Speaker 1: If you want more clients, you don’t want to miss this episode because

Speaker 2: We are going to show you the lead up systems that gets you more clients. Do you want to create Marquis or scale your online fitness business? My name’s Sean Garner, and here we give real thick pros, the tips, tools, and strategies. They need to succeed online. Welcome to the entre fit podcast. What is up guys and welcome to

Speaker 1: The entre fit podcast. [00:00:30] Welcome back to all of our previous listeners and subscribers, and if you’re brand new, Hey, thanks so much. Hopefully this adds a lot of value to you and you decide to subscribe, stick around and share this with your fellow FitPro friends. Also, this is your first time I would recommend after you listen to this episode, going back to, uh, our first episode of this second season, that started a couple of months ago and just working back through because they’re kind of going in a [00:01:00] sequential order and we’re kind of building off some stuff in it. And then we do have some one-offs inside that help you with growing your online fitness business, because that’s what this show is all about. We help real fit pros, create market and scale their online fitness business. Um, and what are the ways you do that is by following up with your leads, your cells solves most problems.

Speaker 1: Um, so I think that I’m pretty good at this. I, I don’t think that I am, [00:01:30] uh, perfect, uh, at a lot of things, but this is one of the things I’ve been told I do very well. So I wouldn’t be share my mindset behind lead follow-up. And then also my specific process that I use. So I was told by one of my mentors, probably about eight years ago, I asked the question, uh, how many times should I follow up with this person? They reached out and inquired. So I was owning a gym at the time. They reached out about membership, [00:02:00] but you know, I’ve, I’ve already called them like three times and I don’t want to keep bothering them. You know, I, I don’t, I don’t want to be annoying. I don’t want to be that annoying sales guy. Um, and my mentor has said something to me that woke me up. And I remember this to this day and think about this with every client. This is actually from Chet Holmes, uh, book, ultimate sales machine, but he said, you follow up with them until they buy cry or a die, because if you’re [00:02:30] not willing to

Speaker 3: Your competition is

Speaker 1: So let me say that again. So you can remove, listen to rewind there, you follow up with your leads until they buy cry or die, because if you don’t, your

Speaker 3: Competition will. So let me explain

Speaker 1: What this means. So obviously like that’s so morbid, Sean, why didn’t you say Diane death. Okay. So here’s how it goes. So

Speaker 3: When I, when I follow

Speaker 1: With a lead, it’s [00:03:00] tell one, they buy, they become a customer. Hey, that’s awesome. Thanks so much for joining our program. We’re getting amazing results. Um, or they just decide, no, this is not for me. Well, even then they go into, to a program cause we’re going to explain the reach out later. Um, the other one is they cry. They say, Shawn, do not ever talk to me again about your stupid coaching program. You’re following up all the time. I no longer

Speaker 3: I hear it. Stop it, stop it. Well

Speaker 1: Then it comes [00:03:30] as just like a, maybe a, maybe a quarterly reach out at that point. Or the third one is as morbidly as it sounds, they die. They’re no longer a prospect. And now die. Could obviously that sounds morbid. I mean, it could just mean like they’re no longer in the industry. Like maybe they’re no longer in fitness or for me or something like that. They’re, they’re no longer interested in my services or have no need for them. Um, that’s how I follow up with them because I have the mindset of knowing if I don’t do that,

Speaker 4: Guys, just a lot of people

Speaker 1: That do what I do. There’s even more people [00:04:00] that do what you do. So if you’re not willing to stay on top of and follow up with these leads, your

Speaker 3: Competition will,

Speaker 1: This is how I view a lead. And this is why it doesn’t bother me. When people ghost me, it doesn’t bother me. Um, whenever I follow up with a lead 30 times, um, it’s not that I don’t have shame, but I, I don’t have feelings for this. And this is why, um, th there are some people [00:04:30] that will teach you to do cold outreach and DM outreach and stuff like that. I don’t do that because by doing it the way I like to work with fitpros and show them how to do it, I think it’s more of an honest way. Um, it’s not a spammy salesy way, but it makes follow-ups so much easier. So by having your leads come to you and reach out to you, it makes follow-up so easy and you shouldn’t feel like you’re bothering people. This is how I view a lead. If somebody has reached out to me [00:05:00] for information about my coaching program, asking questions about what I do, telling me, um, problems that they’re dealing with that is the equivalent to me,

Speaker 4: Of somebody in the middle of the ocean, waving their

Speaker 1: Hand screaming for help. So I am super passionate about what I do. I love helping real fitness professionals break free and create time and financial freedom online with their online fitness business. I freaking love it. This is what I do. It’s what I live for. It’s why I wake up early. Why stay up late? I love it. So when [00:05:30] I have a fit pro reach out to me about my coaching program or asking questions or telling me a struggle that they deal, that is a fit pro man. I remember grinding out 12, 15 hour days sometimes at the gym exhausted session after session missing out with time with my family, that is a fit drowning in

Speaker 4: The ocean saying, oh, Shaun help.

