is public.

Speaker 2: I wouldn’t put them on a website or anything like that. I would just be reaching out to these former clients and let them know this is what I’m doing now. I’d love the opportunity. And guess what guys, I’m not a huge fan of disc. Yes, but for your first few people that you’re getting in, especially if you’re brand brand new to all of this, and you’re asking these basic questions, I’m a huge believer that done is better than perfect. So just give them an offer to get people in your world, because, because I’ve actually found that some people start their online business and they end up hating it. Um, they they’re appreciative [00:09:00] of the time freedom that they make. They understand that they’re making more per hour, but they don’t like some of the admin stuff that comes with running an online digital business. So before you kind of go all crazy with it, make sure you’re actually going to like coaching people this way.

Speaker 2: So first thing start with ex former clients, or maybe even existing clients that are just looking to add extra days, but they can’t come to you in person or they’re traveling. Now they can connect with you or remotely and join your online coaching program. Second thing is create an offer, just write them [00:09:30] programs, guys that are customized and individualized to them and their goals that they’re looking for. And there are one-on-one programs designed just for them with the equipment that they have in their goals, nutrition. And you’re just there to coach them along the way. They’re going to do 15 minute check-in calls with you each week. So you can be there to guide them and support them with any questions that they have, and they can message you through text or email or however you want to connect to your clients. So that’s that the third thing is your systems this right now, whenever you’re first starting out, spend as little time [00:10:00] as possible on this, because most trainers, what they’ll do is they’ll spend all their time on this and no time at all, actually trying to recruit and find new clients or, uh, to bring into their offer or to actually market and sell the thing they’re trying to do.

Speaker 2: Um, it’s just all about, I gotta get the right app or, oh, I got to work on my branding or, oh, my logo, my website, like, no, if you’re not making any money, you don’t need to worry about that stuff. That’s stupid. Um, you’re wasting all your time and effort. You can tell you how cells I, my mentor tells me this all the time sells cells, [00:10:30] most problems. So if you’re struggling with this stuff, guys bring in some more cells, because if you have any more income, come in, you’re going to be less stressed out about some of these little things. So the most important thing that you need. And honestly, probably really the only system piece that you need with starting out is a payment gateway or payment processor. Guys. I see so many people do this online, do not do this. If you are making this mistake, whether you’re brand new or you have an existing business, do not make this mistake, [00:11:00] do not have people cash app you, or, um, personally, PayPal, you, you money whenever you’re doing this, guys use a legitimate or not a legitimate cause those are legit, but a business payment processor.

Speaker 2: If you guys want this to be a business, you must treat it as a business. That means you actually have a legit LLC set up. You’ve got a corporate bank account and you’ve got some type of payment processor that integrates into your corporate bank account. Don’t have people handing you cash. Uh, like I said, or [00:11:30] VIN mowing you money. And if you actually look at, then Mo’s a terms of service. It isn’t supposed to be used for business, uh, services, and they can actually suspend your account and all of that stuff. But I personally like and use Stripe, uh, they’re one of the largest payment processors in the world. That’s who huge companies like Uber and stuff like that use huge payment processor. Um, and you can do all different kinds of payments. You can do one-offs you can do invoices, you can do subscriptions, you can do reoccurring billing and stuff like that.

Speaker 2: It is kind of complex. I will admit because there are a [00:12:00] lot of different things that you can do, but the pro about it is it integrates with almost anything. Um, so any other apps or services that you want to use Stripe integrates with those? It’s really, really easy to set up, to do more automations in the future, but do not guys do not be having people Venmo you money for your online training. I have the Venmo app and I scroll through all the times. I’m friends with a lot of trainers and I can see like so-and-so VIN mode, uh, somebody for online training. I’m like, guys, stop doing that. Um, you want to be a business. So [00:12:30] if you want your clients to pay professional rates, you need to act like a professional and you need to be able to have a payment processes set up that shows that you need to be, have your, your LLC formed and just go to whatever state you live in.

Speaker 2: You can just Google. If you’re here in the United States, the secretary of state, whatever your state is and how to form an LLC. And we were going to, in a future episode, we’re actually bringing on my friend, who’s an attorney, uh, Scott, Ray, he’s going to talk about the differences in setting up your corporations. Um, and there’s difference between LLC and a subchapter S Corp and [00:13:00] stuff like that. Um, do your own research. I personally am a subchapter escort, but we’ll get into that in a future episode, but, uh, that’s all you need, guys. You need a payment processor. The other thing you may consider looking into, but I don’t want too many people get hung up on this because this is where they spend all their time is some type of content delivery. So some type of, um, you know, there’s, there’s true coach there’s trainer eyes, uh, there’s my PT hub, the PA for sitting on these one-off, uh, programs and stuff like that.

