Are you a real fitness professional that is struggling with understanding who you should be marketing to in the online training space. You’ve probably been told that you need to find a dream client, but you’re just struggling with how to do it. Well worry no more friend! I am going to show you exactly what you need to do to find your DREAM online fitness clients.

Why do you need to pick a “DREAM Client”?

If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll end up attracting no one. I am sure you are an amazing personal trainer, with tons of experience and certs so you can help everyone…
Here is a big secret…just because you have the skills to help a wide variety of clients, doesn’ mean you should market to a wide variety of clients.

What To Do First

So the very first thing that we do whenever we are starting to work on the process is I like to start with the end and then kind of work backwards. The very first step to doing this is let’s eliminate all of the things that we don’t want to work with.

Let’s take off all the things that we don’t want to work at. So whenever we are doing this process, I want you guys to kind of scrap some of the other things that you’ve probably heard about. But the very first thing I want you to start with is the character. I want you to think about the character of the type of people or persons that you want to work with. So whenever we’re focusing on our character, let’s think about all the things that you don’t like, what are the kinds of people that drive you insane.

Whenever you work with this type of client, you hate the session. You hate it. When they show up to your group, fitness class, you know, maybe their energy vampires. Maybe they want to always do their own thing. Maybe they don’t like being, they’re not easily coachable. Maybe they’re a really strong personality and that’s not really your vibe. You know, maybe they’re extremely lackadaisical and they don’t take you seriously. Make a list of all the character traits that you do not want to work with. Once you do that it’s a little bit easier to just focus on the things that you do want. So that’s step one is write down all of the character traits of the types of people you don’t want to work with.

The next step I want you to do is write down all the types of things that you do like, so to kind of help you guys get this process started. Think about your favorite clients right now. Who are those clients? Once you have that person in your mind, what I want you to do is then start writing down, not their demographics, but their character. What makes them so attractable to you?
So, the first thing that we’re going to do is work on our character. And when you think about the character of the person that we want to work with for our dream client, next, what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about our target market.

Target Market vs. Niche

So there’s a few terms that I think sometimes get interchanged too much and people get confused by this. So something like your target market or your niche often get interchanged with each other, but they’re not the same thing. Your target market is the group of people that you are called to serve. And I say call to serve, because I don’t think that you should just pick something. I think that everybody has a higher calling and a higher purpose for their life. And if you’re in the fitness industry, you’re in the service industry and we are called to serve. So whenever we’re coming up with those characters for our dream clients, we also want to start identifying the target market that has those characteristic traits that we are called to serve. So that’s your target market, your niche, however, is the service that you specialize in offering your target market.

So the target market is the group of people. You serve those demographics that most people think about when they talk about their target, their dream clients. And then the niche is the specialty that you provide those target clients. So let’s keep breaking this process and system down for you guys. So first we identify the character traits. We don’t want to work second. We identify the character traits. We do want to work with third. We’re going to start to identify that target client. So whenever we are identifying the character traits, we think about the types of the character traits of the types of clients that were our favorite clients. Whenever we’re coming up with our target market, this is where I see a lot of fitness professionals freeze up and stop because they’re like, well, I have the skills to help all of these trainers, all of these different types of clients.

So I should be able to help everybody, yes, having the skill set to be able to service a wide variety of clients is important for your craft of fitness, but for marketing your product, if you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll end up attracting no one. I want you guys to understand that if you think about the people that are really popular online and that are just crushing it and making millions of dollars, it’s because they’re known for a specialty. If you’re going to somebody I’m thinking about you personally, do you want to go to a specialist or a generalist, right? You want to go to the person that’s really, really awesome at this one thing. So after you’ve identified the character traits that you want to work with, think about them on your client, what are the types of clients that you get amazing results with?

You know, that whenever they come to you, like you secretly get pumped up inside you like, yes, this is who I crush it with. You know, maybe it’s for me, it was a middle aged-men that was looking to drop their, their dad bought theirs, their beer belly. You know, maybe yours is, you know, man, if somebody comes to me with some type of a movement pattern imbalance, like, man, I crush it with them because I can identify that stuff. I am the expert at that. Whatever that type of client is, that’s who I want you to start to focus on and craft your target client or ramp.