Speaker 1: And then I got slow motion, Baywatch,

Speaker 3: Dun, dun, dun, dun, and then I’m running [00:06:00] to go help them. Then they go, uh, they, they stop talking to me and they ghost me to me. That is not a sign of, they’re not interested

Speaker 1: To me. They’ve reached out to help for me. So when they stopped talking to me, that means now they’re underwater. Like, man, they’re so buried. They’re so into it. They’ve got so much

Speaker 4: Going on in their life. They can’t even respond to a text message.

Speaker 3: You need my help. [00:06:30] You, you

Speaker 4: Don’t have the time freedom to be able to schedule a meeting, to hear about how I can help you

Speaker 3: Fix this. You

Speaker 4: Need my help. So to me, when somebody is not responding to my messages, I don’t take offense to that. I take that as man, I’ve got to swim faster and I got to go after them because they’ve reached out for help. They’ve identified, they have a problem. They asked for help. And then they went silent, man, they’re underwater. So I don’t take it as a fits. And maybe

Speaker 1: You guys think I’m crazy for that, but I’ll tell you what works, [00:07:00] uh, businesses. God. And it’s because I persistent with doing it. I will, I will preface this. I’m not spamming people. I’m not like jumping down their

Speaker 3: Throat, like buy my thing, buy my thing, buy my thing. That’s

Speaker 1: Not how I follow up. Um, I learned this, um, by one of my other coaches and mentors, he said be persistently polite. So when I follow back up, it’s a legit check-in Hey, you reached out a couple of weeks ago asking for this [00:07:30] question or are interested in the coaching program. How are you doing right now? How’s business. How can I help? How can I serve you? I’m not saying, oh, well, the reason why your business is suffering is because you haven’t hired me yet. Now you’ve identified. They’ve had a problem, but it’s,

Speaker 3: Excuse me. I want to make sure

Speaker 1: That I am serving because at the end of the day, that’s why you do this coaching program is I want to. So by having that mindset going in it’s the followup is not buy my thing, buy my thing. It’s how can I serve? How can I add value? [00:08:00] A lot of the people that reach out to me guys, because I do follow up,

Speaker 3: Excuse me, they’re not good fits for the program.

Speaker 1: Um, but I can still serve them. It’s like, Hey man, this coach would actually be better for you. Oh, you should actually, where you’re at, you actually need probably just to read this book or this, uh, check out this course or, you know what, I would actually just do this and, and you know, you probably don’t need me. Right. Um, so by following up though, I’m, I’m serving in that. That’s my intention. When I go to, it’s not just buying my thing, buy my thing, buy everything. [00:08:30] That’s how it should be with you guys with your coaching programs, um, with, with your fitness training, it should be not, oh

Speaker 4: Yeah. The only way you’re going to get results is if you trade

Speaker 1: With me, um, this is the only thing that’s going to work for. You know, we, we, we know that that Sacha, we might want to say that in our marketing and stuff, but it’s about finding the right coach to client, um, and actually having a legit solid relationship around that. Um, and, and if you really go into these lead with how can I serve and seeing it as a cry of desperation, [00:09:00] um, it’ll change your mindset too. And you’re, you’re not gonna worry about bothering people. You’re not going to worry about being too salesy, um, or anything like that. You gotta go into it with the right heart and the right intentionality and the process becomes easy around it. Um, I quote that I’m reminded by also, I heard this actually from Russell Brunson is there is somebody crying themselves to sleep right now, dealing with a problem that you have the solution to.

Speaker 1: So there’s somebody [00:09:30] right now, whatever you guys, maybe it might be help, uh, uh, help moms lose the baby weight. Maybe, uh, you know, you help, uh, athletes, you know, increase the performance. They have an opportunity, maybe get a scholarship, you know, maybe it’s yet you help. Um, uh, I got a one client helps women 60 and up be able to play with their grandkids, get whatever it is. There is somebody right now crying themselves to sleep, whether either literally, literally or figuratively dealing with a problem that you have the solution to. So what a shame [00:10:00] is it, if we let our own insecurities block us from following up with somebody that’s already identified to themselves, that they have a problem they’ve reached out for help and we don’t follow up because we don’t want to be a bother. I think not following up is the bigger disservice.