Speaker 2: And online, personal training, the tool [00:13:30] doesn’t matter. What matters is the utilization of that tool. You could have the world’s best app, but you don’t have any clients in there. Um, it doesn’t matter. You’re not gonna make any money. So don’t spend too much time on the system side. Just gotta build, take money from guy money from people. Because I started online training by sending my clients, Google sheets for all of my in-person clients. I programmed everything in Google sheets. So whenever I started doing online training five years ago, probably now, um, it was just those Google sheets. [00:14:00] And I would just embed YouTube videos. I mean, it wasn’t even my YouTube videos. It was other people doing the exercise, but as long as the form looked good, I’d drop it in there, send it to my clients. And, uh, that was great. And they got amazing results because they didn’t need to see me do the movement.

Speaker 2: They just needed to be coached through the process. Um, so that being said, guys, if you are just wondering like how I should get started, it starts by taking action. You got to take action. You have everything that you need. You have clients that you’ve worked with [00:14:30] in the past or clients that you’re currently working with that would buy or join an online or hybrid offer if you presented it to them. So you already have people, you just got to ask them. Um, and it awkward. You might be, oh, but Sean, I haven’t talked to this person in two years. I don’t want to bother them. Okay. Then be poor. Um, I’m sorry, like, it’s going to take you getting out of your comfort. Um, if you want to do things that, uh, if you want things you’ve never had, you’re going to have to do things you’ve never done.

Speaker 2: Um, so you can sit here and make excuses for yourself, or you can go [00:15:00] out there and take actions will follow with these people that you’ve already served. You’ve gotten results for them in the past. And that is the people that you start with. Guys, you present this offer to them. Like I said, you’re going to write them a custom program, just like you would, if they were an in-person client and you’re going to deliver amazing results for them, you’re going to coach the heck out of them. You’re going to see them reach their goals. They’re going to give you amazing testimonials. And the only thing that you’re going to have with that is you are going to three, your systems. You’re going to have a legit payment processor set up so you can take these payments guys. All of that stuff that I just said to [00:15:30] do can be done in less than one day. So if you’re sitting there still twiddling your thumbs winning, I don’t know what I should do. You’re going to get left behind the fitness market. Online is exploding right now. And you are going to miss your opportunity. If you don’t take action and start making things happen.

Speaker 2: No, this is not beer. Also. This is a, if you guys are watching on YouTube, this is tea. I’m a Southern boy drinks, my tea. It’s not sweet tea, I guess that’s true Southern boy [00:16:00] stuff. But, uh, guys, I hope you’re fired up. I’m fired up. The online market right now is, is crushing it. And it’s time for the real fit pros to take it back over. And you can sit there, keep wondering what to do, or you can go start taking action and making things happen. Um, and if you are a real FitPro and this stuff resonated with you today, and you’re like, man,

Speaker 3: Man love his energy or man, that guy seems like he might know what he’s talking about.

Speaker 2: Love the opportunity to work with you. We actually have a coaching program where we walk real fitpros through [00:16:30] this whole entire process. Uh, if you want more information on that coaching program, guys go to entree,, just drop your name and email. And you can book a free blueprint strategy. Call with me where we’ll walk you through what you should be doing with your business. It’s going to be me on those calls. Nobody from my team does those. I do all of those calls. Um, and, and we’ll walk you through here exactly where you’re at, where you want to go and kind of show you the blueprint that you’re going to need to follow to get there. And if you’re like, man, I’m ready to join the coaching program today. [00:17:00] Um, shoot me a text it’s 8 3 3 4 4 5 1 3 4 8. Again, that number is 8 3 3 4 4 5 1 3 4 8 1. Last time 8 3 3 4 4 5 1 3 4 8 and text fit pro to that number.

Speaker 2: Um, lets me know that you, that you heard it here on the podcast and you can get your first week of the coaching program for just $1 guys. It’s $1 to join our coaching program. [00:17:30] Come in, you get access to everything. See if it’s for you. Uh, me access to our coaching calls and everything, all the course materials. See if it’s right for you, um, and show you how we can help you grow this online fitness business. So love you guys. Thanks so much for listening. Please subscribe to this added value to you and share with your fellow FitPro friends. And we will talk to you soon.