Just Get Started

Now, a few disclaimers that I’ll say about this is the very first time you do this, you might get it wrong, but that’s okay. You at least need to have a general direction that you’re walking towards whenever you’re identifying and crafting this target client. How I explain it to people is kind of sharing my own personal story. Whenever I started going in the online space, I was a strength conditioning coach. I owned strength, conditioning, sports performance, gym. So I thought, well, I’m going to be the online athlete guy. So I started putting all this content out online, and ended up attracting zero athletes that wanted to coach with me online. However, I did start attracting former athletes that wanted to coach with me online. I was like, okay, well, let’s start walking towards that direction. Right. We were going after all athletes now we’re going after former athletes.

So then I started creating and my target market was former athletes. Then it got a little bit more specific. It was men that were former athletes. So I’m going after men, former athletes. Then the next step was wow! All of these guys are dads. So now it’s dad, former athletes. And that was my target market. Then I found out a little bit more as I started paying attention to the type of people who come to me, it was men, former athletes that are about 35 to 45 years old that were business owners or high level in their company like managers CEO C-level type people. And it got even more then came a little bit more. They also had a former injury and they had equipment at home and they wanted to be able to work at home.

So they weren’t spending even more time away from their family because they were working so much. So by the end of the project, dad, but I knew exactly who I was going after. I knew exactly what their pain points were, the language that they spoke, the things that they were looking for, but I didn’t start out like that at all. I had a broad way I was going. And then as I started going through, I started fine tuning the process. I feel like so many fitness professionals, they freeze up because they think they have to have the in part solved. You don’t have to have all of this done, but you do need to know at least the direction that you want to head and be very, very quick to be tracking and observing things. So if you are way off, you can pivot and change your business.

And it makes it really, really easy. If you’ve identified the character traits, the types of people that you want to work with, then you can start looking at the target market that you want to serve. So we’ve identified our characters we want to work with, right? The second thing is we’ve identified and started to have a general direction for our target market that we want to go after. And then the third thing I want to talk to you guys about and share is your niche. So after you’ve identified the first two things, your niche is actually the service that you’re going to provide that target market within that care, that, that uptake that has those character traits that you’re looking for. So your niche can look like a lot of different things, right? So those same two things can apply to accountants, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, restaurants physicians, all that, all that stuff.

But for you guys as fitness professionals, you need to narrow down your niche within those character traits and that target market. So what’s it going to be? Is it going to be man, I provide a, my niche is follow along with workouts for people, you know, three to five days a week, maybe your niche is, and I write custom programming for people to do at their home gym. Maybe your niche is, and I do custom meal plans for people. I do a macro tracking. Like your niche can look like a lot of different things. And this is where you really get to shine as a fitness professional. So a lot of trainers struggle with identifying their target market because they want to appeal to everyone. This is where you really get to stand out and be an expert at something. So think about those clients that you love working with the clients that you get incredible results with.

And as you combine those two things, you also have the third thing, which is what do I really love doing? And fitness like me. For example, when it came to the project dad bought, I did not like doing the nutrition side. I was really, really good at programming, getting them to get great results with their fitness, with the minimal crazy equipment. We had come up with some very creative ways to use some of their at home equipment, our at home tools that they had to turn into fitness equipment, but the nutrition side wasn’t something I really like to do so that I partnered with. I had an affiliate program with another, but that’s a separate topic, but my niche was, I was able to provide really, really great workouts that were 30 minutes or less with minimal to no equipment, to busy dads that were C level executives or business owners that wanted to do a joint friendly program.

That was my niche. It was really, really locked out and laser focused, but it didn’t start out that way. And how I came to that was I knew the types of people that I wanted to work with. I knew the target market I wanted to serve. And then within that, I came up with my niche and I was the expert at that thing that I delivered for them. So I hope this video added value to you guys and helped you to start to identify the types of dream clients that you should be working with online. Once you guys do this, this is where then the fun really, really gets to start.