Speaker 1: So that is my mindset and how I view, um, the leads and why like there’s people that I have literally followed up with 50 times with zero responses. Guess [00:10:30] what? And if you’re listening to this, um, I’m still going to keep following back up until I get some type of response. Um, and then I’m still going to keep following up again because I to serve I’m super passionate and love what I do. Um, and I want to help you. I want to help the real fit pros. Um, I will say this, I had somebody, I had a nicely say this. I had somebody say, well, uh, you know, uh, Sean, Sean talks about follow up all the time, stuff like that, but he never really followed up with me. If I don’t follow up with you, [00:11:00] it means you weren’t a good fit. Um, so, uh, if, if I feel like you are a good fit for the program, and I’m really excited about helping you, I’m going to keep following up with you. So, so saying that that’s how you should be with your clients

Speaker 3: Now, how

Speaker 1: I actually do my process, um, this is how it’s set up. So typically you guys should have some type of inbound sells flow process. And if that sounds confusing, this is what it is. You’ve got a source of leads, right? [00:11:30] At a traffic light sources from maybe that’d be social posts, email marketing, maybe you’re doing paid ads, website, um, in-person referrals. You’ve got a lead source coming in. You need to have a process of how you take that person from a prospect lead all the way to completed customer and in your coaching program. So for me personally, this is how mine comes in. I’ve got multiple lead sources of where I’m getting traffic to go to my website, to become a client. We’ve got the podcast, we’ve got, you know, YouTube, Instagram, [00:12:00] we’ve got the website, we’ve got a few paid ads going for retargeting ads.

Speaker 1: We’ve got email marketing, we’ve got Facebook, we’ve got Facebook groups, I’m on other people’s podcast. Um, we’ve got email, opt-ins like lead generator stuff that we do a lot of things, traffic sources, right. Then the next step of that is identifying potential buyers. So there’s social strategies that we do. Like I said, the most easy, basic common thing is somebody fills out something on the website or they shoot a text to our number. And right now, if you’re listening to this real, FitPro [00:12:30] text us, um, 8 3 3 4 4 5 1 3 4 8. Again, that number is 8 3 3 4 4 5 1 3 4 8. That is actually my personal cell phone number. That’s not a, uh, uh, a mass text number or anything like that. It’s going to come right here, text fit pro to that number. I’m gonna give you a special offer for our coaching program. You get your first week for just $1 to come try it out, see if it’s right for you, but we’ve got multiple ways of how we identify a potential lead, um, or somebody doesn’t qualify, [00:13:00] uh, for our, for our coaching program.

Speaker 1: After we’ve done that, I keep organized in a Kanban board and a service called Trello. There’s a lot of different ones that are out there that you can use. There is also a, um, I, for the longest time, I was just using Google sheets. That’s an option to use. Um, but you need to have some way to keep your leads organized. So I’ve got some automations filled out where as soon as somebody fills out something on the website, it automatically goes through and adds it to my Trello board. [00:13:30] And I can just drag and drop where they’re route in the process, but you gotta have a process. It’s not just like, oh, well, I’ll follow up to them when I get time. No, no, no, no. There is a process. So for me, every Monday is lead follow-up day. So I follow up with all of my leads every single Monday, at least one time per week and kind of see how the conversation’s going.

Speaker 1: Sometimes we’ll say, Hey, get back to me in a couple of days. And I’ll do that. I have certain steps for my sales process. So after they’ve, uh, reached out to me and they’ve identified help start a conversation. And first thing I want to do is make sure it’s the right fit for them. So just so you guys know [00:14:00] the things that I look for my coaching program is do you work in fitness full time? Um, because the biggest blocker I always see people struggle with is their time. And if they are trying to make this a side hustle, while they’re working accounting at a, uh, company, um, at a desk job from eight to five, they’re not going to want to spend the time required to actually grow their business. Um, you need to work in fitness. Full-time, that’s who I want to help as the real fitness professionals.

Speaker 1: Um, the other thing is, have you trained people [00:14:30] for at least two years in person? I have people reach out all the time that just got their certification when it’s awesome. We need more awesome. Fitpros um, but you need to get work in person before. You’re worried about trying to start coaching people online, because if you’ve never coached, you know, a squat in person, there’s so many things that can go wrong. I didn’t want you to get anybody hurt. So I feel as a, um, requirement and honor my craft or fitness, I want to make sure that we’re helping the right people. So I kind of go through some initial screening questions and if I did it, they at least check those boxes. [00:15:00] Uh, the next step is, yeah, I sent him some training material to look over, get some more information, gets to see a little bit about how my program works, my philosophy on helping build businesses.

Speaker 1: And then after that follow up and see if they have any more questions. And we typically will jump on a call, help walk them through the blueprint strategy call to where we kind of hear where they’re at with their business, where they’re looking to go. And we show them the blueprint that we use to make them successful with their online business. And then we give them an offer to join our coaching program. Then based upon that, whether they become a client or not is where they go into the [00:15:30] file system. So if they, uh, besides I know this isn’t the right program for me or, oh, you know what? I’ve just got a lot of things going on plater. And we tried to do a good job screening before we get on calls with people like that. But that goes back into lead tracking system.

Speaker 1: So every week we’re following back up, we’re sending a little videos, Hey, here’s the latest podcast episode. Make sure you check this out because on our call, you talked about this and in this call a podcast episode, we actually talk about how to deal with that. And we send that over to him, but we have a system that we use because if you just say, oh, I’m following up with my leads, but you don’t have a process around [00:16:00] it. That’s where things are going to start falling through the cracks. And as the business grows, um, you don’t want to ever become the blocker of your own business. So make sure you have these processes built out. Cause then eventually people go through the sales cycle and they become a client. We’re going to want to be able to make sure that that’s a replicatable and duplicatable so we can scale our business.

Speaker 1: So it’s, you know, just starting out, you’re probably a solopreneur. You’re going to have to be doing all this stuff. But as you build up these new processes, that’s how you can hand it off to people, uh, to where you can scale. So [00:16:30] quick recap guys over today, um, yes. Follow up with leads and tell they buy cry or die. Cause if you don’t, your competition will, you need to have some type a, you need to realize that when somebody has reached out, um, for your coaching program, they’ve identified, they have a problem. It is your moral obligation. I believe to follow up with them because they are most likely there’s people out there that are crying themselves asleep, dealing with the problem [00:17:00] that you have the solution

Speaker 3: To. So what a shame, if

Speaker 1: We don’t use our gifts to help and serve those people that we’re called to serve. And then the last thing, guys, you need to build your own lead tracking process that works for you. You need to have a legit cell cycle that you’re sending these leads and prospects through. You need to have messaging that works each time. You need to have videos that you send them, uh, to show them more information about your coaching frameworks and how you get results, testimonials, social proof. You need to build all that stuff out into your sales process. [00:17:30] So it happens each and every time, because as the business grows and you want to start scaling it, you need to know what’s working well. And what’s not because if not, you’ll become the blocker to your own business. You’ll get stuck and plateaued. So hopefully it’s adds lots of value to you guys to date and made sense. And it encourages you and inspires you to start following up with your leads. It’s T I have found it’s typically not

Speaker 3: A lead quantity issue.

Speaker 1: [00:18:00] It’s a follow-up issue from the fitness entrepreneur, trying to grow their business. You probably have enough leads to make a lot more money than you’re doing right now, but you’re following up with somebody two, three, maybe four times. And you’re saying, oh, they’re just not interested. They stopped responding. No, maybe they’re just busy because we’re in fitness. So fitness is a priority for us, but most people aren’t. So this is just a secondary thing for them. So life happens, people are busy. So by being, um, [00:18:30] persistently polite and following up with them guys, it’s going to show you as a differentiator. I can’t tell you how many clients that I’ve gotten. They just said, you know what? You just kept reaching out. I was really busy. You just kept following up, um, checking in on me. And, and that’s why I’m here in this coaching program. So it works. If you do a guys so

Speaker 4: Hope this adds value to you guys. If you guys are interested

Speaker 1: In joining coaching program, because you’re looking to take your online fitness business to the next level, or just get it started, check us out. Honorific or text me it’s [00:19:00] 8 3 3 4 4 5 1 3 4 8. Again, it’s 8 3 3 4 4 5 1 3 4 8. All that information is down in the description below either here on YouTube or on wherever you’re listening to this podcast at, um, it’s shoot me at Saks texts me. Fitpros that number. So I know you listened to me here on the podcast. And what I want to do is I want to give you the first week of the coaching program for just $1, no contracts, no commitments needed with that guys. I don’t believe in locking people down. I just believe in serving people. So

Speaker 4: [00:19:30] Love you guys have an awesome day and we’ll see you soon.